Book Review: A Perfect Grave By Rick Mofina

Crime reporter Jason Wade is pursuing the story of a murdered Seattle nun.

Sister Anne devoted her life to caring for those in need. Those with the fewest resources and the worst luck.

Was it someone she served? Someone from the shelter where she volunteered? Everyone seemed to love her.
Jason’s job is to keep his bosses happy by staying one step ahead of the local competition. So he throws himself into following all the clues to the nun’s murder.

His dad is heavy on his mind as well. He’d finally gotten him to admit his drinking problem. Now his dad is going to AA and is doing well, at least on the surface. 

He now has his PI license, a dream of his. And one of his old cop friends hired him to work at his agency. 

But now it’s time for him to get his gun license. He doesn’t know if he can hold a gun in his hand again. 

The thought of it threatens to bring back all the old demons from his past that has relentlessly haunted him since he quit being a Seattle cop years ago.

Jason knows his dad is walking on eggshells over whatever happened that caused him to leave the Seattle Police Department. 

So he has to juggle the nun case with trying to keep his dad from losing his battle with the bottle. 

Jason has reason to believe that the reason Sister Anne was murdered may be something in Sister Anne’s past.

Can we ever truly escape our past? Sister Anne tried to. 

She tried to make up for what she did so long ago by giving up all her earthly possessions and vowing a life of celibacy.

But her past finally caught up to her. 

And Jason Wade is hot on the trail of the person who killed her because of it.




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  1. If you have Netflix,check out "the seekers" also based on the murder of a young nun.Delves into abuse and molestation in the Catholic heigharch too.So if it's a subject you're not comfortable with,then pass.
    I was raised in a very devout Catholic family so it hit home for me.
    It's very well done!

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