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  1. I am a Boomer who has been thrifting for years. However, that has slowed considerably as I realize I am facing the time when I have to downsize. I don’t need more stuff! The Boomers already have much of what others go to thrift stores to obtain. Having said that, there is always room in my home for another vintage teacup or piece of china or crystal that augments the patterns that I already have. The thrill of the hunt still runs strong. And I love to see what other people buy when thrifting.

  2. I’m a “boomer” and I still thrift shop, however I do more donating now than buying. I wish a survey would show just how many of us “boomer” are donating nowadays.
    Now living smaller [500 square feet] i have adapted to the “item in-item out” philosophy

  3. Thrifting is just fun, and who doesn’t like to get a good bargain on some little treasure?!! I’m enjoying seeing how you style them.

  4. Brenda, your post is titled “Why thrift shopping is addictive”..
    Yes.. it can be if you go constantly and buy things which you’ll never use..then it becomes hoarding..
    I make a point to always take a bag or two of donated items..more like an even exchange.. I find my treasures according to my “Looking for List”..
    These can be shoes, or certain types of clothing..or a piece of furniture.
    But before checking out, i make sure the items in my basket will really be used..and not become clutter..
    I also set a limit on how much i will pay per item, plus total for the shopping trip..I am a senior on a fixed income so i’m very money conscious.
    It was different when i had a retail shop.. easy to purchase things for sale, things to repaint, then resell.. there is etsy and ebay for resale..
    Both require time and commitment to make a profit..
    Personally.. i prefer the thrill of the hunt for things which i know i WILL use.
    As a side note, Goodwill has out-priced themselves by marking items just under the actual retail prices..on items which were DONATED..
    i no longer shop there.. My donations are to SPCA stores..and to Women’s Centers (Help for women and children in need from domestic violence.
    And lastly, Brenda, i don’t recall you showing your finished office/craft room..please show where you’ll be doing some painting and crafting.

  5. Thrifting is in my blood. My maternal grandma was an avid thrifter and my mom is, too. I started thrifting when my first child was born in 1988. That’s how I got wonderful baby and toddler clothes for a fraction of the cost.

    So many things in my home have been thrifted over the years ~ anything from home decor to furniture to plates and cups to clothes to art work to gardening accessories. In fact, I went thrifting today! I had five bags of things for donation, so I stopped in after dropping off the donations. I got a pair of Lee Rider jeans for myself ($2.75), a Ralph Lauren dress shirt for Brian ($2.75), a San Diego hoodie for myself ($3), two beautiful green and white bowls made in England (.75 ea), 2 red wine glasses ($1 ea), and a vintage white Federal milk glass mixing bowl that was also only a couple of dollars. Oh – and two beautiful wicker baskets for $2 ea.

    I never shop Goodwill anymore. They don’t truly support the needy; the CEO is a millionaire; and their stores all smell really bad. I’ve been donating and shopping at St Vincent de Paul.

  6. I have been busy watching thrifting videos and loving it!💕

  7. I’m a Boomer who has been thrifting for ages. Not for virtuous reasons, I’m afraid, but out of necessity. The majority of our apartment and my wardrobe has been thrifted. Lately, I have been noticing the prices going up. I have been seeing goblets for $10 each! Yes, they are the highly collectible kind. I’m guessing that they have started googling how much certain items sell for online.

  8. My entire family is a big fan of thrifting. Whenever a present is needed we tend to prefer “gray market” gifts.

  9. We have a thriving thrift store for craft supplies from rubber stamping, to scrapbook and also magazines as well as fabric, patterns and partially finished Quilts. It’s so fun to shop at it for cast offs .

  10. Some of my favorite items in my home are thrifted! You cannot beat the thrill of the hunt either – I feel a small sense of excitement/anticipation as I walk into the store! Sometimes you strike out and other times you come home with a new treasure!

  11. We have a Huge Goodwill store here in Marshfield. It is clean, very organized and clothing is on hangers in long rows by color. There is always something to find, in the craft section, knick knack section, or kitchen area. I have not shopped there in the last couple years, but when I did, I never left empty handed. We also have a St. Vincents store, and they too, have a good selection, especially books. I used to shop at one or the other every week. My youngest son, was 12 years old, and he was with me once, and shouted out loud, really loud, MOM, where are the antiques, this is just old junk…why are we here? Well, I didn’t take him with me EVER again, and now he is 51 years old, and he still remembers that incident. I was not a happy camper (grin). But I have some great finds, and yes some are antiques. Always fun to find a treasure.

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