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  1. We get a lot of doves here, too. We always had cardinals visiting, but since the awful bird disease here in the northeast, I haven’t seen them, which makes me sad. The cat pictures put a big smile on my face!

  2. Love the photos of the birds, Brenda. I so miss being able to feed them and see them up close like I used to–before the predator cats came to stay. I would feel worse if one of them died because of me drawing them close with food though. So I restrain.

    I got a kick out of your little story about Ivy nonchalantly walking by Gracie and hissing at her–as if just reminding her who is the real boss around there!

    Something else I appreciate about your blog is that it isn’t about politics and politicians. I get so many emails about the insane goings-on in the country and the world, yours is a relief from all that and a nurture of the spirit for me. Thanks, Brenda.

  3. Now that the sun is lower in the sky, I thought the shadows in your photos were very pretty.
    Those cats! : )

  4. Hi,
    Hope you are well Brenda. Just wanted to let you know a while back you referred your readers to a show called Vera. I remembered that and my husband and I watched the first one. We are hooked and love it. Thank you for the referral.

  5. Your stories of Gracie and Ivy give me chuckles. You take such lovely pictures and the ones of the birds are so touching. Thank you for brightening my day. I so look forward to what Gracie and Ivy are up to. They remind me of my two cats.

  6. I’ll say again, I love the stories you tell us of Ivy and Gracie. I had to laugh out loud when Ivy breathed fire. Kah!!!! I can just see her doing that.
    The saying “Cardinals appear when angels are near” is something a good friend of mine used to say. What brings that to mind, is a Cardinal landed on her head stone, after her funeral, while the priest was blessing the grave site. I would like to think, indeed, angels were near.

  7. Lovely pictures of the cats, I always enjoy seeing them and hearing about their antics.
    You captured the birds very well, I love hearing the cardinals sing, such a loud strong chirping from a small bird.

  8. I love mourning doves and find their cooing soothing. My favorite bird of all time is the Cardinal for their coloring. We have a nesting pair each spring and it is fun to watch them pick the tree, build the nest and raise their young. I could watch birds all day long! Your photos are beautiful.

  9. I am so glad you have Ivy and Gracie. They really do make your days so much brighter with their fun and curiosity. I have two mourning doves that actually hang outside my bedroom window on the third floor. They sit in the ledge of the gutters below the window and just coo and sit quietly for hours. They are soft and sweet. Have a good “hump” day.

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