Bailey is a female investigator for a law firm. She is outdoors working on a case, binoculars focused on her subject, when a man accosts and rapes her. He puts a pillow case over her head, so she has no idea what he looks like.

Every man Bailey sees, she wonders: “Is this the man who raped me?”

She becomes reclusive. She cannot bring herself to leave her condo. 

She takes a knife and checks out every nook and cranny of her home several times a day because she no longer feels safe. 

Immersed in a civil suit between she and her brother versus their half-siblings over their father’s fortune, now she is thrown into total personal chaos and fear. 

She cannot work. She wears pajamas day after day.

Her older half-sister, a nurse she barely knows, finds out about her trauma and comes to her aid. Bringing with her her 16 year old precocious yet irreverent daughter, Jade. They become her safety net in an unsafe world.

Her love life falls apart. She cannot bear the thought of a man touching her. 

Whereas she was once the type of young woman who reveled in her career and carried a gun, now she wanders her condo many floors up with knife in hand looking for an unseen enemy.

The story is well-written and races along at a fast clip. I read it in a couple of nights and savored every page. 

You will not see the end coming. Those are the books I love best!

Reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, this book makes you think about how vulnerable we are as women, no matter how physically strong we may be. 

Rape is a crime of hate, though it is of course sexual in nature. And the rape is not just of one’s body. But of their trust, their happiness, their peace of mind. 

Bailey the private investigator is forced to rethink who she is as a woman, a lover, and a friend. 

She comes to understand that those who smile and say they care about you can also be wolves in sheep’s clothing. 


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  1. Joy Fielding's latest book, She's Not There, is one of her best books. A few years ago, I stopped reading her books because I lost interest in her writing style. This new one held my interest from the beginning.

  2. Sounds really good! I too love psychological thrillers! I'm ordering this one from my library right away. You should read all of the first books written by Mary Higgins Clark (not her daughter)… as her first 5 or so were awesome and I could NOT put them down.. even when I was working I would read until 3:00 in the morning, even though I had to get up at 6:00 for work!

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