1. Hoping for a speedy recovery and successful outcome! You are always in my thoughts.

  2. Sending well wishes from down the turnpike in OKC. So glad you have moved and now have neighbors who care for you. Just relax and let the healing and healing prayers do their work, Blessings, Fran OKC

  3. So happy everything went well! I hope once you recover, you’ll be pain free. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  4. Hooray! You’re done and home. Rest, take your meds and heal as quickly as you can. Prayers for you, Brenda.

  5. I’ve been thinking about you! So glad you are home and well. I hope you heal quickly!

  6. Brenda,
    just started reading your weekend posts. Wow! Your surgery seems to have gone amazingly well. Please take it EASY! I don’t want you to have complications. I am sending you prayers!

  7. Yay, your home Brenda! I’m surprised to already here from u, just like everyone else is!
    Looks like you’re in good hands with 3 of your fav ppl watching over u!
    I prayed last night and this morning b4 I got up that your surgery would go great! Now on to a speedy recovery with no more falls I might add! Lol
    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers friend!

  8. Brenda, I’m happy to hear you are safe at home after a successful surgery. Keeping you in prayer and positive thoughts for a positive lady! And God bless your helpers, every one 😊

  9. Glad to hear all went well and that you are home and feeling OK. Once that nerve block wears off, you won’t be feeling as good. 😉 I remember that from my knee surgery five years ago. Like others have said, keep up with the pain meds as directed – stay one step ahead of the game in the beginning. Thinking of you…

  10. Happy to hear everything went well and you’re home and on the mend. 😊

  11. Like the others,stay ahead of the pain with the meds,no need to be wonder woman right now!
    Keep taking the stool softener too,( that was me),when they became aware of the opioid crisis they’ve dropped the dosage of the addicting stuff and it may not cause a problem.
    My daughters fusion surgery left her unable to go,the nurse brought in a warm prune juice with a pat of butter in it,like magic it worked!
    The pain you will feel is the pain of healing and you’ll get stronger everyday!
    Rest and eat some goodies you don’t usually indulge in👍😀.

  12. Praying for a great recovery!!! Love, Dr. Laura

  13. Now, it is all behind you and each day will get better and better! Thankful surgery is over!

  14. I’m so happy to hear this surgery is now behind you. Prayers for a quick recovery and complete healing.

  15. Good to hear from you today, I didn’t think I would but I checked about 5 times anyway! Have a good night and an even better tomorrow!

  16. Brenda, welcome home! So happy to hear that all went well, except for the fall on the path. Thankfully you have people who will help fix that.
    Rest, relax, and as everyone else has mentioned take the pain meds.
    I am praying for you and your speedy recovery.
    Take care,

  17. Happy to here the op’s over and your safely home. x

  18. So glad you have made it thus far, Brenda…thank you for letting us know!! Rest, rest, rest!!

  19. Glad you’re back safe and sound and feeling ok. Praying for a quick recovery and excellent results.

  20. So glad to hear from you already and that you weren’t hurt when you fell. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  21. So glad you’re home safe and sound, Brenda. Rest and sleep as much as possible to aid the healing process. All good wishes for an excellent outcome. I read patient reviews re your doctor and they were outstanding! Good snuggling with “Nurse Ivy”.

  22. Yeah! I’m so glad you had a successful surgery and are back home to your safe, happy place, with your baby girl! Life is good! Many thanks to Steve and Kasi for their help! I’m so sorry you lost your balance and fell! I’m sure that was scary, but thank goodness you are ok! Our prayers were answered! Thank you for letting us all know how you are doing. None of us were expecting a report today, so it was so nice of you to keep us all in the loop. Hopefully you can get some rest tonight, and over the next few days. Take it easy and take good care of yourself! ((Hugs))

  23. Thank you for the update, so glad you were able to get it done and out of the way! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  24. So wonderful to hear you’re home and settled in. What a blessing that you weren’t hurt from your fall. So glad you have the knee scooter. I used crutches … or tried to … when I fractured my foot. I never got the hang of them and many times risked additional injuries because I was so uncoordinated on them. Sounds like you’re in good hands with Steve and your girls!

