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  1. There is a product online called PawFriction that you could try for Charlie to give him some traction with his hind feet. A helpful non drug supportive measure.

  2. I’m a day late in reading this, but a cat throwing up 8x in one day is a LOT. It sounds like she is having an allergic reaction to one of the vaccinations. If she still seems sick to you or is still throwing up, you need to call the vet ASAP.

    My mom’s little dog couldn’t walk on any vinyl or hardwood flooring as she got older either. That’s common with dogs. You might need to put down a lot of throw rugs and/or runners.

    That’s really sad about the older homeless women in your area. I don’t see any around here, but I live in the far suburbs. A friend of mine just had a huge “drive” where she asked for items for homeless women…pads, tampons, bras, health and beauty aid items, sweaters, blankets, etc – and then she donated all of these things to a shelter that helps homeless women.

  3. Brenda,

    My little dog (just a month shy of 16 years old) has the same issues with slipping on the floors in my house too. It had become quite a problem for him and I could see it really scared him when his feet slipped out from under him. I solved the problem by buying him a little pair of ‘dog socks’ for him at the pet shop. They come in various sizes and best part? They have those rubberized spots all over the bottom where the dog’s foot pad makes contact with the floor. He’s quite sure-footed while wearing them and didn’t seem to have any difficulty adjusting to them. Anyway, just thought this might be helpful for him.

  4. There was an article in our newspaper last week about the shelters for the homeless that are available in cold weather. One is in a church with another specifically for them all year.

    It was easy to see what they need. So I gathered up all the extra sheets, comforters, pillows, etc. They also provide a place for them to shower so towels, socks, soap, shampoo, etc that we had and will take them over to the church this morning. I’ve also added a box of books to the van. I’m also carrying the smaller bags of dog food in the van with me so when I see someone with a pet I can give them enough to feed them for a week or so. Having a pet when you have no one else seems so important to me.

    It is embarrassing to say that it didn’t take long to fill my van but at least now all of this will be used. It is so horrifying to think that this is happening to so many because they can’t afford rent.

    I’m so unspeakably GRATEFUL for my warm home that takes care of myself and my pets. I’ve made it my mission to donate as much as possible from now on to help even in a small way. Hopefully if enough people can do that it will make a big difference. Let’s all do something so that collectively we have a big voice!

  5. Hi Brenda,
    I’m hoping that Ivy is feeling better by tomorrow. My cats always react to shots, to the extent that I

    Regarding the homeless population, I know there are many shelters in the Boston area. Although they can be sheltered for the night they must be out of the house during the day and that is why so many can be seen on the street by day. Contrary to what people say, there are many who are doing their part to help people with no resources. In my town a shelter has been set up in a local church during the winter months. Many people from the community have volunteered to man (or woman) the site each night. On any day of the week one can find a church or organisation serving a hot meal during the day in my surrounding area. As the Bible says ,”The poor will always be with us”, but we don’t have to wait for our elected officials to take care of the problem. We can all do a little something to help.

    I really am uncomfortable when the discussions become political and broad generalizations are made.
    Not every elected representative is a “fat white dude”, and we do have increasingly more women from differing backgrounds.

  6. Chi Chi Mum says:

    So sorry the furbabies are sick. That is always so worrysome and heartbreaking. I have had cysts on eyelid(s) area before, and put very warm compresses several times a day..but noticed your Dr. said cold. You may want to make sure on that one as it says (Dr. that the warmth helps increase the blood flow and thus allows drainage. That is so painful..I hate getting those but this usually works for me and so…used to ..what I would everytime I would get up or whatever..I would try to remember to put the compress on..the more the merrier. I do wear eye makeup and think that and allegies causes mine sometimes..I tend to get them in the Spring and Summer. Best wishes for comfort and healing.

  7. So sorry to hear of everyone’s ills in your house, Brenda. I always think of the weeks leading up to Christmas as fun and relaxing, but in in reality a lot of stress and illnesses happen.

    Is that a salt lamp in front of your buddah statue? Are you sure that Ivy isn’t licking that salt lamp? Because there are a lot of articles out about cats getting sick from those salt lamps. Not trying to scare you, just trying to help out!

    1. Oh yes, I’ve also been reading about how toxic salt lamps are to pets who like to lick them!

  8. not a puddle lol a poodle! lol

  9. Thank you for encouraging everyone to vote. As women we owe it to the women who fought hard for the vote. We must use it to take care of ourselves, our children and our planet.

    I am sorry for your sick pup. I once had a small puddle that dislocated his hip, very painful) on slick floor. Your readers had some great ideas to help and I hope that they work for you.

    My cat is sick, throwing up and not eating or drinking. Took him down the moutain to the vet and full blood panel. They could find nothing wrong. He has perked up a bit but still no drinking or eating.

    Again, I appreciae hearing your thoughts on what is happening in our country. These are scary times indeed. If we can not talk to our friends, then who?

