Book Review: With You Always

Book Summary:

Still struggling after a painful breakup, Julia is not looking for a relationship. But then Bryce comes into her life.

Bryce seems like the perfect boyfriend. He’s handsome and charming, secure and confident. He sweeps her off her feet and brings her into his beloved church family. 

When he asks her to marry him, she’s at the top of the world. After the wedding, Julia moves into his big fancy house. It is more than she ever could have imagined.

But when something seems too good to be true, it often is. Slowly but surely, he isolates her from her family and friends and talks her into quitting her job, effectively ending her career.

Bryce encourages her to occupy herself at the church volunteering. In a short time her world shrinks to include only him and the church.

Soon she learns that he always has someone from the church watching her. She can’t go anywhere without him finding out about it. When he decides that he can’t trust her, he takes her car keys and her phone.

This church quickly begins to make Julia feel uneasy. There’s just something that doesn’t feel right.

Then she finds out she’s pregnant, and at least that gives her something to look forward to. But Bryce thinks it’s bad timing. It was not part of “the plan.” He goes into a rage and drives his point home with bruises.

Julia is married to a man who is holding her captive. Her big fancy house is really a big fancy cage.

How can she bring a baby into this environment? Is there any way out?

My Review:

This book was chilling. A charming man sweeps you off your feet, turns your head, and suddenly you find yourself living a nightmare.

Men like this never show their true stripes in the beginning. They wait until they have a firm hold on you before they show you who they really are.

This book is a warning to all women to keep your eyes open, to avoid being too trusting. Never throw caution to the wind.

rena olsen

About The Author:

Rena Olsen is a writer, therapist, teacher, sometimes singer, and eternal optimist. By day she tries to save the world as a school therapist, and at night she creates new worlds in her writing.