1. If I was a whole lot younger I would love doing what Kendra does. I love your bread box. It’s perfect for your kitchen. I’m getting a pop of color with the wildflowers I am growing and bring ineach week for a bouquet in my apartment. xo Laura

  2. Just found your blog through NANA DIANA TAKES A BREAK….and guess what! I have the same bread box!!! I had never owned a bread box but got tired of having no good place to store our loaf of bread. I also looked on Amazon, saw this one & loved it, so added it to my Christmas List (that I always have to make for my hubby:) I love red & white (again, like you.) My kitchen is painted yellow but I have red and blue accents. Sounds terrible but really makes a wonderful color combo. Love my little red breadbox and glad you like yours too:) If you ever need another blog to read, drop by mine and “chat” awhile. cherischatter.blogspot.com

  3. Your daughter has an awesome job I love to build onto our house we built a dinning room a few years ago recently built a sunroom but I don’t think I could flip a house that’s a lot of work I admire her kudos on your bread box I love the red I may have to get me one love your daily posts I look forward to them stay safe 😊

  4. Love the bread box. I keep my bread in one of the drawers in the kitchen cabinet! Your daughter is beautiful and I can see she takes after you!

  5. I love your new breadbox and that is the perfect place for it! My kitchen style is petty minimal so I keep most things in the pantry or a cabinet so I have my breadbox that I bought to redo in the giveaway pile by the back door. No use putting a big breadbox in the pantry, is there? Your kitchen just gets cuter all the time, Brenda! I used to work with my husband on home remodeling and I know a lot, but could never take it all on by myself the way your pretty daughter does. She takes after her mama for sure.

  6. She’s her mother’s daughter that’s for sure. You must be so proud. Can’t wait to see the new house. I love the bread box. I have the big white one and really enjoy it.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing the reveal of the house flip! Brenda, I think your daughter has your eyes, maybe?

  8. Oh how I love the red & white bread box. I have a white one on my fridge but since I’m copying your red & white kitchen, I wish I saw the red one first!! Love your decorating Brenda.

  9. I have that same bread box but in a cream color! It’s on the top of my refrigerator. We don’t eat a lot of bread, so the only bread that goes in there is if we’re going to use bread that day or the next. Otherwise, I keep bread in the freezer. Right now I have pistachios and peanuts in the bread box. 😉

  10. Well, let’s be frank Brenda – when one has some medical conditions that prohibit prolonged work without causing a great deal of pain and suffering for days afterward, and when one is a little more aged (like fine wine that gets better over time) and more likely to run out of steam sooner rather than later, wisdom acquired over the years tells us nope – you aren’t going to be doing that! But I’ve no doubt you could create an incredible design for any home/space that would suit the owner(s) and/or a large market of people shopping for a home. It’s part long-time experience and knowledge acquired over years of putting this and that together, trying this and that, learning what works and what doesn’t work so well, sure, but also part instinct/talent, and there’s no “learning” that over time, no matter how much effort one might put in to learning the craft and art of design and decor (both inside and outside). Some people just have it, and you have it. And it seems you’ve passed that particular gene on to your house flipper daughter.

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