Masters Of The Mundane

I’m reading “Insomnia” by Stephen King. He is one of the masters of the mundane I’m writing about today.

Stephen King has shown he can write all kinds of books about all kinds of topics, and shine brilliantly no matter the topic.

He is one of those masterful artists that I refer to as “Masters Of The Mundane.”

By this, I mean he can write about something as mundane as eating a piece of toast and make it sound so interesting. His writing is so exceptional that I am all in with this person eating this piece of toast. Sitting on the edge of my seat reading each word.

This is an extraordinary skill set. And he has it in abundance. He writes books that are often over 1000 pages. But instead of getting tired of reading it, I am savoring every word.

You wonder, how does he do this? How does he take something like a piece of toast and make it seem so interesting? I wish I knew.

In April 1974, Stephen King published his first novel, Carrie. It is the story of a young girl with telekinetic powers and a crazy religious mother.

King has published 63 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has written over 200 short stories. His most popular book is “The Shining.”

Another Master Of The Mundane:

This master of the mundane is actor Bryan Cranston. I loved his acting in “Breaking Bad.” And I’m finding this new series “Your Honor” exceptional as well.

In the series, Michael Desiato’s beloved wife was killed, leaving Cranston and his 17-year-old son Adam behind. They are plodding along without incident until the first anniversary of her murder.

Then things seem to go crazy haywire pretty fast.

Desiato is a fine upstanding judge and member of his community in New Orleans. He is an advocate for the poor. As a judge, he is no sloth. He digs down into his cases for substance before the defendant is standing before him.

But just as he’s picking up the pieces of his recent loss, tragedy occurs concerning his teenage son.

This story is about how far a parent will go to save their child. Will they cross the line into breaking the law to save them?

What lengths would you go to if it was your child and his/her entire future was at stake?

I will admit that the subject matter is disturbing. But sometimes I think it’s good to face such ominous thoughts with open eyes.

Because we never know what could happen in our own lives that could put us in a similar predicament.

After all, it can take only a few seconds for our whole lives to be derailed. And then set us on a path we never envisioned.

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  1. I haven’t read a Stephen King novel in years – The Shining, of course. I loved it, You’ve renewed my interest. I have to admit that when I saw the title of this posts, I assumed it would be about the kitties, who are masters of the mundane, in their own way, haha!

  2. I can’t even read his work anymore -scares the heck out of me and makes me feel anxious for a long time after. His work is a little too real. 😂

  3. I haven’t read King in years. Might have to try again.

    I didn’t know Cranston was in a series. It looks like you have to pay for it now. I can’t keep up with all these channels and streaming devices!!!

  4. I watched’ Your Honor’ some time ago, I was really enjoyed it until the end. The end was disappointing.

  5. To each her own… His penchant for taking 2 pages to describe something is the exact reason I can’t read him, drives me nuts!
    Totally forgot about “Your Honor” I watched a couple of episodes and then forgot all about, will have to catch up!

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