Book Summary:

Three little words can change a woman’s life.

”You are pregnant.”

A young woman who has just started her first year of college gets quite a surprise. She learns she is pregnant shortly after classes begin.

She has a choice to make: Have the child. Have an abortion. Give the child up for adoption.

Christine mulls over all three choices. Part of her wants to make each choice.

She decides that she cannot bear to have an abortion. She knows she isn’t ready to become a mother. So that leaves one choice. Give up her child.

You will laugh and you will cry as Christine tells her story. It is poignant and brings to light the harrowing decision a woman must make when she’s unexpectedly pregnant and not in a place in life where she is prepared to become a mother.

My Review:

I have been in Christine’s shoes. I was 17. I kept my daughter. It was very hard. I was alone and didn’t marry until she was three. I went to college and worked and took care of a baby. I think back now and I don’t know how I did it.

I admire the fact that Christine was very mature about her decision. Putting the life of her child first.

I so enjoyed reading her story. I know it was hard to write and that she probably had a myriad of emotions swirling in her brain throughout the writing of this book.

I think she did the best she could do, and was rewarded with a relationship with her daughter once she became an adult.

I believe everyone involved won in this case. Beautiful and insightful writing. I would like to read more by this author.

About The Author:

christine bauer

Christine (Chris) Bauer was born and raised in the big small town of Mitchell, South Dakota. She feels blessed to have grown up in a place and time when childhood was carefree, when kids left the house in morning and returned in the evening, and in between rode bikes, built forts, and played baseball and Barbies. 

While she loved her hometown, Chris was eager to move on to new adventures after graduating high school. 

Chris attended Mankato State University in Minnesota, majoring in Mass Communications. Her dream was to one day be part of a Woodward and Bernstein-type team who saved the world through ground-breaking journalism.

Soul searching and need for employment led her to a gratifying career in corporate communications, public relations and marketing. Chris has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember.  

Her greatest achievement and most profound joy is being the mother of three kind-hearted children and one beautiful and spirited grandchild.

In addition to being a mom and grandma of humans, Chris is also the proud mom to one very spoiled dog and two equally spoiled grand dogs.

She admits there were moments in the motherhood journey where she preferred the canines.

Chris resides in the Minneapolis area. Those Three Words is her first book. 


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