1. This is a great post, Brenda. I like the quote that a plan without a goal is just a wish.
    I do have a few personal goals set, and one in particular, to break an old response habit.
    And here’s on that just came to me the other day: I now spend winters in Florida, and our place is across the street from the beach. Days can go by, and I don’t see the ocean. My goal is to walk over to the beach every single day, no matter what the weather. I find the powers of the ocean to be enormously calming and restorative. It’s a place to think clearly, and just to stand in awe of its power and beauty. Even it’s just for a few minutes, seeing the ocean is has always been a form of meditation for me. I need to take advantage of it, while I’m here.

  2. Thank you Brenda. That was a wonderful post.
    I have a great many goals in my heart, but rarely out out on paper for fear of it never happening. Yes, I know that it won’t if I don’t make the effort. And might I say I have tried and didn’t reach my goal.
    But when I have tried and failed and tried again and maybe had to try again I found I would reach my goal.
    Maybe I had to go a different route, or even try something different, or maybe even stretch my imagination, but finally I would reach the goal, because I kept at it. I didn’t give up.
    Thanks again. Think I’ll try a goal I gave up on last year.
    Have a great week.

  3. I’ve been journaling about the new year…I don’t know if you’d call them goals, but I’m doing a lot of thinking and writing about things in my life I want to work on.

    Every year I sign up for Susannah Conway’s free download of journal prompts/a workbook for not only the new year, but reflections about the past year, too. Here’s the link in case anyone is interested:


  4. So often the most difficult is where to start re promises, or any life improvements!
    Sad,, but I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions for at least 2 decades! It’s okay!!
    For sure, not out loud anyway.
    Some things will be easier than others. So, maybe just do our best. More realistic.
    As we get older, and these years sure go by quickly, we are less inclined to make any sort of promises to resolutions.
    Just happens that way. For most of us I think.
    Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday evening!
    So cold here in Illinois.
    Freezing. 🥶

  5. Love this post, I wrote one very similar last week. The last few years have been difficult and sometimes it is just hard to know where to start. As they say, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!” Have a great day Brenda, you are one day closer to a new home and life.

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