  10. Barbara Dobson says:

    My son’s senior border collie was having trouble getting up and down. She was having trouble getting traction on the wooden floors. I suggested placing tough mats in strategic places where where she liked to lie down in between rugs. It proved to be a great help to her and was a fairly inexpensive fix.

  11. Carol Alman says:

    You shouldn’t get political here it makes you loose readers!

  12. WE live here in the Baltimore area and its so alfull here,,, its a sanctuary city,,,its dirty and bad here…the homeless here are the citizens that paid there taxes and lived here all their life the new comers get the government housing and food stamps and medical….we want to move, but what can you afford? on a fixed income…where can you go? Yes your right..we ARE going to vote…and we know who too!!!…MAGA!

    1. Trump is the problem carol. Trump is for one thing-Trump.

  13. Annette Tracy says:

    So sorry to hear about the eye problem I hate having to apply compresses so many times a day. I do hope you find comfort in them And by now i hope Ivy is feeling better Since they can’t talk it’s so hard to know what they are dealing with I agree that the rubberized socks would be great for Charlie I used them on our old dog Ella on our hardwood floors and it helped her so much

  14. Sandy OToole says:

    I also used runners on my floors to help my older dogs get traction. Maybe a humidifier would help with the breathing, since he breathes better so quickly outside.

  15. I am so grateful for my senior subsidized apartment. I would be either homeless or at the mercy of family without it. I love it and where it is located, but as you know my social security still doesn’t cover my rent and other expenses. I will be selling online and writing my blog until I am no longer able just to survive. I saw another elderly homeless woman yesterday. It brings tears to my eyes. xo Laura

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry about the pets…one would wonder with Ivy if it was the shots since she seems always so healthy. Surely you give her things for the hair balls cats get…hopefully she will recover soon…tis a mess to clean up and cats cannot be trained to throw up in a certain place either!! Seems one of our dogs was careful that way, but that is also unusual.

    We live in scary times…esp. for those of us who are old. Becoming homeless is a very real possibility for so many of us now. Everything is so very expensive, esp. rent.

    Medical care is a huge travesty now. We are caught here in a place with no good care we can find. I really think going to a vet would be helpful, if they were allowed to treat people…seems at least they care more about their patients, for the most part anyway.

    I think the years of inept politicians are now catching up with us…no way, could someone in office only a few years be responsible for all that mess. It takes a great many to have come to this place. Term limits might help alright…worth a try I would think. I wish I thought votes counted…I am not sure…in some cases I know they do not. We saw that up close and personal, one time when both hubby and I went all the way to the state caucus in our state. EVERYTHING was done in the party BEHIND CLOSED DOORS…and NONE of us had any say whatsoever…which was why we had been voted to be our neighborhood and county representatives. Very sad. I have not voted in years now because somehow it always gets me summoned for jury duty and with my health issues that is not possible…which then means I have to pay for a doctor visit to get a letter from the doctor and then send it to the court system and HOPE (on pins and needles) that they will agree I should not do that. Years ago, when younger, I well could have and was never sent for. Not worth the risk now. I understand in the state we live in now, that after you turn 70, you do not need to do jury duty…so then I can resume voting, even though I doubt it counts.

    1. Oddly enough, Ivy has never coughed up a hair ball.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Hmmm…don’t all cats do that at times? Even with the meds for it? I am not a cat person…but helped CLEAN UP after my daughter’s cats for years…

    2. There are so many times that I have gone to doctors, and came home wishing that our veterinarian could take care of me. He is much more kind, caring and knowledgeable than some doctors I have gone to. Anytime I leave a doctor’s office wishing that I could go to our vet instead, I never go back to that doctor’s office again.

  17. My dog was having trouble going up steps so we put adhesive runners on each step. That seems to have solved the problem. It’s nice to solve a problem without a vet once in awhile?

  18. Poor Charlie. I wonder if he has an allergy to something in the apartment that makes him cough (being that he doesn’t cough when he is outside). So had to watch our pets age. I agree- we don’t see a lot of homeless people in our area but it is sad to witness it on any level.
    Hope you have a good Sunday-xo Diana

  19. We had our son and DIL’s dog, stay with us while they were on vacation a few years back. He was just a tiny dog, but full grown. Anyway, he would walk into the living room and other rooms where we had carpet, but would not (could not?) walk on the kitchen floor. He tried, and just slipped around, so we fed him in the bed room, which was no big deal. He loved to go for walks on his leash, so he liked the sidewalk, where he had traction, and could walk pretty fast. So sorry to hear Ivy is not feeling well, I know how we feel sometimes after having a “shot” so that may be what is up with her. Your Charlie Boy is one tough little guy. I know how proud you are of him.
    About term limits..I too am all for that, but I’d be very surprised it that would ever pass, with all the shanagens going on now…We’ll see, and I for sure vote “always” Hugs from 36degrees WI

  20. Good morning Brenda, I am sorry about the fur babies and your eye. My dachshund(S) or at least one of them has reactions to her shots. This past time she was fine for about 5 hours and then her nose swelled twice its size!

