1. I heard of this book from my friend – her book club is reading it. I will order from the library when I can pick it up. This COVID-19 has us all locked down… library has been closed for months. I will write again when I read the book. Have a beautiful day!

  2. I’ll look for this one. I’ve read about the real family, there were four or five kids, actually, not just two. And, most of them had very sad lives afterwards, being raised by people who didn’t care much about them. No one in my family was sold that I know of, but there are instances in the several generations of the family, from the 1910s through the 1940s, of some family members having very sad and poverty-ridden childhoods due to tragedies such as the death of a parent or someone committing a crime. Life can throw some very tough situations at some people, as you well know.

  3. I could never read such a sad book. I know that such things existed in the past but I do not want to relive them in my head. Also the Magdalene sister apparently killed off a number of babies just because they were born out of wedlock. etc, etc. but I could not read a book and live it.

  4. This book sounds fascinating. I have it on my list to read! Thank you for sharing.

    I hope that you are doing better each day. How is Charlie? Make sure to take it slow so that your eye heals.

    Have a great day!

    1. I haven’t done much today. Now yesterday and the day before I was a busy bee.

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