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  1. Gabapentin really helped my husband, and a friend of mine who had terrible back pain. I know you’ve gotten lots of great suggestions from other readers in these comments, so I’ll just say I hope some of those ideas work out for you. Looking forward to the new blog, and glad that you’ll be including TV reviews!

  2. Here in NY, there’s a couple of companies that provide transportation to doctor appointments for elderly and disabled people,they have contracts with Medicare and Medicaid.
    Contact your local Office for the Aging.

  3. Do you have access to a walker with a seat on it? Perhaps one of your neighbors at your apartment complex could loan you theirs for a few hours? If so, wouldn’t Teri be able to push the walker (with you in it) to the car, then from the car right into the doctor’s office? Wish I lived in Oklahoma so I could help!

  4. Try to get a video visit with your doctor to talk about your current symptoms, limited mobility, and need for medications, especially if your PT is in the same system as your doc. If not, have your PT send notes and recommendations to your physician. Medicare should cover the cost for the visit. Since COVID and now with cold/flu on the rise, providers are usually very open to video visits.

  5. Hope you continue to get relief from the pain!! Keep us informed…wondering how it will do in long run!! Hope you get mended enough to not need it soon!!

    1. I looked and didn’t see where they take Medicare. But I’ll call and find out. Thanks for the link!

  6. Both of my sisters take people to medical appointments. Most are regulars, many get chemo, they navigate them, and wait in the office or the car depending on the person’s preference. It is a free service. Without checking, I don’t know who they work with but I believe they are charitable services of some kind. Where I live the best places to check are Catholic Charities and your township, they tend to be the governmental level that has senior services. If they cannot provide direct service, they can help you find it. These drivers, like my sisters, are volunteers; they do it because they want to help and they enjoy engaging with the people, many of whom are elderly and lonely. I can’t vouch for anything other than my sisters’ experiences but it seems like an option to check out.

  7. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better. There’s been a lot of good suggestions from your readers. Hopefully you can follow up with some of them to get yourself a little extra help and make your life much easier.

  8. I agree with others about rides to see your surgeon. I’ve had to use Uber in the past and it was very easy. Call your doctor when you arrive, and they may send someone out to assist you. Food for thought, Brenda!
    I can imagine that you’re very antsy regarding your love of decorating. That’s where your housekeeper would probably be very helpful. Something else to ponder, Brenda.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  9. Glad to hear the Gabapentin is helping. Check to see if your Medicare plan covers virtual visits. Most of the visits I have with my PCP are done virtually. If you can’t get into your surgeon, do you have a primary care doc you could see virtually to get refills on your prescription?

  10. Brenda, take a taxi or another type of paid ride to the doctor. They will assist you getting in and out.

  11. Happy New Year, Brenda! So glad to hear you’re feeling better so please try to stay on the Gabapentin. I’ve never taken that but when I was having nerve pain and numbness in one of my thighs a friend suggested that I take a magnesium supplement which has worked for me but I’m sure my pain was nothing compared to yours. If you need help getting to the doctor please let me know. I have the critters to take care of in the mornings but I can usually shake free in the afternoons and I’d be so glad to do it for you.

    1. You are an angel, Teri! Brenda is so blessed to have you as her friend.

    2. That’s so nice of you. Well, I’d rather not go at all if I can get out of it. It’s too hard to get from parking lots to the offices.

  12. my Medicare plan has coverage for travel to doctors appointments. it also covers someone to come in once a week for a couple of hours to help out. check out your benefits in detail.

  13. I’m glad to hear the Gabapentin is helping you. I think we might have mentioned before that some senior centers provide transportation to doctors appointments, maybe you could inquire about that.

    1. The main problem is not getting a ride. It is being able to get from the car in the parking lot to the office. I can’t walk very far at all.

  14. I hope you continue to see your surgeon. I did until he released me. My surgeon found areas in my shoulder and biceps that weren’t responding to PT so he changed those instructions and it made a big difference. He also did another MRI to make sure the biceps attachment was holding. Gave me piece of mind.

    Hoping you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon


    1. Light at the end of the tunnel was getting out of so much pain. I’ll take that even if I have to stay home.

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