Reveal Cat Food Is A Hit

The new Reveal canned cat food is a hit. It was delivered yesterday right about time for their second meal of the day. Ivy ate hers and went looking to wipe Gracie’s plate clean.

The new Reveal canned cat food is a hit, this is the box of 24 cans

Now I’m left with all this canned cat food they refuse to eat. There are several boxes of various flavored canned food in the kitchen.

Ivy seems happy again, and after she eats she heads to the top of her cat tower to have her morning nap.

When I can get out to carry it, I will take all this other cat food to one of the cat rescues.

Reveal Cat Food:

This cat food, Reveal, had great reviews on Amazon.

Then I copied the name of the food and put it in Google to search out the reviews from independent review sources. And the various independent sources thought it was excellent food for cats and kittens.

Reveal tuna fillet cat food I fed my cats

I don’t just depend on Amazon’s reviews. I think it is wise to check out sites that review products independently. Then I’m more prone to buy the product.

It costs about $36 for 24 small cans. And between my two kitties, that will mean 2 cans per day. But if they’ll eat it, I’ll buy it. One box will last me 12 days. So I’ll order more soon.

I’ll just have to get it if they like it so much. It looks flaky like tuna fish and is called canned tuna filet.

Now we have another finicky cat reaction. Gracie refuses to eat her dry kitten food and is eating Ivy’s dry food.

I saw her eating Ivy’s food in the dining area and quickly went to put some in her bowl in the bedroom. Because I didn’t want Ivy to catch Gracie eating out of her bowl

The next thing I know Ivy is eating from Gracie’s bowl and Gracie is again eating out of Ivy’s bowl. Cats are strange creatures, aren’t they?

Gracie & My Vintage Jar:

The new Reveal canned cat food is a hit, and Gracie broke one of my vintage jars.

In other news, yesterday I was sitting here calling the electric and cable company, the insurance company and so on, to change my address. I filled out the post office’s change of address online for a small fee.

So I happen to look up and Gracie has gotten up on one of my beloved vintage Mason jars I thought were safe on my desk.

She had one of her back feet on the top of the jar and the other one on the shelf above it.

The thought of impending glass breakage got me scrambling out of my chair just as Gracie took one foot off the jar and was climbing to the shelf. The jar flew out from under her and crashed on the floor.

I just stood there for a few seconds staring at the wreckage of one of my few vintage jars. You just have to say to yourself: “Oh well.” Then I started cleaning up the mess.

Over and over again I cleaned the floor far and wide to make sure they didn’t step on any tiny splinters of glass.

Kitchen Cabinet Color At The New Place:

I found out yesterday that I will have white kitchen cabinets at the new apartment. That’s what I wanted, so I am happy about that.

Now I have a few things ticked off my moving list chores. But I haven’t got much else done. I’m still not moving around very well.

And even though now I have the walking boot properly blown up again, there is so much pain in my back that I can’t walk with it on. So I’ve just been taking it easy, hoping things will physically ease up for me.

What a dilemma. I need to wear a walking boot to take the weight off my ankle. But the walking boot causes more pain in my back.

I sure wish I could think of something to ease the back pain. I can’t go to another physical therapist due to insurance issues. And I don’t have any experience in Tulsa with chiropractors. Any suggestions?

I have sworn off coffee for awhile

Deleting Coffee From My Day:

Also, I haven’t been drinking coffee since Monday, when everything in my day seemed to go wrong.

I wanted to reduce any source that could be causing me anxiety. And I do find that I’m sleeping better. It doesn’t take as much time for me to fall asleep.

I’m sure I’ll be drinking coffee again. But for now, I think I’ll just stick with water.

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  1. I agree about the tip to use bread. My home was struck by lightning years ago, and a glass window shattered everywhere. I used an entire loaf of bread to pick up the shards. It is amazing how well the bread works!

  2. Glad the kitties are happy with their food, and that you’re happy about the white cabinets. Sorry to hear about the mason jar 🙁 and the back pain. I have used a chiropractor and it helped tremendously. Hope someone can recommend a good one for you.

