Sunday Catch Up


I just love this daisy. White on the inside with a thin yellow border. Mother Nature is a phenomenal artist.

Yesterday morning I was sitting outside on the front step with Abi when the vet’s office opened. Abi is listless and I can barely get her to eat a thing. She doesn’t want to drink water. I am so worried about her.

The vet gave her an anti nausea shot and some oral medicine from a refrigerator tube that is supposed to coat her stomach. He told me to keep it refrigerated and give it to her later in the day.

driftwood with sedum

I put out her canned food, which she normally loves. She wouldn’t touch it. I baked them a potato, which normally excites them. Well, Charlie was on board. All they can eat is prescription food, a bit of cottage cheese and the occasional potato or they end up getting pancreatitis.

Abi just looked at it until I put her right in front of it and finally she ate a little bit. She looked a bit dazed, so maybe the medication makes her feel sleepy. I was encouraged.

Heavens, it’s tough being a pet mom. They can’t tell you where it hurts, how they feel. You have to just wing it.

I watched a marathon of Chrisley Knows Best re-runs (I love their southern accents and funny trials and tribulations) and kept my eye on Abi. She just wanted to sleep.

red flower

My next door neighbor and his wife are getting ready to move to Texarkana where their son lives due to  their health. Boy, I’m going to miss them. Quiet people, pet lovers, and we’ve occasionally cooked for one another.

But I understand that their son has been encouraging them to move there for some time.

He told me to come get two big red flower pots on his front porch (they aren’t gardeners), so when I got back from the vet I emptied the gazing balls out of my vintage wagon and headed over there.

Unfortunately the wheels on the wagon wouldn’t turn, so it was about as much work as carrying them. But I’m trying not to overdo with this neck problem. Which is an attitude I’m not accustomed to applying to myself. I really like to live life being spontaneous, but that hasn’t been working for me lately.

I’ve already taken some of that wild growing sedum out of the galvanized container garden and planted it in one of the red pots. That stuff acts like it’s on steroids.


I’m currently reading “Family Tree” by Susan Wiggs.

I purchased a new blog plugin that shows my book reviews in a different post format. I tried it out the other day. It shows how many stars I give a book, etc.

I hope it makes your reading of my book reviews a more pleasurable experience. I don’t know how many of you are readers, which is why I always write another post later in the day.



  1. My heart aches for you and the pupsters. Their pictures drew me to your posts many years ago. You three are a special family.

  2. I am thinking the same thing Naomi is thinking – remembering the med Abi was taking to reduce her urinating so many times at night. Perhaps it was too strong? Or she was allergic to it?Sometimes, it’s just one small clue that leads one to the answer for a seemingly serious problem.
    Wishing the best for you, Abi and Charlie!

  3. You were saying the other day that Abi was taking some medication which helped her to not pee on your bed at night. I wondered if that medication’s effects have anything to do with her not wanting to drink. Not wanting to eat is another thing, but maybe related. I hope she feels better soon. I’ll be sending healing energy to her little body and spirit and maybe things will be better tomorrow. I know how painful it is to have our four-leggeds sick and we don’t know exactly what hurts and what they are feeling.

  4. I’m so, so sorry about Abi, and hope she improves, soon. I hope she’s staying hydrated in the midst of all this.

    Susan Wiggs sounds familiar. I’m gobbling up books lately while I rest at home. It’s teaching me that we all need to slow down and pick up a book, or Kindle once in a while.

    I’ll keep Abi in my prayers.

    Jane x

  5. Hope you get some good news about Abi soon. Also I have learned that in reference to your health…asking a doctor…if I was not a good candidate for surgery, what other treatment would you advise? That can open the conversation to other treatments that they don’t always tell you about at first.

  6. Look forward to your post each day. So hard to see our furry children in distress. Hope this illness will be resolved soon so Abi may resume enjoying life with you and Charlie.

  7. Prayers for Abbi. We had to leave our dog to get him hydrated last summer. Breaks your heart. I hope they can figure out what is going on. Hugs

  8. I’m praying for Abi and you too. I know how hard it is to have a sick pet. Sending all my love, prayers and healing thoughts.

  9. Oh Brenda, my heart breaks for you with your pups health. I have been in similar situations with my dogs. Prayers Abi makes a fast turn around to good health.
    Love your photos and am glad you got some more pots…red too! Hope you get good neighbors. Sorry to know you are losing such good ones. Sending well wishes your way.

  10. Brenda, have they xrayed her bladder? Thinking bladder stones or some kind of growth could be in there? I don’t remember you mentioning an X-ray or ultra sound.
    Really hoping you can get a handle on this. Your little kids are so adorable. Thoughts r with you.

  11. Prayers for Abi. Hoping she recovers soon. My sister in law is a vet. She grew up in a pet loving family which let her to become a vet. She is 62 now. After 8 years of school she became a vet at age 26. So she has spent most of her live caring for animals.

  12. Sending positive thoughts to Abi and you, hope the vet is able to figure out what’s going on so they can help her soon. It’s so hard when you know they don’t feel good and they can’t tell you why.

    1. You’re so right. She looks at me with those big pitiful eyes and I want to help her so much it hurts.

  13. I feel so bad for your sweet baby. Abi is such an adorable little bit, as is charlie. Your dogs are so lucky to have you for their mother,giving them the best care and so much love.
    I just wanted to mention, that I love both of your “blogs” the book blog, (can never have too many books) and this one too. I don’t know how you do it all, but I am so glad you do…Praying Abi is doing better, hugs from WI.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the book reviews. When I had to leave Abi at the vet this morning, it almost did me in.

  14. I’M sorry to hear Abi is not doing well. It is so hard to figure out just what to do for them. It does sound like she is in a daze, very sleepy like. Could he possibly cut down the dosage? Maybe it is a bit too strong for her. If she is dizzy and nauseous it would not be surprising if she did not feel like eating. I sure hope it all works out.

    1. They have her at the vet. I was there this morning when the vet got there, so I guess he never takes a day off, even though they’re officially closed. I sure hope she’ll be all right. He said she’ll have to spend some days at the vet getting hydrated, but will let me take her home at night. We don’t know what this is. Could be renal.

      1. Brenda please have the vet consider Addison’s. I know that the vets know what they are doing and I don’t know the whole picture, but what you are describing is exactly the path my Addison’s dog went down. She ended up overnight in the vet getting hydrated. They thought it was renal. The incontinence, the vomiting, the listlessness, all of it. It just sounds eeeuly the same. I know I could be way off but still. Google Addison’s and see if you think it fits. My heart goes out to you.

  15. Oh my heart goes out to you with Abi. Maybe the antibiotics were hurting her stomach. I hope the new medication to coat her stomach will help. It is horrible when they cannot tell you where it hurts or how they are feeling. You are a good mom and I know Abi will get the best care with you. Hoping and saying a prayer she begins to feel better.

    1. I just got back from taking Abi to the vet. She had to stay. They ran blood tests and started giving her liquids. She had not had a drink of water in over 24 hours. This morning she could not stand up.

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