Decorating With A Simple Bouquet Of Foliage

Yesterday evening before dusk I decided to go out on the patio and snip eucalyptus stems to bring inside.

These stems are very popular right now for some reason. I’ve seen the fake ones in the stores.

This year I planted eucalyptus to see how it would grow here, and I’ve been very pleased with the results.

Pitcher of eucalyptus

I moved the pitcher of eucalyptus several times until I was pleased with the placement. I think I like it better over by the patio door.

Sometimes I snip a bouquet of flowers and add leaves and other greenery. Sometimes I prefer just a bouquet of various shades of green foliage without flowers.

Try bringing in small tree branches, shrubs, herbs, and other foliage. I think I may go out later and snip some more greenery to bring inside. It’s a different look from a bouquet of colorful flowers, but sometimes less is better.

Just go through your stash and choose a pitcher, vase or jar that you like, add your stems and water and enjoy. It is decorating with simplicity.

I crave simplicity more and more it seems.

Pitcher of eucalyptus

It was cooler yesterday, a very welcome change. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as it was last week.

Tomorrow morning I go to the opthamologist to have tests done for the cataracts in my eyes. They said it would take a few hours.

I will decide whether I’m going to have the procedure done once I get a firmer price for it.

Mason jars

I’ve always liked to decorate with vintage glass jars, as you well know. The texture and raised letters are so interesting I think.

I’ve been collecting them for years.

These vintage Mason jars are a great staple for decorating.

My dog Charlie

Here’s Charlie at the patio door ready to come in. Since he usually turns his head when I point the camera at him, I decided to get this shot when he’s staring through the door.

That little bit of tongue is almost always sticking out.

I’m usually out there with him or hovering right by the patio door watching him to make sure he doesn’t get into any mischief or start barking and annoy the neighbors.

I always tell him: “what a handsome feller’ you are, Charlie boy.” Are you old enough or from the region where your elders called fellows feller’? Obviously I am.

I sure enjoyed reading about your childhood memories! They are golden.



  1. Don’t recall if you mentioned you could tell a significant difference in your vision or if you doctor told you that you needed cataract surgery. If YOU cannot tell a difference yet, do NOT have it done!!! A friend of mine just had one eye done and she went to the eye doctor because SHE noticed a difference. Her doctor said you should never have it done unless YOU, the patient, can tell a difference in your vision. Doctor said too many people have it performed years earlier than they need to. Because there ARE chances of complications–which your doctor should have already explained to you.

  2. Oh Charlie you are a beautiful boy and you are so well loved.
    I too have to have a cataract removed. There will be no charge for the surgery but I will
    have to pay for the new lens. Not sure how much that will be until I go for a consultation.
    Not looking forward to the surgery but on the other hand will be glad to have perfect sight again.

  3. Since most of my blooms are small, I will pinch a bit of ivy, mint and/or asparagus fern then add a periwinkle blossum or other tiny flower to a miniature vase. Somehow the smallest of gifts from the garden are large pleasure! My container garden is confined to 3 ft x 6 ft x 1.5 ft space and tending it is a joy! Someday I hope to have a small cottage garden with cutting flowers. Your garden and plant ideas are so delightful!

    1. I love ivy added to bouquets. You’ve done a lot with your space. It is truly a joy to tend to smaller areas instead of huge yards, etc. No pulling weeds either. Hooray for small space gardens!

  4. I used to grow eucalyptus and it smells so wonderful. It’s a very hardy plant in my area. It also dries beautifully with no effort. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

  5. The first photo is so pleasing, with the white pitcher and green eucalyptus and a bit of yellow and red in the surroundings. Simple is so nice.

    1. I will always love color. But I don’t need tons of it. I can just add a bit here and there.

  6. Sometimes, when you are at a pharmacy getting a prescription filled, it pays to ask what your price would be if you didn’t use your insurance. They will give you a different price, sometimes lower-but you have to ask. The drug stores have funny rules they have to go by. So I am wondering if maybe you should ask at your cataract doctor’s office what the cost of cataract removal would cost if you didn’t use your insurance. They will give you two different prices. Won’t hurt to ask.

    1. I did ask what it would be not to use insurance. That was the $2700+ per eye quote I wrote about the other day.

  7. I have heard that eucalyptus is a good thing to have in your house. It’s a great idea putting it in that white pitcher…pitcher perfect. Lol. I know a corny joke, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll blame it on all the rain we’ve had since last night but it’s still muggy out. Argh! Stay cool and I hope you can get a payment plan for your eyes to be done.

  8. I love the simplicity of your eucalyptus bouquet – I think it’s beautiful. I’ve been cutting long stalks of mint and flowering basil to put in my flower bouquets.

  9. There is a restful beauty in simplicity. White pitchers and plates draw my attention as they are versatile and you can add color as you go or delete it. Love reading your thoughts about life and decorating. Hope you get a good report and an affordable option at the doctor’s.

    1. Simple living and simple eating is appealing to me more and more as times goes by.

  10. I too love a simple bouquet of greens; yours looks lovely in the pitcher.
    Charlie is such a cutie! Good pic!
    My neighbor has a hibiscus that she overwinters indoors here in Iowa; in summer it goes on her front porch and gets just morning sun. It does quite well.
    Good luck with your appointment Brenda.

    1. I’m kind of nervous when it comes to anything having to do with my eyes. I never would even try contacts because I don’t like anything going in my eyes but eye drops.

  11. I think the white pitcher with the eucalyptus is wonderful and i would like to copy it.
    I also need to get my cataracts removed, but it is so expensive!

    1. Copy away! I know about the expense. I don’t know if I can afford to do it or not.

  12. I just read through your posts from the past two weeks, although I decided not to bombard you with comments on each, Brenda! We were up at the lake for 4 days last week, and I’ve been trying desperately to catch up at work and at home ever since – it’s always difficult when I take time off at this time of year. Love your new picture from Hobby Lobby, I would have snatched that up also! I”m wondering if you’ll miss your coffee bar when the weather gets cooler and you want to ‘cozy up’ your space again…but I’m sure there will be other things you will find to fill the space. You may want to consider taking in that hibiscus for the winter and put it in your sunniest window, along with your gardenia. They may not flower, but at least they’ll be ready to put back out on the patio again in spring.

  13. Charlie boy is just adorable and I love that little tongue sticking out. I’m glad it’s a little cooler there, it is here as well today, but I think you have sent the rain to the south as we’ve a chance for showers every day.
    Carol and Molly

    1. I consider Charlie’s tongue sort of like a person with dimples. It’s part of his character and charm, Carol and Molly!

  14. Brenda, what Elizabeth said! I love the eucalyptus – I didn’t know it would grow in your area! I live in Illinois, so I might try growing it.
    I’m down the with simplicity thing. The world has gotten so hectic – I need peach and calm surrounding me these days.

    1. I had never grown eucalyptus, but thought I’d give it a go. And it grows well in containers on my patio.

  15. There is beauty in simplicity that is so true and even more so when it is a few lovely flowers, branches, greens grown by your own hands. I love the look of these greens in a simple pitcher.

    In Better Homes and Gardens this month they had a page of little arrangements in sugar bowls and vessels that size that were made entirely of leaves and vines from plants in the garden. It was very creative.

    I love your photo of Charlie, he is a cutie.

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