  3. Glad the kitties like their new food. Good idea to donate the old food to a rescue. I’ve done that before with canned cat food that I no longer used.

    Back pain…oh, boy…been there done that for many years on and off! Brian’s currently going through a bout of it himself, which doesn’t happen very often for him. What helps…soaks in the bathtub (very warm water) with Epsom salts and lavender essential oil; gentle yoga stretches for back pain (look on Google or youtube); heating pad; alternating sitting and walking (too much sitting makes back pain worse); battery operated back massager; Bio-Freeze spray; professional massage; acupuncture; physical therapy.

  4. I have been using an inversion table for years. Whenever my back would “go out” or I’d get a kink in my neck, I used to rely on pain killers and bed rest. Lumbar cushions were useless. What I needed was to decompress my spine. After watching demos of the Teeter Hangup, a couple of dozen times on QVC and HSN, I decided to give it a try. The table was a life changer. The price of the original Teeter has gone up considerably. But considering the cost of doctor visits and drugs, it was worth the price. There are other inversion tables that are much cheaper. It’s worth checking out.

  5. You could still use the cat food with the new, just add a dollop to the new kind (put it on the bottom of course) that’s what I did and he ate it, and it didn’t go to waste. Who says you can’t outsmart a cat ! Mine (Baxter) did something today that reminded me of Ivy. He put his toy mouse in the dog’s water bowl. Oh boy!

  6. Brenda,
    I have Spinal Stenosis and I wear a TNS unit
    I ordered mine from Amazon last year ,read up on them they are wonderful it is a Trans nerve stimulator,it takes care of most all my pain.I got mine for about 38.00 pads and electrodes.I am able to do just about everything I need to do.I was taking dilaudid for about a year for pain now I only take Ultram occassionly and tylenol arthritis.Hope you love your new place.Love your cat stories,Gracie has the sweetest face !

    1. I second the tens unit!!! They are awesome for pain control in just about any area of the body. They are inexpensive and work well.

      1. I had one for my back pain and it didn’t do any good for me. I used to get those treatments at a chiropractor too, and even with those professional units, didn’t do a darn bit of good. Perhaps worth a try though.

  7. It is great you are happy with the kitchen cabinets in your new apt. I always marveled at the changes you added to your current space. Some landlords won’t allow many changes. Once you get settled, you will love the new apt!

  8. Due to caffeine issues with migraines, my doctor had me slowly reintroduce tea instead of coffee. That was ions ago and have been drinking tea ever since. Switch to herbal in evening after 3 pm. Love the tazo sweet cinnamon tea and usually have a cup before bed. Seems to help me sleep soundly. Have you tried epsom salt soaks for your back with essential oils. Works great for mine and if really bad will use vetrolin horse linament, works like a charm. Old equestrian. Lol. Love your blog and photos. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new home. Good luck. Wish I was closer but California is too far to help you move. Bless Terri, sounds like a go getter. Have a great day.

  9. I would save some of the previous canned cat food. My pets get finicky about their food and a while after they have been on new food, I will re- introduce some of their previous food and they will eat it. They look at it as a treat. Kind of like rotating kids toys when they get bored. Might save some money. I would go ahead a let Gracie have the adult dry if that is what she wants, she’ll be fine off the kitten food. So glad you got white cabinets. I love them. Just wish I could change my countertop from black granite to a lighter color. Won’t be long now until you are in your new place! Have a great day!

  10. Brenda wipe the floor with a piece of white bread to pick up small pieces of glass. Don’t know if that’s an old wive’s tale, maybe before vacuum cleaners. It is always one thing after another! We recently had a flood in the kitchen and I choose white cabinets, I always had oak which I do still like. We repainted the walls a light color and replaced a dark countertop with a white with gray splotches. It makes a world of difference, so bright! You will love decorating your new home. Have a good rest of your day.

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