Personal Responsibility Is Paramount

I went out to water early and the air was already thick with humidity.

I look at my beautiful well-tended and beloved patio through the French doors and rarely go sit outside. It’s just too uncomfortable mid-summer.

Every day I go out and tend to the flowers, pick vegetables, and check overall plant health. Then I rush back in because it is stifling.

And Charlie is not supposed to be in the heat for any length of time. I have to make sure that if I’m going to be outside working he must go back indoors.

Covid News:

Things are heating up with the coronavirus as well. If people had only used common sense months ago, as many other countries did, we probably wouldn’t be in this spot.

Our governor now has the virus.

I don’t know why people can’t be more disciplined. I know it has become a political back and forth, but I don’t understand why the health of our citizens could possibly be viewed through that lens.

National chains are finally realizing that they have to intercede.

Walmart, Sam’s Club, Krogers, Costco, Verizon, Walgreens, Starbucks and a litany of other companies are now requiring that customers must wear masks to shop in their store.

If their workers must wear them then it certainly is not fair for customers not to follow the same rules.

I think it’s all about personal responsibility. And discipline. And not feeling entitled. We need to do what is best for our fellow Americans.

Doing the right and safe thing should not be a political debate. That is just crazy.

I Read This Earlier:

“Shopping in a store is a privilege, not a right,” the National Retail Federation said, embracing Walmart’s decision. “If a customer refuses to adhere to store policies, they are putting employees and other customers at undue risk.”

Now that some of the stores have made this commitment, I’m sure others will follow.

If they don’t, it’s unlikely that we will ever lick this virulent pandemic. It will spiral farther and farther out of control and kill many more people.

Please Wear A Mask:

I keep a mask in my purse and one hanging on the rear view mirror of my car.

I also wear my sun glasses in the grocery store because a doctor insisted having no eye protection is how he caught Covid. Because he always covered the rest of his face.

I go nowhere inside except for the grocery store.

And going back to school? I don’t see how that’s going to happen. First, many parents are not going to take that chance with the lives of their children. And ultimately the lives of the rest of their family.

So why should teachers risk their lives and that of their loved ones for the pitiful pay they receive teaching America’s children?

I’m so glad people are finally beginning to wake up and that companies are sounding the alarm. It’s about time.

Signing Off:

I need to take Charlie to his weekly acupuncture appointment.

All of a sudden it has become dark outside. It was sunny earlier and then I looked up and it looks more like dusk. Maybe a storm is headed our way.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. I can understand why people do not like wearing masks. When I get back to my car after wearing one during grocery shopping for example, I can’t wait to take it off. Yes I too find it hard to breathe & my glasses fog up etc. etc. Some of us may find it more challenging than others. Totally disagree that it is unproven as to their helpfulness in deterring the virus. Think that the science has pretty much shown that they help & not just a little bit. Is it 100% ? Of course it isn’t & even if we get a vaccine it will not be 100% effective. One thing I heard recently that really made me think was this “ if you hate wearing a mask, you will really hate being put on a ventilator.” The point many of us are trying to make as to regards freedom & personal choice is this : no one really would care if not wearing a mask only impacts yourself but that is not the case, your choice can affect the health even possibly the life of others. If a person truly has a phobia & may even have a panic attack if they have to put on a mask then go to plan B & have groceries & other essentials delivered.

  2. I wear a mask everywhere in public and so does everyone else here (IL) as it’s the law. I have been in grocery stores, two retail stores, three restaurants, two doctor’s offices, the hair salon, and now I go to PT every week. I wash my hands all the time, use hand sanitizer when I’m out, and disinfect surfaces in my house every single day. I wear eye glasses anyway, so my eyes are always protected.

    Don’t those people who think that masks “infringe upon their rights” realize that mask wearing is to mainly protect others, not themselves? How can they be so selfish?

    If you or anyone else reading this is interested, look at Dr. Mark Hyman’s latest video on Instagram about mask wearing and vaccines. He’s an integrative physician who is totally on-point. I’ve been following him for a long time. He explains things in a down-to-earth manner and has no political agenda. Pure, simple science back by logic and reasoning.

    My friend from Canada told me they are terrified of how high the American COVID rate is. That’s why they have closed their border.

  3. I anxiously check the American news to keep abreast of the goings on of the pandemic down there. As you may know, I’m Canadian living in Toronto but am married to an American from Tucson. We have nephews along with their wives living in Texas, Arizona, California, and Kansas. The pandemic seems to be totally out of control. Masks, masks, masks! Hand sanitizer, washing your hands, and staying at least 6 feet away from anyone (who does not live within your home) is the way to slow it down so that there are enough hospital beds for any who will require them. Wearing a mask doesn’t encroach on an American’s civil liberties. It keeps the wearer safe and his/her fellow Americans around them. I hope you and all your readers stay healthy!

