1. And some cats are called healing cats. I had one cat that wanted to lay on any boo-boo you had. I had a cataract surgery on one eye and for days afterward he kept trying to lay on that half of my face. The laying a purring is supposed to make it feel better and speed healing. Purring is why cats’ bones are so strong. One of our cats would lie on my daughter’s scoliosis to comfort her. They know when you hurt or ache.

  2. Science Diet canned cat food could be a choice for Ivy to try also canned salmon is good for them a teaspoon a couple of times a week. My cats loved it and it is good for them. I cook for Baron. Loved the pictures. Colleen and Baron

  3. My dog looks up at the ceiling too and so didn’t my golden too! I read somewhere that it was their guardian angel that they are looking at. I also read that they can see other things too. I’m ok as long as I don’t know! ?

    So maybe cats can see what the dogs can see?!
    Alot of interesting facts thou Brenda!?

    1. My 1st emoji was suppose to be one looking up with mouth open. Stupid phone!

  4. Some interesting stuff! I tried to read it out loud to my cat Calvin but right now he is too busy playing with a wadded up piece of paper to pay attention to me. Here is something interesting I will share about Calvin — he often spends a few moments at a time looking up at the ceiling, as if there is something going on up there. We then look up and can’t figure out what in the world he is looking at or looking for. We don’t see any insects or cobwebs (most of the time anyway!) so we just don’t know what gets his attention. Our previous cats never looked up much higher than the kitchen counter, where they hoped to see a piece of food suddenly fall over the edge. So who knows what is going on in his little head.

  5. Cats are originally desert creatures so they look for their water in their food. Their prey is 75% water which is why wet canned food is best for them. (And lower in calories). Although they drink more water on dry food, most of these cats are borderline dehydrated. So we see urinary issues in the young and kidney failure in the older.
    As they are obligate carnivores, again, wet food is best. Their brains need fat and protein to tell them they are satiated. Think of dry kibble as “cereal “ with lots of carbs.(btw carbs are not listed on the nutrition label!!! And grain-free, while wonderful for cats subs other carbs for the grains, like pea starch, for example, so still 25-35% carbs!)
    Canned food is very low in carbs. The only low or no carb option I know of for dry food is Young Again.
    After neutering, dogs and cats require 25% less calories!
    When changing cat foods, go slow. I took 2 years! to transition to all wet food!
    Reliable resources include:
    Yes, my clients get all this info and more 😉

    1. Great information! I’m looking for a new food for Ivy. She loves her dry food, but isn’t as crazy as about wet food. And I know that is an important source of liquid.

  6. Very Interesting Brenda. Thanks for sharing with us, and the pictures of Ivy are adorable and beautiful. Seeing Charlie and Ivy lying next to each other on the pillow, looks like a “good” sign…Hugs, Bonnie

    1. I just had to put that photo of the two of them in here. It’s the first time I’ve seen them share a bed.

  7. I just told my cat that neutered cats need less calories. He just blinked at me and walked off!

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