Book Review: After Anna

Book Summary:

Maggie gave birth to a baby girl when she was young, but after the birth she suffered from post-partum depression with psychotic features. And her husband gained sole custody of their daughter Anna.

In the opening of he book, Maggie and Dr. Noah Alderman have been happily married only a few years when Maggie surprisingly gets a second chance with her now 17 year old daughter, who she hasn’t seen since she was a baby.

Everything goes wrong quickly. In just a few weeks Anna is murdered and Noah is accused of killing her. It happened after Anna accused him of molesting her and Maggie threw him out of the house.

Maggie cannot imagine that the gentle man she loves killed her daughter, but all the signs point to him.

Maggie finds out truths she never would have imagined. And she learns that trust can be a fragile and nebulous thing.

My Review:

This was a great book. But then Lisa Scottoline’s books almost always are.

The book alternates between then, before Anna, and now, after Anna, in the voice of both Noah and Maggie.

I was completely blindsided by the ending. It is a rare book when I don’t at least suspect something about the ending, but this one shocked me.

About The Author:

Lisa Scottoline is The New York Times bestselling author and Edgar award-winning author of 31 novels, including her latest work, AFTER ANNA.

She also writes a weekly column with her daughter for the Philadelphia Inquirer titled “Chick Wit” which is a witty and fun take on life from a woman’s perspective.

Lisa’s books have solidly landed on all the major bestseller lists including The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times.


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  1. Just put this on my hold list at the library. I really like this author and this novel sounds great.

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