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  1. I think Ivy is just settling down due to age. And yes, 14.2 lbs is quite heavy for a female cat! Monkey, my male cat, weighs the same as Ivy, lol. His mama, Clementine, is a petite girl, weighing only 7-1/2 lbs. The only vaccinations my cats had were as babies. Otherwise, my vet agreed that since they are strictly indoor cats, they do not need vaccinations. Especially Clementine, who has kidney disease. Because she already has a weakened immune system. I think it’d be highly unlikely that Ivy would get outside and even then, come into contact with a bat. I wonder why Ivy would have something wrong with her anal glands – did the vet say? Does she eat too much dry food? Because that will plug a cat up with urinary issues as well as rectal elimination, as cats don’t drink a lot of water. That’s why my kitties eat mainly wet food and only get a little dry food once in a blue moon.

  2. Brenda, my vet gave my indoor cat a three year vaccination so I don’t have to worry with it for a bit. He’s a big boy like Ivy is a big girl. He’s 15.7 lbs and I have a hard time getting him in his carrier and up and down a flight of stairs with my bad back. But I go slowly and take care of my big boy. He was abandoned in a feral colony but was someone’s cat because he’s shy but social. I can pick him up and hold him and he demands it now❤️ He has a ver big head because he wasn’t neutered until late in life. I call him Moose or Moosie and he’s a complete love.

  3. Glad Ivy cooperated…maybe she wondered where all you take Charlie?? Hope she will leave your pretties alone…it looks very inviting, warm and cozy…nice during these cold winter days!! We always kept up our animals rabies shots (needful esp in places where wild animals run through)…but after someone DOUBLED up on a vaccination on our beloved Ebony (made her fall ill for awhile…she who was never ill)…we quit doing much except just the rabies. Sounds like you have a very good vet however who would not make such a mistake.

    So nice you and younger daughter were able to go eat together in a yummy place (we have few here that I would call yummy…lucky you there!!)

  4. Glad Ivy is OK and Hey to Mr Charlie – I never thought of expressing a cat’s glands, though when I wash our dogs I do them – Glad You got time with one of Your daughters – I really like “free as a bird” days – I call Mondays my “do nothing Mondays” but most of the time I have things to do just not pressing things like cleaning or grocery shopping, so enjoy Your “do nothing Saturday!!” 🙂 b

  5. So happy to hear that Ivy is healthy. I don’t think she was traumatized into docile behaviour or she would have resisted getting in the crate in the beginning. The one remaining cat we have has always resisted so fiercely that whe will scratch at the grating until she bloodies her claws. It’s horrible taking her to the vet.

    Brenda your apartment with it’s beautiful little vignettes is so lovely. I need you to come over to my place and spiff it up for the holidaysI I have been down with a sinus infection for three days and unable to do anything. So not much done here in seasonal decor except the “Advent mittens” that my daughter hung for her boys. Each mitten designates a “day until Christmas” and has a treat in it for them. It’s very cute. I have some little wreaths I made before I got sick to hang on the kitchen cupboard doors which I would have done by now if I hadn’t been under the weather. Maybe tomorrow and my tree next week.

    We are having trouble with mice in the house and my daughter is talking about getting another cat as the elderly one we have isn’t mousing much anymore. I dread having more litter to clean! That is an odious job to me.

    Enough complaining! Glad you are enjoying your warm and cozy little house and your decorations. Tell Ivy she must taper off on the chow! We knew she was a big girl didn’t we?

  6. Good idea to use the round glass on the table. Looks pretty in that area with all your decor. Glad to hear Ivy is doing great. She is a happy kitty now that she has a great family with you and Charlie.
    Happy Friday.

  7. Oh that’s fantastic news about Ivy! I can relate to the bloodshed. I’ve never had a docile cat. You are lucky!

  8. So glad Ivy Lou is a healthy. My she is a big girl! My Sandy Paws (male) was 14.5lbs. The vet tech affectionately call him a ‘Chunk-a-monk’. LOL he was a gentle sweetheart. The vet showed me how to express the anal glands but neither the cat nor I liked it!

    1. I just love your cozy home! My rooms are big and separated (old house) and hard to make that way. I thought my kitty Zoey was big at 11 lbs.! Haha enjoy your weekend!

  9. I’m so glad Ivy is doing great!
    My daughter’s cat use to steal the sheep ornament off the tree! We would put it back on and she would find it and put it underneath her, like it was her baby! Lol.
    Keep warm with your fur babies!

  10. Ivy has grown up! I would get the vaccinations. You may find yourself in a position where there is a visiting cat, or she has to be boarded for some reason, or Heaven forbid, she charges past you some day as you open the patio door to go outside and she catches something that is infected with a virus that could hurt her. Or she could catch something inside the house – I don’t know if crickets carry diseases but mosquitoes do. There are fleas and ticks too. Whether they affect cats, I don’t know. But you just never know what could happen. Protection is the wise thing to do.

  11. Yay!
    Good news about Ivy.
    I’m with you on the cozy,lots of throws here,tree lights,candles and my 2 little ceramic trees make a very pleasant room, best part of the season for me!
    Enjoy your Saturday downtime.?

  12. Wow a real live bat ,,,,,, scary to visualize that happening. Wondering what happened to the kitty? It’s always best to get our pets to the vet, at least once a year.

    Glad to know Ivy is okay Brenda. Do you think she will miss extra food? To loose 2 pounds is a lot for a cat. Hope Ivy does okay with diet change.

    Your apartment looks so good! Nice to see it all spruced up for the holidays! Enjoy the peace + serenity! Also have a rest up tomorrow. You work so hard on your blog!

  13. Your boho tree and vignette looks so great with your new curtains. I am thrilled to hear Miss Ivy is OK. I was very worried. It’s funny our little Norah is about same age as Ivy and i don’t think she weighs over five lbs. She is just a teeny tiny thing. I miss that one beautiful Santa you had. I don’t know the artist name but it was probably 12” tall and looked to be carved but probably not. I always loved seeing him.

    1. I’ll have to look in the Christmas tub. I think I saw him in there and will put it out somewhere. I just kind of ran out of room.

  14. Guess you’re lucky I don’t live next door – I’d pop in for a chat, settle down, invite Ivy into my lap – and refuse to leave – ever! Your place invented the term “cozy comfort”

  15. Oh I’m so glad he said she’s healthy!! I’m sure it’s just that she’s an adult cat now and not a baby any more. Sweet little Ivy! Your decorations look wonderful, it must be soooo cozy at night with all those glowing lights! Have a wonderful weekend, Brenda!

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