I will miss my pretty flowers when it freezes. 

But of course that is the natural way of things. To everything there is a season. And my blooms will have fulfilled their obligatory run for the season.

Many won’t be back to visit me next year, because they are annuals. But many of the herbs will return, as robust as ever I imagine.

Have you put your garden to bed yet? I brought my garden hose in, then took it back out to water things yesterday, when the temps were pretty warm.

I’m feeling better today. The medication is doing its thing. Thank goodness. 

This reared its ugly head last week. But I thought it was nothing, that it would go away. I wasn’t aware it was an infection. 

As commonly seems to happen, things tend to happen on weekends when you have few options. By Saturday I was miserable. Then Sunday came and I was more miserable. I couldn’t get an  appointment Monday, so had to wait for Tuesday. Those were l-o-n-g days.

Remember the Aveeno baths I wrote about? Three days in a row I took Aveeno baths. And the nurse said that was likely the culprit for this urinary tract infection. I won’t be doing that again. 

All weekend I felt achy and somewhat befuddled, as happens when your body is being taken over by an invisible-to-the-naked-eye infection that comes to inhabit your nether region. 

I could not get comfortable. The only thing that helped was to press a heating pad to my lower abdomen. I spent more time in the bathroom that I spent out of it. 

I spent a lot of time in bed, groggily watching TV and reading. And I cursed myself for not having taken this thing seriously before the weekend arrived.

Do you ever misplace your TV remote and it seems to have picked itself up and walked right out the door?

I sometimes wake up and turn on Morning Joe somewhere during their two hour morning show. I don’t get up and get my glasses. I just want to hear sound to see if anything major happened overnight.

The remote was not where I thought I put it on the dresser next to my bed. The second place I might have placed it in my sleepy state would have been right next to me. 

I rustled around in the bedding. It wasn’t there. I know it didn’t fall to the floor because I’d have surely heard it hit the hard floor. 

I’d nod off a little bit listening to the news, and then grope around looking for it again. This scenario repeated itself about half a dozen times. 

I could have sworn that TV remote sprouted feet or wings and taken off for parts unknown. I shook the sheets and quilt and it was not caught up there. I moved pillows aside. Nope.

Finally after I got up I did find it. It was right there. Right there on the bed. How could I have missed finding it?

Or did it in fact sprout little feet and go on a gleeful and mischievous romp to wherever TV remotes go to hide, laughing at me all the while?

Okay, so that is just my imagination going off on a tangent.

This made me think about the TVs from my childhood. We did not have remote controls. We actually got up and walked over to this large box and switched it on and off. 

Sometimes I wish life could be simple again. Black and white. On and off. 

So pleasantly simple.

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  1. So proud your feeling better… UTI's are awful.. and you are so right, it ALWAYS happens on weekends or holidays!!
    Remote controls.. my oh my.. how they disappear.. Proud yours decided to walk back to you.lol
    Have a great day.

  2. My dad used two strips of reflective tape, yellow and red, on the back of his remote and and two strips across it's face, space permitting. Not a particularly aesthetically pleasing solution but it worked for him.

  3. So sorry to hear you were feeling so bad Brenda, UTIs suck! I'm glad you're on the mend now though.

    I remember my dad sitting on one of those mushroom shaped footstools right next to the TV switching the channels! ha ha!


  4. Any time I feel a UTI coming on, I immediately go to the store and get real, unfiltered no sugar added cranberry juice! Drink alot of it with water, all day long. Be sure to drink ALOT of water and the juice. Always prevents it, unless it's gotten too far along! I may get that CranAction to have on hand also! Good tips here from everyone.

  5. Few things as miserable as a UTI,they can get serious very fast too.
    Had a good chuckle at your remotes adventure.
    Last December,I misplaced my Kindle,I read in bed before sleep,well,it was laundry day and I stripped my sheets,long story short when I was moving sheets to the dryer there was my Kindle!
    Needless to say,I needed a new one:)I lose the remote and my phone several times a week as well.
    Im old enough to remember when TV shut off at midnight after the national anthem,no remotes in my house either…I miss the simpler times too.

