Book Review: The Other Mother


Book  Summary:

Daphne tried to be a good mother, but postpartum depression brought about dark and intrusive thoughts that suggest she might even be capable of harming her baby.

Then she meets Laurel Hobbs at a support group for mothers with postpartum depression. Laurel is everything Daphne yearns to be. A quick friendship blooms between the two women.

Soon they begin to dress alike, wear their hair alike, and talk alike. Their friendship is strange from the onset and quickly moves to disturbing and potentially dangerous.

In one of her dark and shifting moods associated with postpartum depression, Daphne  applies for a job, a live-in position with her favorite author archiving her book related notes. Daphne uses Laurel’s name and credentials to secure the job.

And then she’s on the run from everyone who knows her. Daphne felt she had to leave home because her controlling husband threatened to take her daughter away due to her instability.

Daphne suddenly leaving home coupled with the troubled friendship between the two women bring about life altering events that will change them all. And one of them won’t come out of it alive.

This book was intriguing, but very confusing. I think I’d have enjoyed the book more if the plot was less perplexing, though I tend to lean toward reading books that examine the psychological land mines of human nature. This one was just a bit too complicated for me.

About The Author:

author carol goodman

Carol Goodman is the award winning and bestselling author of sixteen novels, including The Lake of Dead Languages and The Seduction of Water. Her books have been translated into sixteen languages.




  1. This one sounds interesting but I’m not sure it’s for me. I do like psychological thrillers but the “perplexing” part makes me nervous.

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