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  1. It's been cold here in Ga also but temps are going back up to 75-78 by the weekend. Wind was blowing also. I put pansies out and woke up to squirrels digging them up and breaking two little faces! Mad is just a mildly putting it since I had to go back out and repot! Sorry but I hate squirrels with a passion!!!! lol

  2. Funny, I'm reading this at 11:35 at night and I am sure that unless I put a reminder on my phone, I will not remember my hose tomorrow. Because it had totally slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder. I just hope I remember tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I finished cutting down my perennials just in the nick of time. We've already got 6 inches of snow on the ground, so it seems winter is here to stay already. Your patio looks like a lovely little oasis and your plants are so healthy! Love the sweet birds in the birdbath.

  4. I really like your blue rooster. It's always sad to see the flowers die off after a hard freeze. I wish we could just skip winter. 🙂

  5. Abbi is adorable showing us how good the pineapple sage smells.
    Your roses are beautiful. I picked my last bouquet for the season from my Christoper Marlowe rose yesterday. It scented the whole house
    yesterday and today. It was cold all day today, a high of 41, almost looked wintery here in Missouri today. Flower killing cold tonight.

  6. Brenda, that pineapple sage blossom is gorgeous. I wonder if the pupsters are drawn to the smell of the plant. Does it smell like sage? Maybe they like sniffing a nice fragrance.

    It has frosted here a couple of times. My one pot of coleus got frosted and the last lingering petunias. But my geraniums are still okay. I'm going to bring them inside and see if I can get them to bloom indoors for me.

    Thanks for the reminder about the hose! Gotta get out there and do that.

    I hope you are having a good weekend.

  7. Rainy here in Florida. Our grass still growing and flowers blooming. Haven't done much with my plants due to my sister visiting and helping our mom with her yard sale. She is down sizing so she can move. Not an easy task at her stage of life.

  8. Brenda I am starting to wonder ( Here in PA ) if I will EVER put my garden to bed for the winter : ) We keep having deep freeze forecasts that do not happen 🙂

    I sent a houseplant home to a friend of my youngest sons that I'd been nurturing outdoors since April ( He has the room for it , while I do not ) but that freeze forecast to kill it never happened 🙂

    1. Such strange weather. When I was a kid we had more distinct seasons. Heck, ten years ago we had more distinct seasons!

  9. I didn't bring in any plants yesterday because my heater wasn't heating and boy did it get cold in the house last night. Set off my asthma. The heater guy was here around 3:45 pm and it was a quick
    visit. A loose connection – I had it serviced less than 2 weeks ago so the repair was free.

    It didn't freeze and it won't be as cold tonight assuming the weather guessers guessed good. There was a little sleet just west of me though. I'm not ready for winter. I sure wish fall was more than a couple of days here in the DFW area. The leaves have been pretty this year.

  10. My garden is starting to wither, Brenda, but it's been so unseasonably warm here. I can't believe the temps. I love your blue chicken!

  11. This time of year is my favorite, but getting my place ready for the winter has been keeping me running. I just can't bear working in the hot weather, so when it cools off I find myself overwhelmed with all the jobs I've been saving, fence rows in the pasture to trim, cleaning out the barn for a new supply of hay, cleaning up inside all three cars, winterizing the travel trailer, and still mowing the lawn every week and will be for a while because it has to be really cold to affect this very determined fescue. I brought my potted plants into the room I've decided to call my sun room because it has french doors, lol. The coleus and other tender plants did freeze last night and are collapsing as they thaw out. The elephant ears I can see out the living room window are nodding today, not much time left for them but the cannas came through fine and will make it till a really hard freeze. If it weren't for the energy brought on with the cooler weather would we ever get it all done? Love your pictures today, Brenda!

  12. You have the greenest thumb, Brenda! I love the photo of the little sparrows in your birdbath! Does your patio garden get mostly sun? shade? a combination of both? Our backyard garden is SO shady that I have a hard time getting anything to grow (except hostas)! Re: the Teal Pumpkin Project I just posted about, I've only heard of it the past two years but this is the first time I painted a teal pumpkin and set it out, and picked up non-candy goodies to hand out to the little ones with food allergies. I think it's going to pick up steam as more and more people hear about it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Went through all that a few days ago. Rather a bittersweet time when you know the blooms you enjoyed all summer will be soon gone. I drained the hose and put it away, I brought flower pots into the garage and highly doubt I will take them back outside. The pots just seem to get heavier every year the older I get. One thing nice about colder weather, it gives us a break from other chores and time to dream of next years flower garden. The John Deere man was here yesterday to service my riding mower (*sigh*, life without a man)and then I hopped on it and spent the next 4 hours mowing grass. Leaves are just now turning on my trees and next job will be cleaning them up. A friend mentioned snow….lordy, I hope not yet.

  14. I just planted pansies in a basket and have more to plant in the garden. They give me a little bit of color through the winter.

  15. I always enjoy seeing your patio and especially the pupsters. We have had a couple of cold nights but I was surprised when I stepped out early this morning and it was mild. It is raining now and overcast. It is my husband's birthday today so I made him a English trifle, his favorite desert, I soaked the sponge at the bottom with quite a bit of orange liquor, added raspberries and then made a jelly to go on top and then custard to top it off. I haven't made jellies for years because of the gelatin but the other day I found one without, it is more expensive but it sets so quickly and without putting it in the fridge so I am hooked.

  16. Thanks for the reminder about the hoses! It reminded me that I haven't done that yet! I have nothing blooming anymore here in colorado. It's been below freezing for too many nights. I love the blue rooster in the first picture! Have a great weekend!

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