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  1. Great ideas; I am using a plain terra cotta saucer right now but I would like to make something a little more decorative (and I would like to add a birdbath to the front yard as well as in the backyard). Thanks for all of the ideas (so clever, economical, and attractive).

  2. Karen Milano says:

    Wow, some clever ideas there that I would not have thought of at all! All budget friendly.

  3. Brenda what a great post! Two reasons, lol!
    1) I had a turtle sandbox / used for the grands until the out grew it….then I thought to dump stuff in it to make compost. The lid is a bit caved in on the top so whenever it rains, water pools there and the birds use it as a birdbath!
    2) Koopa-dog crashed in to my REAL birdbath out running last fall and broke it but I saved the top …I think that I can just lay the top next to my flowers or tomatoes or something for when we have a drought and they need water
    Love the other ideas ! 🙂

  4. Carrie Williams says:

    Great ideas though what I really like are the many varieties of birds you attract. Living in orange county .ca I don’t see much variety; mostly sparrows and the many hummingbirds that come to my feeders. Although our downtown historic area is inundated with large green parrots. The story is that 100 or so years ago someone let some parrots loose, they stayed, multiplied and now the trees are full of them. It’s quite the sight when hundreds will fly out of the trees at once and boy can they squawk

  5. So many great ideas! I have a bird bath but I did not know I was supposed to put a rock in it for the birds to perch on. As soon as I finish this comment I will be doing this! I als think I am going to make another birth bath closer to my window using one of these ideas so I can watch them drink and take a bath.

    I hope that you are enjoying a little Spring weather.

  6. You’ve collected some great ideas here. These birdbaths are as esthetically pleasing to look at as they are helpful to the birds.

  7. Love the idea with the glass lid and the garbage can lids. I haven’t had much luck–so far–with bird baths. I’ll be trying some of these.

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