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  1. I think we all wish we lived closer to you, Brenda, so we could come over and help you with your latest project. Be safe and good luck!

  2. I write a long comment, but my iPad battery died and ate the message. I came back to say please be careful with fumes. I don't even know if the goo removal stuff go has fumes, but if so, it can be really insidious. A decade ago, I was cleaning a porch floor, and I developed a sudden allergy to certain chemicals. Fine one day and breathless the next. Just worried.

  3. There are two rooms in this 1920's bungalow that have several coats of paint over wallpaper. Removal of any kind is the pits….and we tried the hair dryer trick on the removal kind once and it did not work.

  4. Bite the bullet and call your son-in-law and ask HIM to come look at the problem and give you some suggestions. Perhaps he will appreciate the fact that you need his help…it can't hurt to just call.

  5. Brenda, I hope this doesn't sound too crazy (off the wall?), but what if you put something absorbent on the wall like bath powder (non-talc) or maybe even flour? After the goo absorbs as much as possible, you could vacuum off any that's loose, then prime and paint. It should be easy to test on a small section. So hate that you've had such aggravation dealing with this. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

    Sherry in Little Rock

  6. Hi Brenda~

    I'm so sorry!! What a mess, who knew wallpaper would be so hard to get off. I guess I'm old school, the only wallpaper I had to take off, just came off with water and fabric softener… it was pretty easy. I think I would just go buy paintable wallpaper . . . paint it and call it a day… :0(

    Do take care of your ankle.


  7. Brenda, maybe if you just let it dry out good you could take a sander to it. Just an idea that popped into my head. It might be totally insane, but tho't it wouldn't hurt to mention it in case it would work!

    Also, maybe you could get rid of that fly by spraying it with the De-Solve-It!! Just kidding! (It might work, if you're a good shot.)

    1. Actually that was going to be my next course of action. But what stopped me is the idea of getting on the step ladder holding that heavy thing and trying to get the residue off up toward the ceiling. Probably not a good thing because I'm very clumsy and when I look up, I get a bit dizzy.

  8. Oh Brenda, I'm so sorry you're going through all this. I've made some messes in my time, so I completely understand. I think at this point having the apartment handyman take care of it is the best course of action. You just don't need to be up on that ladder. He can probably skim a coat of of drywall compound over the whole mess and paint it and it'll be good as new. Good luck to you and I hope you will give yourself a break.

  9. One more things, do you live in a city that is on the Prime Now list? IT is part of Amazon that you can get things delivered within 2 hours, anything really but mostly food? Check it you because if you are it is a life saver.

  10. Honestly, I would have thought the same as you, removable wallpaper is removable by just pealing it of. Who knew it wasn't?

    Take a rest, don't hurt your ankle any more than you have.

    I hope the handy man can help.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  11. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all this. I know this is stressful and physically exhausting for you. Take care of yourself, get an estimate and if it is more than you can pay maybe they can at least give you some professional advice. Give yourself a break away from it in the solace of your bedroom with the pupsters. Read a favorite book and rest then go back to it. Sending you calming and healing thoughts.

    1. Hate to see my living room reduced to furniture setting in the middle of the room. Oh well…

  12. Brenda, the De-Solve-It works like magic, believe me I have used it many times and it removes everything and it's eco-friendly.


    1. Not even contractor's strength residue remover takes this off. I'm just going to wait to hear back from the apt. manager.

  14. Hi Brenda. I bet the De Solv It will work. I'm sure your patience is wearing thin. I hate wallpaper. Having broken an ankle and had third degree sprains on both a few times I understand your situation. If I lived close I would come see if I could help. Just do what you can and take a rest. Only you, Abi and Charlie have to see it. 😉 You will have it finished soon and it will look like everything else you touch, FANTASTIC.

    1. I just now called the apartment manager and asked her to ask the guy who paints here to come give me an estimate. Told her I'd pay for it. Have NO idea what I'm looking at or what he'd have to do. No pretty pics of the living room for awhile…

  15. This seems never ending. I hope something will finally help get the goo off. I understand about stamina and you have to rest to start again. Take care Brenda. I hope you got the bug zapped.

  16. Someone told me to use fabric softener and water. Really didn't work and the paint I wanted to use wouldn't stick to the wall that had been treated with the fabric softener.
    Good luck.

  17. Like you I would have just assumed that removable wallpaper meant peal it off. It sounds like that it's almost as much work to remove as normal wallpaper. With that I just use a steamer and it comes away in big strips. Good luck with it.

  18. Good grief, when it rains it pours!! If you didn't have enough frustration the dog going crazy over a bug just about tops it! The thing that's really a pain is you are living in a rental – all that headache and you don't even own the place! But I understand your wanting your home to look nice. All I can say is I wish you the best and that this too shall pass, but what you have to go through to get to that point.

  19. the mind boggles.
    right here in your favorite season. when you should be able to enjoy the cool mornings and evenings.
    I would pay a professional to fix it at this point.
    one at least wonders what they would do? could a sheet of dry wall even be put over it? I've never heard of such a mess! there should be a WARNING on that kind of wallpaper!!! seriously.

    1. Who would you call? Guess I'll just start looking online. I'm hurting too much to attempt much more of this mess for awhile.

  20. My guess is that a hairdryer will still work for you. I use it to warm up the adhesive on labels stuck to the covers of books. However, you will not be able to get up the steps to the top…… do you have a kind neighbour with nothing to do all day? That's the kind of neighbour you need!!

  21. Probably the easiest(Im all about easy:)would be what another commentor suggested,get a couple of sheets of drywall and cover that bad boy up.
    The other suggestion would be from me,the wife of a retired superintendent that painted and rehabbed more walls than I care to count,here goes,take joint compound,comes in 5 gallon buckets that weigh a ton,get the smaller size,tint it with the color you decide,those little sample jars are ideal for this,and apply it,thickly with a trowel,we used to do stucco-look but you can swirl it or whatever you like.
    Good luck! The mayo idea gives me chills.

    1. I looked that up. But it said you won't be able to tell where studs are. I don't know that I could put it up. Don't think I have the tools. Or the physical stamina at this point with my ankle.

  22. Oh man. Mayonnaise? On your wall? The smell would turn my stomach…I hope you are made of stronger stuff! 🙂 Hopefully that solvent will work for you.

  23. Mayonnaise, huh? lol I can't even imagine! I hope the new product works for you. I remember we used a lot of 409 spray when we were removing our wallpaper. I hope you can zap that fly today!

    1. Just talked to someone from Zinsser company. They said I could use Zinsser Gard, which is clear, over non-wet adhesive. Might have to order it. At this point some of it is wet from using stuff trying to get it down. My ankle is hurting though and don't know that I can work on it at all today.

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