My Easter Inspired Centerpiece

This is my Easter inspired centerpiece for this year . I only have a few Easter decorations, and what you see below is most of it. All of my Easter decorations fit into one small plastic bin.

In My Easter Inspired Centerpiece, this is my little lamb and two rabbits with a bird's nest.

Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day are celebratory days that I don’t have much decor to decorate with. But I more than make up for it with fall and Christmas decor!

Here I have a sweet little lamb next to a birds nest, and two white bunnies outside the wooden bowl. Oh, and an Easter dish towel. Behind it I have a milk glass bud vase with a few strands of greenery hanging down.

Actually the photo you see below was the first photo I took. But Ivy refused to move, so I had to wait until she decided to move onto something else to get into.

Ivy on the table checking out my Easter centerpiece.

Oh, that cat! She often reminds me of my Abi, who always wanted to be doing whatever I was doing. And who never passed up a chance to be in a photo.

I sure do miss those pupsters! I’d love to have another small dog, but it just isn’t in the cards for me without the fenced patio.

So here is Ivy in the photo who doesn’t look the least bit interested, but obviously is or she wouldn’t be up there on my table.

You can’t bring anything new out without Ivy right there to check out.

In My Easter Inspired Centerpiece, there are two rabbits and a lamb next to a bird's nest. Along with an Easter dish cloth and a bud vase behind it all.

Outdoor Plants Showing Signs Of Life:

Yesterday I saw that my Japanese maple is budding out at the top. In the herb pot, some of the more resilient plants are coming up through the dirt.

Across from the herb pot is the old washtub on the row of concrete blocks. The ivy and coral bells are coming up in that container. The coral bells are showing more growth than any of the other plants so far.

There’s a little bit going on in the dirt where I planted the hostas. I can’t recall what else I planted there. But I think the hostas may take a few more weeks before they begin to emerge.

The weather says it’s supposed to be down in the low twenties later this week, so I hope it doesn’t kill them.

Two white rabbits keeping a close eye on my wooden bowl with a lamb and bird's nest in it.

I hope the rabbits and the lamb behave themselves and get along or Ivy will snatch them up and hide them some place.



  1. Gorgeous centerpiece. My problem with seasonal decorating is where to store the stuff out of season? I’m also in a 2 bedroom but there’s so little space!

  2. LOL about Ivy and being in the pictures and she must be interested…even if she pretends she is not! lol. I love having Scruffy and know how hard it must be for you without having a pup around. Maybe someday, Brenda…..
    Have a wonderful rest of the week. Diana

  3. I bet Ivy is tempted by that cute lamb!! She is quite a character isn’t she? I so understand your longing for some pups…we simply cannot now either…we still miss our last dog so much, gone now 13.5 years as unreal as that seems… In my opinion, a wonderful dog will love you more than any humans!!

  4. Your centerpiece is very sweet. Ideal for your area. I have a lot of spring/Easter decorations as I saved the children’s old baskets which are now probably considered vintage looking, I like to find ducks, bunnies and greenery pieces to put on my mantle to signify spring has arrived.

  5. Love the Easter decorations especially the bowl. I don’t think I have seen that before. I think that is a perfect amount of decorations. Mixing in a few pieces for the season is all that is needed. As one of your readers said everything is so expensive. You are lucky to have a character like Miss Ivy to keep you entertained! Enjoy your day.

      1. Oh that Miss Ivy is something else! So “helpful” and mischievous at the same time. Whatever would you do without her, lol?! She’s so entertaining! Your Easter centerpieces is darling. I have a fair amount of Easter decorations, but not too many for Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. It’s so exciting to hear some of your plants are growing! Maybe you can get someone to go out there and cover them up for you, so hopefully they won’t die when it gets that cold.

  6. I love to read about Ivy’s antics! She’s so cute!
    Your Easter vignette is lovely. Crazy about the little lamb. And, that big bowl is fabulous. I’m in the process of doing some Easter decorating, as well.
    I’m really excited that you’re starting to see some sprouts in the containers on your patio. Spring is my favorite season for that reason. It’s a season of rebirth with plants and flowers. I felt in love with Spring when we lived in Massachusetts years ago and I noticed the little green buds on the trees. I will never forget how that made me feel – happy and joyful. It was an “Aha” moment.

  7. So cute! The lamb is adorable. Your post yesterday sounds like a really good idea for you. Hope you get good results.

  8. I really like your arrangement. Very sweet. And Ivy seems to approve too.
    I wish I had a dog again, but just not in the cards right now.

  9. Very pretty…I shopped in my house and did my mantle for Spring…love looking at it…love those bunnies and the towel..saw some alot like them at a beautiful shop last week but told myself no…lolThe price of decorations have really gone up…they had the most beautiful fake plants and flowers…enjoy the day 💕

  10. Ivy loves to photo bomb, she gave me a good laugh! I hope your plants arrive safe and sound. Perhaps you could explore whether any of your local nurseries or florist shops have house plants they would be willing to deliver to your door – if you intend to buy more in the future. Your Easter/spring display is beautiful. We’ve had more sun (also more snow) over the past few weeks and the sun and sometimes “warm” temperatures have put me in the mood to change things up in the house. I put some spring oriented art up on the wall above the fireplace mantel in the living room (two pictures clipped from calendars and two printed from the internet, along with one large print that I bought around 1969 and had framed that came out of basement storage), along with a tall pale green glass votive candle holder I bought online from Kirklands years ago, and a pair of white ceramic birds on the mantel itself, flanked by two small accent lamps (a steal from Target at $12 each). Switched the throw pillow covers using your idea of green you’d mentioned some weeks ago and voila, the room transformed from cozy winter to spring.

  11. Ha Ha about little Miss Ivy wanting to be photo bombing! She just wanted to be part of the centerpiece lol! Love the centerpiece. I miss having a dog everyday but it is not in the cards for me anymore with living in a condo. Have a good week.

    1. Yeah, I know how you feel. Every time I see a sweet dog around here, I want one too. I love dogs. But then I love cats too. Ivy is a real treat.

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