  25. Good evening, So happy the surgery is over for you and that you are back at home..somehow recovery is always easier there…I have had you in my thoughts all day..Take care of yourself and know you are in my prayers🌝

  26. Brenda I’ve been thinking about you all day. I prayed your surgery would go well.
    Now you can start your recovery! Hope you can rest/sleep tonight. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    1. Brenda I’m so glad it went well praying a speedy recovery and the best outcome didn’t have chance to see this til now was doing mri late today I know you will, but take it easy foot surgery is no picnic of all of mine I think was the most wearisomeglad it’s behind you 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  27. Happy to read this update! Glad everything went well and you are home safe (except for that fall, must have scared all of you to death) & sound. Hoping the pain is manageable and you’re recovery is smooth and without any more mishaps!

  28. Hope you have a quick and low pain recovery! Peggy

  29. I was in a parking lot, ready to drive home, when I saw the alert for your post update on my phone. I just had to read it, before I got on my way, to know that you were okay. I, like everyone here, am so relieved to hear that you are home and doing well. Please, rest and take care of yourself! We’ll be here whenever you are up to posting again. I do hope the surgery was a great success and that you’ll be up and about, and pain-free very soon!

  30. I’m sooo happy! Crazy how I’m sitting here smiling away in joy for a lady I’ll never meet in person! That’s the effect you have on so many of us, both near and far! You’ve built a community of caring ladies who appreciate your words, ideas, and values, and I love being part of it.
    You’ve left me with a puzzle though! “Where’s Waldo?”…..errr I mean IVY!? I’ve examined your last photo carefully and don’t see her trying to get something off the wall! A hint, please?

      1. And now I see her cute little self! Your personal bug exterminator!….or shadow examiner?….who knows with cats? Lol

  31. Thank you so much for letting us all know that you are home and everything went as planned. Take care of yourself and don’t rush anything. It sounds like you have great people around you to help out if you need it.

    1. The pain is beginning to settle in now. But I’ve already had two pain pills. The nerve clock is starting to wear off I guess.

  32. As several have already said… surprised to see you posting today and so glad to hear from you! You are amazing!
    Be kind to yourself… rest/sleep as much as needed, eat what sounds & tastes good, keep ahead of the pain with your pain meds, and know we’re all here cheering you onward!

    1. I’ve got lots of food in individual packets to munch on and Kendra will be bringing a meal for me tomorrow.

  33. Remembering what they kept telling me when I broke my leg…stay ahead of the pain! They also said I was NOT going to use my crutch/es for the rest of my life!!! I still wish I had it/or them.
    Good luck with your healing!

  34. Glad you are home and all done. My hub has had several knee surgeries and shoulder..and he said everyone should take the pain meds initially before the pain comes and get ahead of you..Quite sure you know that, though. Best wishes for minimal pain and great rusults.

    1. This nerve block they gave me is great. They put it in my foot at the end of surgery to make it last longer. It will help with the pain until the early hours, but they told me to start taking the pain meds at the same time. They did 3 procedures and chiseled that bone in my foot. I imagine where he chiseled the bone is going to really hurt. I had bone cut from my hip to use in fusing my right hand in my early twenties. That hip pain was the worst I’ve ever endured.

  35. So surprised to see a post from you today . I’m a super early riser and I prayed for you several times today . So glad to here your already home, and not in a lot of pain .

    1. They can put me under for an hour and a half and within 2 hours I’m wide awake and not sleeping until nighttime. I do not get woozy from pain pills.

  36. Brenda, wonderful you are home and feeling better already!
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated.
    Be careful!❤️

  37. I’m so glad to hear you are home. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers all day. Thank you for updating us. Blessings for a speedy recovery.

    1. I read in his notes that recovery would take a year, so I’m not planning on stressing the ankle any more than I have to.

  38. So glad to hear you are home and it is over!! Please be careful. Maybe no outside patio stuff tomorrow missy!!!

    1. If the plants die, they will just have to die. I’m not taking any chances. Kendra said when she comes she can water them.

  39. Yay you! And let that fall on the path be the only glitch! Don’t be stoic about the pain, or holding off on pain meds. The nerve block is so nice, after surgery, for getting home and situated, but when it wears off, the pain will ramp, and it’s best to keep it covered for the first few days, allowing you the time you need for these initial first important days of healing. And not that I want to get all up in your business, but to enlist a stool softener or some such as the pain meds, while helpful, THEY ARE BINDING! Having had ortho surgery (my thumb joints–you never know how much you need them until they’re compromised), I hope you soon feel the euphoria of having all the goody bits of your life back, as you continue to heal. Here’s to “excellent purchase” as orthopedists are wont to say, smooth healing, and all the rest that will come!! 🙂

    1. One of you commented a week or so ago to get stool softeners, which I’d never purchased before. I ordered them and began taking them Friday I think.

