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  1. I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with the ups and downs of the virus symptoms. It must have been quite a rollercoaster experience for you. It’s good to hear that you’re feeling a bit better after testing positive, but it’s unfortunate that some of the symptoms have returned.

  2. Love the pic of Ivy! That’s her basket now! Hope you are feeling better each day.

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  5. Now that you mention it, we also had gut issues for a long time after getting covid the 2nd time (1st time it was mostly respiratory)…we had the omicron one 2nd time. So the only thing that seemed to help us, was I took us off our diabetic meds, which we had been on for years. BUT one of the impossible side effects of them was gut issues. I conferred with our best doc of many years and he assured us that we could manage fine with just insulin shots as needed (his wife is a severe diabetic). And we have. Actually? The omicron helped us in a way as there are long time issues with those diabetic pills, such as weak bones and we do not need THAT!! Because of omicron, we both lost weight and have kept it off…I am working on loosing more but it is a hard long journey. But I do wish we had not had it, as there are other health issues that we still have and likely at this point, always will. But life is a huge challenge as we age…hang in there!! Glad you are eating chicken soup…much medicinal help from it. A doc years ago told me to use it…and I laughed and said oh yes, it is what our mom always gave us when ill. She told me that indeed there are medicinal properties to it, even just the broth. Of course, as we know now, the best broth is bone broth!!

  6. I just watched the Netflix show Fool Me Once. I watched it in 2 sittings – it was so good I had to finish it. I hope you get to feeling better soon. God bless.

  7. Ivy is ADORABLE!! That is such a cute picture of her! Doesn’t it just melt your heart when your fur babies do something so cute? Can you sign a longer term lease to keep your rent the same for a longer period of time? Like maybe a 5 year lease? Just a thought. Can’t hurt to ask, I will be do sad if you have to move. I feel like you’ve found the perfect place to live, with the best neighbors possible. It’d be a shame to have to move now. Not to mention how hard it would be physically on you.

  8. Oh no, I hope you don’t have long Covid. It is starting to sound like you do. I’ve had Covid twice (the last time, just last week, as you know) and neither time did I have any GI symptoms. This last time was mild, but miserable – like a bad cold. No fever. Very congested. But thankfully, I was perfectly fine in a week.

    Take good care. {{hugs}}

  9. What an adorable picture of Ivy in the basket!

    Brenda, I thought I would share my recent experience with Covid and Paxlovid. Both my husband and I had our first case of Covid immediately following Christmas (both up to date on all boosters) and both took Paxlovid. We both experienced a metallic and sour taste and it is known to be experienced with Paxlovid. My husband and I had some different Covid symptoms. My husband, like you, also had a long running bout of diarrhea which I did not experience. Neither of us had a fever, but both had a lack of energy and for my husband, some weakness that persisted for about a month. I wanted to share the information as we could have possibly experienced the same variant. It’s continually striking how each person seems to have their own custom symptoms. We both felt taking Paxlovid was advantageous due to his underlying health issues and for the potential benefit of avoiding long Covid. In all, our cases were much milder than a nephew (about half our age) who had missed getting the fall booster. He had a 103 degree temperature and felt quite ill for two weeks. It seems it can be very different for everyone.

  10. When my parents had cats, all the cats loved to hang out in a paper bag on the floor. This was when paper bags were the only option at grocery stores. Obviously a long time ago. I hope you start feeling consistently better. There are also a lot of side effects from taking paxlovid.

  11. Ivy is adorable..Love the pic….glad to hear you are on the mend, I’ve heard it takes time…….but you have Ivy and your cozy home..take care….

  12. Brenda, I hope you will feel better soon. You are doing all the right things ! Taking it easy and letting your body heal.

  13. The picture of Ivy made my day. Glad you are on the mend. Wow, a year already that you have been in your cozy home with wonderful neighbors. Take care.

    1. I’ve now been here for over 2 years. But they go up $100 every time I sign a new lease. I will probably have to start looking for another place next year.

      1. That one hundred dollars is less than most increases. Usually it is the entire cost of living raise that the government gives.
        I do not understand if you have Covid again or you were reviewing that.

        1. That was about the amount of my cost of living raise. My symptoms of Covid are just prolonged. Hope it isn’t long Covid.

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