    As for charlie slipping on the floor, my moms pups have the same problem and she put long runner rugs all over the house, it looks a little goofy but as long as they are safe it is good.

    Have a great day!

  21. I know that dogs can get sick with something like the flu. I once had two sick dogs at the same time on my hands. I think they may have caught a virus from me! They exhibited all of the same symptoms as sick humans can – vomiting, running a fever, chills, achy bodies, lethargy. It’s as bad for them as it is for us when we get flu-like symptoms. Sadly, many people who are on the streets are mentally ill. If they do receive any kind of benefits from Social Security (disability payments or actual Social Security if the qualified through work or through a spouse to receive it) the money is not used to try to provide housing for their self – and they might be subject to monthly shake-downs by thugs. There’s nobody to protect them, people just don’t give a hoot about the homeless and the mentally ill. Some times the benefits will be paid to a state or county who allocates the funds through a social worker who is handling perhaps 100 accounts – no time to pay much attention to help the people assigned to them. Under our current laws nobody can be forced to MOVE INTO A RESIDENCE and off the street. If the person is severely mentally ill the burden of proof to try and get somebody involuntarily committed is very high – assuming there is even room in already crowded “mental health” facilities. In some states, there may only be one, bursting at the seams and it’s like a revolving door. If they are deemed (as often they are) to not be a “danger to themselves or others,” they’re let out. Nobody wants to pay for their care, your taxes would have to go up to provide proper care and Heaven forbid! Laws can be changed, of course, but voters need to start caring, start paying attention, and really really get hacked off at the way a few are profiting off of the many, and now those few are taking even the few crumbs they used to throw our way to keep us (the hoi polloi) quiet. Not even bread and circuses any longer. Get out and vote. Don’t vote for somebody selling you the status quo. Dump the old fat white dudes, vote more – a majority – of women into office. Women from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, and religions. Maybe they will bring some common sense back to our so-called “democratic republic.” We don’t just to have lie down and let them run all over us and smush us into the mud. We can fight back. Women in our country have shown time and time again that when we get active and unite instead of fighting each other (like those in power want to keep us busy doing), we can make things happen, big things.

    1. In my opinion the old white dudes need to retire. Get some young diverse blood in there.

      1. Totally agree.

    2. Oh my. I so totally agree Jan. We need change. Necessary and highly important. Living today is dangerous. Not healthy for anyone. People worry. Are extremely frightened. Something, everything must be changed to begin anew.

    3. Barbara Dobson says:

      I agree with you ?. Women always work harder than 99.5 per cent of men. We need more women in power and more diversity in our government. We need to vote and encourage all around us to as well. Our demo ‘‘tis at stake in this next election and it’s beyond important, it’s really imperative that we vote and restore America and her values.

  22. Good Sunday morning to you and your furry crew. I do not know if Charlie would benefit from “socks” but it might be worth a try. Our labrador retriever had bad hips and would slide on our laminate floors; the vet suggested getting socks for her to use while in the house (the socks had grips on the bottom of them and it was much easier for her to walk on the floors and well as get up from a laying down position). We also used rug runners on the “paths” through the house for her to walk on.

    Not surprised about FedEx; most companies today (other than governmental agencies and a few others) no longer fund pension plans for new employees. Companies today use the 401(k) retirement plan option and have some sort of matching plan for employer contributions to the employee’s plan.

    As far as members of Congress are concerned, I am pretty much disappointed in the whole bunch of them. Seems like they do not get much accomplished for the American people. Too busy acting like spoiled children. And yes, their benefit package sure does seem to be golden; no wonder we have so many career politicians. Might be nice if term limits were imposed on congressional members.

    It is a nice day here in northeast Florida — overcast but warm. I have been out in the garden enjoying the sounds of the birds and the antics of the squirrels.

    Enjoy your day with Charlie and Ivy.

  23. Hi Brenda,
    I bet Ivy’s reaction could be from the shot. It is never a dull moment when you have fur babies!
    Hope your cyst on your eye gets better and you do not have to do anything further with that. I think a lot of the homeless people sometimes have post office boxes at least a lot of them around here do or they have it mailed to a family member or friends home. Sad to think they have family members that they can have the checks sent too but they cannot live with them and off the streets. I have a friend that her brother would refuse to live with her but had his check sent to her house. He liked living on the streets and at least she could know he was ok with picking up his check.
    Have a good weekend.

  24. Could Charlie possibly be allergic to cat dander? I know I am. The fact that he feels better outside made me think of that. Maybe something inside sets off his coughing.

    1. I’ve thought of that. But this goes with collapsing trachea and congestive heart failure. So I don’t know how much an allergy would fit into that.

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