      1. So glad you’re home again and the surgery is behind you! Yay! Was thinking of you all morning
        I took care of a friend when he recovered from hip replacement surgery 2 years ago, and I learned 2 things about pain and painkillers: 1. Stay ahead of the pain by taking the pills again before they wear off, and 2. If you’re taking an opioid like OxyContin, they are extremely constipating. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should take a stool softener AND a laxative. You should drink lots and lots of water nevertheless. My friend experienced more discomfort from the “plumbing” issue than from the surgical pain until he got on the right path with Miralax 2x per day.

  40. I’m so glad it went well and you are home!
    Speedy Recovery!!

  41. I didn’t expect to find your post in my email today. I am so glad that you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell. I hope that this is the beginning of a new life for you.

    1. The only thing that happened due to the fall is that I’ve got bits of mulch on me! But thank goodness for that path.

  42. Did the dr talk to Kasi after the surgery? Here the dr comes out right after surgery to let the spouse/family know how it went and what they did. Sometimes they show pictures.
    I am glad that the surgery is done and you are back home. Best place to be to heal!

  43. You are the best! We were all thinking we might hear from you in a couple of days but boy were we wrong. Thank you so much for giving us this update and so happy you are home with Ivy. Take care.

    1. Ivy is happy to have me home. When I cut off those plastic things they put around your wrist to identify you, she had a good time playing with them.

  44. Yay! You’re home where you can relax and start the healing process. Follow all your rules; keep up with the pain meds so you don’t have to chase pain later. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. If you can please doze in your chair and let your body heal.
    Healing hugs, Brenda!

    1. The best thing I purchased was the leg elevation pillow. It’s SOOO much better than stacking pillows up to raise your leg.

  45. Brenda !!!
    I am so glad to read you to night !
    Bienvenue chez vous and a kiss to Ivy

  46. 👋 Wow wow Brenda!!
    Golly, I was about to recharge my phone.
    Then, your blog came up! 🧏‍♀️
    So happy 😊 to see the latest surprise post!!
    Had no idea you’d be home today.
    Thought maybe hospital stay for probably 1 day.
    Wonderful 🙂 to read your latest news!!!
    Except the fall. 🤦‍♂️Yikes. I was reading very fast. To make sure you were okay.
    Whew. Unexpected. 🙅
    Other than that, so far everything seems to have gone perfectly!!!
    Have a restful day Brenda.
    A very calming week.
    Love your food choices ,,,,,,,
    eat up & enjoy!!!!
    You are on the path to healing now. ❤️
    Chat again soon!
    A bouquet 💐 for you.

  47. Brenda! I just popped in the blog and there you are, already posting! Wish I was nearby and could pop in to help you for real. So glad that you’re back home. Smart to have taken a pain pill, do keep up with that as the nerve block will be wearing off.
    So sorry you fell – and so relieved that Steve was there to help Kasi getting you safely in the apartment. Bless them both.
    We’re all with you.
    Take great care and thank you for updating us. You have been in my mind all day.
    Gentle hugs.

    1. Steve has been tinkering with the knee scooter to make it safer when he comes over.

  48. Cannot believe you are home..so sorry you fell. ..I did not think you would do your blog today but here you are…hope you can continue to stay ahead of any discomfort..continued blessings💕

  49. I’m so happy to hear from you and you are doing well. Thank you for letting us know how you made out. I have been praying for you all morning!

  50. Can you get visits from a visiting nurse, or get a nursing aide in to help you with cooking and other things? I don’t know if something like that is covered by Medicare or if you have a supplemental insurance plan or opted for a Medicare Advantage plan, but something to look into. Even if it’s just for a few hours a day I think it would be beneficial to have somebody there with you to keep an eye on you and help out as needed.

    1. I have Steve next door, and Kendra and Kasi coming here and there. The housekeeper will be here in the morning. I can get her to help me if necessary.

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