Ivy’s Unusual Behavior

I’m happy to be sitting here with Charlie with nothing I have to do today. I might make a short trip to Trader Joe’s. Haven’t been there in awhile.

I enjoy sitting here watching the sun as it moves across my house plants. I have always loved to photograph shadows and the way light plays on objects.

Ivy is laying on the table next to my chair where I put my laptop when I’m not using it.

Tomorrow morning I take her to the vet. It will be her first time away from here since I brought her home in October 2018. She’s eating better now, so that might have just been a temporary thing.

But why isn’t she getting into all the Christmas stuff I have out? This is so unlike Ivy.

She usually can’t stop herself when something new is brought into a room. She must bat it around and check it out. Her curiosity just gets the best of her.

But no. Ivy is leaving it all alone. This is so odd.

I love that she’s being so well behaved, but it worries me. I never want to discourage her curiosity. Because that’s part of her personality.

I’m still taking her to the vet, and oh how fun that’s going to be. Ivy does not like to be picked up. She will fight you and grab onto something and it’s nearly impossible to actually hold her.

I am already trying to figure out how on earth I will get her into that carrying crate. And then, once that’s accomplished, actually be able to carry this big cat and get her into the car and then into the vet clinic.

I don’t know what she weights, but she’s not a skinny girl.

I’ll be interested in seeing how Dr. Poteet manages her. I hope he doesn’t end up with bloodied hands. He’s probably 76 now. I guess he’ll never retire.

I added the little stool with the boxes on it and the wooden tree to my Christmas tree vignette.

How on earth Ivy is keeping herself from checking out all that you see above? There’s so much there and normally she’d be all over it.

After I take Ivy to her appointment in the morning, I bring her home and then have lunch with my daughter/daughters. (I never know whether there will be 1 or 2).

So I won’t plan to post here until the afternoon. Will let you know how everything goes.


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  1. I forgot to say how pretty the pic with the trees and the carved boxes looks – It has a warm, peachy glow to it. I like that pic a lot! And Your ponytail (palm) plant is very attractive. πŸ™‚ b

  2. My rescue cat also does not like to be picked up if she’s facing me, but if I hold her faced away from me, and support her two bottom feet with my hand, and then she can rest her two top feet on my arm and look around, she likes it much more and actually lets me hold her for awhile that way. But try to pick her up and cuddle her or hold her tight to my body, she hates that! Will scratch and attack me.. the other way works as she doesn’t feel caged in. We always have a nice soft fuzzy little rug in their carriers that has their smell on it (since they were kittens)… so when they go in now, it’s like home. I usually do what one gal said, put the carrier in the house for the day before and leave it open so they can go in and out. Works good. If she’s been in the carrier as a kitten, she probably won’t fight it so much now. Marilyn

  3. I agree with the others who said to wrap her in a towel and put her in rear first so she can’t see where she’s headed. Clementine is no problem going into the crate (head first, untoweled) but Monkey is awful. Don’t worry about the vet getting his hands scratched up. If he’s 76, he’s probably been a vet for over 40 years. He’s used to crazy cats, lol. Just be sure to warn him ahead of time about Ivy.

    I have a feeling Ivy is perfectly fine. She just might be growing out of her crazy kitten/young kitty phase. Monkey was crazy and wild when he was young but eventually grew out of it.

  4. Don’t underestimate a cat. Ivy has learned that this is something you do and spend time on.It is part of her world too. She is learning to be nice to you. My cat also hasn’t liked being held or carried. After 8 years I am still teaching her that being in my arms is not the start of something bad, but something good. She does like an arm around her while she sleeps.

  5. My sister always put her cats(57 of them) in a pillow case. Of course not all at once?. That’s what the vet told her to do. I never did that but it worked out for her.

  6. Clown or sheepdog on Ivy’s back….I had to go have a look see and I see a squirrel w/a mohawk holding a nut….the squirrel’s tail is on Ivy’s tail !!!

      1. PS You have to look at the pic upside down to see the clown/sheepdog. The squirrel mohawk was a hoot! I saw it instantly, but I saw a bushy tail and figured Ivy’s long tail was some unfortunate snake. lol!!! πŸ™‚ b

  7. Hmmmm, how about trying a trick on Ivy to lure her into the crate? Tie a long string around one of her favorite toys and put the toy into the crate toward the rear, pull the string through and then try to move the toy around so it’s moving and will catch her eye. Maybe she’ll go in and try to “catch” the toy and then you can spring to action and shut the crate door. I agree with making it comfy for her – padding on the bottom, something with your scent on it and toss a few treats in close to the “lure.” You never know, maybe she’ll fall for it. And she may be mad at you for a week but eventually she’ll forgive you for tricking her πŸ™‚

  8. Our cat just sniffed the tree and walked away. She has no interest in it. You can out cat treats in the crate and hope she wants them. Maybe some catnip, which will calm her down.

  9. My 2 don’t mess with the Christmas decor,not unusual for Bella, she’s always been chill but Mr.Mischief,a.k.a. Buddy doesn’t pay any attention,my money is on she’s just growing up but keeping good thoughts.

  10. Nicely done with the boho decorating. Having an artist’s eye will always keep you working on a project until you’re happy with it. I hope Ivy is OK. Perhaps she is just growing out of her young cat stage and settling into adult cat behavior. I hope you enjoy a pleasant lunch with your daughter(s)!

  11. wrap the cat in a towel and then put her in the crate bottom first. That way she will have a soft towel to lay on and you won’t get scratched.

    1. Should we say something with Your smell on it, Brenda? Our dogs are calmer when a tshirt or something with my smell is in the crate with them. For safety’s sake I put our two smaller dogs in a big crate together and make sure something has mommy’s smell on it. πŸ™‚ b

      1. PS I really like the fancy carved boxes! Very pretty. I also like the funny “clown” or “sheepdog” face on Ivy’s back. I just noticed it. We also have an older vet. His services are very basic – shots, pills, flea & tick pills, and HW pills. But he doesn’t charge you for entering his animal clinic and his services/products are what a working man can afford. I always tell him I appreciate him being there and I don’t know what I’d do if he retired – I think he always laughs. I’m “feeling out” some vets now but, unfortunately, I haven’t liked the “feeling” I’ve gotten thus far. I’m gonna take two little ones to get toenails trimmed at one I’ve seen online – I guess we will see. Glad and Hope Ivy is just a little overwhelmed with all Christmas stuff and nothing serious. πŸ™‚ b

  12. Catnip works wonders!
    rub it on her, sprinkle in the carrier
    BEFORE attempting to cage her.
    for Bubba who is 18 lbs..
    I upend the carrier, pick him up, then put him in Rear first!
    Hope this works for you!

  13. Maybe she’s just growing up? She’s not a kitten any more. Just like puppies do all sorts of chewing and stuff until they grow up. Hope all is well with sweet Ivy!! Good luck getting her in the crate, that won’t be easy!

    1. Yes! Backing them in is much easier! And I put a rug in there, which is easy to pull out, cat and all?

  14. When I had a vet appt for a cat, I’d leave the crate open for days with something fun in there for the cat to explore. Sometimes food, or a toy. I’d bring it out and put something she likes or is familiar in there until it’s time to go.

    Maybe she’s overwhelmed with all the new stuff!

    1. Ann E, That is what I do, too. Then I put some Greenies in there to get her in the carrier. Pretty much works every time. My cat doesn’t like to be picked up either.

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