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Book Summary:

Detective Caitlin Hendrix desperately wants to apprehend a murder suspect who has resurfaced after more than 20 years. The murders are reminiscent of the killings that sent her father over the edge when he was a detective on the case.

“The Prophet” terrorized the Bay Area in the 1990s and now it seems he is back. But where has he been for 20 years? Why did he stop killing and then start up again? Why is he sending her “messages” through his ritualistic killings?

Caitlin’s father begs her to stay away from this case. It caused him to lose his career. But she is determined to find the killer who is terrorizing a city.

This psychological thriller was inspired by the never apprehended Zodiac killer. CBS is said to be adapting this book into a TV series.

About The Author:

author meg gardiner

Meg Gardiner was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Santa Barbara, California.

She practiced law in Los Angeles and taught in the Writing Program at the University of California Santa Barbara. Later she moved with her husband and three young children to London, where she began writing suspense novels.

In addition to her fourteen novels, Meg has published short stories in American and British magazines.

Beyond writing, Meg is a three-time Jeopardy! champion and a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. She lives in Austin, Texas.



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