Book Summary:

On the weekend of her wedding, Clare Hobbs is getting the jitters. Then she meets an elderly woman named Edith.

During one brief but enlightening conversation, Edith helps Clare to see what she already knows in her heart: She must cancel the wedding.

Clare knows that her fiance Zack loves her with all his heart, but his love is stifling and obsessive. And a little bit scary.

Just weeks after the canceled wedding, Clare learns that Edith has died and inexplicably bequeathed her a house named Blue Sky House.

Clare feels a real connection to Edith in this house where she lived with her husband Joseph. He tragically died just a few years after they were married.

There is much mystery and intrigue in old ledgers Clare finds at Blue Sky House. With this discovery she begins to piece together a remarkable story.

This is a wonderful book. I was a bit sad to read the last page.

About The Author:


I became a writer because I love the sound and texture of words (current favorite consonant sounds: Ls and hard Cs) and love to hear what happens when they bump up against each other.

I was a poet for a long time (my first book is a collection of poetry called FROM THE BONES OUT), and then, one day, unexpectedly, I found that I had a voice inside my head. As you might imagine, this was a bit alarming.

However, in time, I discovered that the voice belonged to a character named Cornelia Brown, so I wrote a novel called LOVE WALKED IN about her and an eleven-year old girl named Clare.

After that, I became addicted to writing novels.

My new novel I’LL BE YOUR BLUE SKY completes the Cornelia and Clare trilogy (if it doesn’t turn into a series because–who knows?), and I’m working on another one, probably titled I’D GIVE ANYTHING.

I live with David Teague, our two kids, Charles and Annabel, and our ridiculously cute Yorkies, Finny and Huxley, in lovely Wilmington, Delaware, home of Joe Biden and tax-free shopping.


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  1. I was considering ordering this book, it sounded so good. Then at the end, the author mentioned she lived in the same state as Joe Biden. Why alienate at least half the population by getting political?

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