1. I LOVE this post.
    it’s like poetry. the best kind because it’s simple. and it’s life.
    and your family is beautiful.

  2. Such a nice serene post. Your daughter and Family are so lovely…I could see me watching her HG TV show as she vamps up those renewal houses and interacts with how she also cares for her Family life. She should look into that.. :0) . Even with the horrible downside of the Pandemic, I think it has made us all have a better appreciation for our homes, privacy and safety..or for me it really has done so!! It is such a crazy world out there now..and I am so thankful to be retired and not have to leave the house unless by choice. My husband lived in Greece for 7 years while in Military and introduced me to the Greek salad as mentioned by your friend above..the tomatoes, cucumbers, onion all sliced up with just good olive oil…and some nice hard crunchy bread for dipping is great with it. I made my first batch of pickles ever this year after we had an abundance of cucumbers from my husband’s bounty…you could google that if ever need to and find a recipe…I cut it in half since I did not have enough for full recipe. But nothing like homemade pickles.. I live in NC and its so hot and humid here…when you go outside from air to heat..your sunglasses or glasses fog up..yuk. But Summertime, Summertime…gotta love the no coat weather. :0)

  3. Cucumber slices are great on the eyes. They are so refreshing and the smell adds another level of peace and relaxation. Imagine adding that to the already relaxing groove you’ve got going? When I was little I loved being in small places because of the feeling of safety and coziness and I too enjoy the sanctuary of being in my home. I could also stay in for days on end.
    You grow things so well, Brenda and that includes that beautiful family!!!

  4. If you can’t eat all those cucumbers, maybe you could pass them on to one of your neighbors.

    I love watching the rain gently fall, too. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. My son loves all the sunshine and warmth in California but he said he does miss the rain here and the thunderstorms, too.

    Your daughter and grandchildren are beautiful.

  5. I bet some of your neighbors might love some of those cucumbers!! Saw a super easy recipe for using cucumbers the other day…will email it to you. Blackberry season is soon here so sure hoping to try out some new recipes…will send on a super easy one I hope to try of that too!!

    One day, when more is known of the problems of the world, we may be angry for being worried by the “powers that be”. Or if they can prove they really have emptied more of the pedos of the world during the lockdown…our family will be very grateful, esp. if one who has impacted our grandkids lives is picked up!! One can hope!!

  6. Hello…I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would finally contact you….add some.good GREEK olive oil…and some tomatoes to your cucumber and onion…and you have a p peasant style Greek salad! Yum!

  7. If everyone took time to breathe in and enjoy “the simple pleasures of life,” this crazy fast paced world would be so beautiful.
    Funny, those of us that retreat and remove ourselves from the rat race are looked at, as the odd ones.
    Beautiful family!

  8. Your grandson looks a lot like you! He reminds me of my grandson who is 6ft 3in and towers over me. He has to bend down to hug me !

  9. I like the thought of your plants thriving under high humidity and a gentle rain.

  10. What a beautiful family! I look forward to your posts everyday Brenda…they bring me peace and joy. I just admire the way you look at life and enjoy and cherish the simple things ….a life I strive for every day! The only good thing about this pandemic, in my opinion, is that it is teaching society to return back to appreciating the simpler things, to respect each person for their gifts along with their faults (we all have them!) ….we are all accountable for our own actions and thoughts let us treat each other with kindness and love! Thank you Brenda for sharing your life with us and allowing us to come along for the ride!

  11. A few thin slices of cucumber in a glass of ice water is very refreshing.

  12. It is so important to have a quiet and tranquil space (cocoon so to speak) , as you wrote, when the upheaval through out the entire world is on TV daily, and with Covid19 being scary enough. Brings joy to see your photos, and a picture of such a beautiful happy family. Your daughter and grandchildren are certainly a ray of sunshine for you. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Hugs from WI, Bonnie

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