  6. So glad you're feeling better! One thing that won't hurt to try to prevent a UTI is cranberry pills. I take one capsule a day with my other vitamins and (knock on wood) I haven't had a UTI since I started doing this. I don't want the extra calories/ sugar that is in cranberry juice, since I'm doing low-carb, hence the cranberry capsules versus juice.

  7. Cranactin is a supplement you can buy on Amazon or virtually any health food store. I take several every day and never get UTIs any longer. It's Cranberry powder and vitamin C and inexpensive. from the Vitamin Shoppe website: CranActin® Cranberry AF™ Extract is the leading cranberry dietary supplement sold in health food stores. What makes the CranActin® AF™ extract unique is that it is the first commercial cranberry supplement to be tested for and guaranteed to contain cranberrys bacterial antiadherence activity. The CranActin® supplement is supported by pharmacokinetic and clinical research.

    I'm not affiliated with any of them in any way, I just know this stuff works.

  8. In the winter months, I enjoy my inside bulbs and plants like Christmas Cactus, amyrillis, paper whites, and my succulents. My poinsettia plants stay in bloom for all of December and beyond . Hope you are better now.

  9. I'm thankful you are feeling better. And thank you readers for the helpful suggestions on dealing with UTI's.
    The fairies at my house love to hide the remote, my keys, ect. They always bring them back though.

  10. My garden looks a bit messy. I need to go out to collect seeds from the zinnias to use next year. This year's zinnias seemed exceptionally robust.

    Our male cat sometimes lays on the remote controls, so we should always look under him first. He loves to lay on top of things, usually magazines or books. They sound more comfortable than a hard plastic remote.

  11. Hello there. I live in Saint Augustine Florida and the flowers are still blooming here although a few of the annuals are beginning to show signs of giving up. But they have earned that right as they have worked hard to please this year.

    Just wanted to write that I really enjoy your posts and look forward each day to what you might share.

  12. Two things I try for UTI and if I catch it soon enough I might not need my doctor. AZO this is over the counter and turns urine a red color. I drink about 8 cups of water while taking it. Before I learned about AZO I used Parsley tea. If caught at the beginning of the aching infection parsley tea made a big difference. I made it by putting two teaspoon full in a strainer and putting hot water in tea cup. Not a bad taste either. I hope these help next time you have a problem.

  13. I have the same problem with scissors. I have always suspected them of being pranksters. I think they jump to their pointy tippy toes and scissor step to a hiding place I can't find.

  14. I have the same problem with scissors. I have always suspected them of being pranksters. I think they jump to their pointy tippy toes and scissor step to a hiding place I can't find.

  15. It seems that is always the way, if you feel ill you leave it and then decide at the weekend you should get some help. I have spent a few weekends at the hospital waiting up to five hours to see a doctor in emergency just to get some antibiotics. Luckily where I live now there are doctors walk in clinics which are open on a Saturday and Sunday.
    Nearly every day I get up at around 5.20a.m. because that is when Dexter thinks its time for his breakfast! I get his breakfast first, then heat water for my tea and start up the coffee maker for hubby. Off to take a shower, back in the kitchen around 6.00 just in time to watch Chris and Alyson on CNN while I have breakfast.

  16. Oh yes, I've lost the remotes more times than I can count. My remotes are black, as is the furniture in the family room and they blend in. Could be sitting right out in plain sight and you don't see them. I'm going to paint neon green dots all over them. I've never had a UTI, but I've had yeast infections and if it's anything like that misery, I hope you get over it soon! Have a great day!

  17. I keep Uristat on hand for those times I get urinary problems. It stops the pain and burning. It is OTC at the drugstore. As I have gotten older I have more IT Is. It is hard to remember to drink enough water. I am glad you are feeling better. Your garden looks great. I planted some snapdragon in pots yesterday just to have some color.

    1. AZO, yes. Also–NO brown drinks when you have a UTI–NONE! No coffee, tea, cokes, etc. I didn't know that for years till a nurse told me during a time when I was having them chronically, and it really makes a difference. Water (of course), even Sprite and things such as that, but anything brown will aggravate and cause pain.

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