  4. Brenda, What is the name of the doctor who thinks that he contracted Covid through his eyes? I would like to read his story, it sounds interesting. Thank you.

  5. When I ride the motorcycle with my husband I wear an open face helmet, no one has ever asked me why. I get ill and panic attacks to varies degrees depending on circumstances in crowds, tight spaces elevators,rooms without windows etc. and around cats. I can’t stand my face covered I can’t breath. I had been managing it fairly well but now with masks I live in fear of suffocation and the mask police. I even started having nightmares and wake up gasping for air, I just don’t go any where one is required hardly anywhere now. It makes me sad people class me as a bad person without even knowing my story especially when there is no proof masks prevent the virus and if you believe they do yes, your eyes need covered too. Thank you for listening and encourage people to be a little kinder we all have our weaknesses.

  6. So true. I really have a hard time with those that squawk about their rights being taken away. Are your rights being taken away when you fasten your seatbelts. Is it infringing on your freedom to wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle. Actually that last one is a poor example because there are many stupid people who do refuse to wear a helmet when they ride their motorcycles. The one very important difference there is that if you refuse to wear a seatbelt or wear your helmet that may hurt you but it won’t hurt me. These self centered entitled people who refuse to wear a mask are putting others at risk. It’s not just all about them !!!

    1. I agree totally! Every time I see idiots riding motorcycles with bare heads I wonder if they have their wills in place and have paid for their funeral.

  7. Sorry, Brenda. As much as I love your blog and realize it is your blog , I cannot continue to read with that floating “next Post” box. It obscures most of the post till I scroll way up beyond it and I only have a marginal area to read. An inch and a half at most on my laptop. Sorry. I hate to be a downer but this bothers me like some minor things bother everyone else . I really don’t need to be reminded about the next post through the whole page. I only need to see it at the end of this blog post.

    1. I tried to figure out how to take that off and finally just contacted the guy I pay to help me with such things. It simply came with the theme and I didn’t put it there. I’ll fix this for you. It doesn’t obscure anything for me so I had not given it much thought.

      1. Thank you , Brenda. Glad you got that fixed. I have a small laptop and it would float about 2/3 way into my screen. I had to scroll that I could only read about an inch of type at a time and then had to scroll up past it read more. It was very frustrating. I don’t know what people who make blogs think. I read one blog where the header is 2/3 of the page and doesn’t move up with the page. I couldn’t see any of their pictures in their entirety. Only an inch at a time. I have given up on that one also. I don’t know how blogs show up on phones and such because I don’t read them on my phone. Thanks again

        1. You’re very welcome. I want readers to let me know when there is a problem. I couldn’t figure out how to remove it, so I had the company that does that sort of thing for me do it. I pay them a monthly fee to take care of such things.

  8. Brenda,
    yesterday I did my Costco shopping. Wearing a mask has been mandatory for over a month. I stood in line and the clerks at the front door pulled a cart and sanitized it for me. I wear disposable food prep gloves because I think touching a shopping cart with bare hands is crazy! Before this Corona madness I always wiped down the cart; especially the seat area no matter where I shopped! There is a lot of bacteria left behind from dirty bottoms of kids! After I shopped, I walked over to the snack bar area for a beverage. It had been totally remodeled! You walk to a kiosk and pre-pay with a credit or debit card. After placing your order the register spits out your receipt; and you wait in line. No more cash! Their menu has shrunk to nothing! I used to enjoy a caesar salad with rotisserie chicken and a hot coffee. No more soups, salads or lovely sandwiches… I also noted the lack of people buying the food that was still offered. I have worked in various retail establishments and this is a bad sign. Also, different Costco’s in other states have different food choices, some quite good! This change depressed me!
    There is talk of promising vaccine developments; perhaps as soon as fall! I pray that we get this handled and managed safely. I wear a mask, but I HATE IT!
    I was sorry to read about your power outage and loss of groceries. My husband and I took a small camping trip; a few days after the 4th of July. Some friends offered us the use of their property; they have a well and a porta potty! We leave the computer at home. It was fun; we hiked and beach combed, grilled and enjoyed the sounds of nothing but nature! Their property is south of Forks, Washington in the Hoh rain forest. The area is breathtakingly green! So many ferns and shades of green!
    Stay well

    1. I don’t think anyone enjoys wearing a mask. Doctors and nurses have been wearing them forever. I think the world will never quite go back to what it was.

      1. Brenda I am a Retired RN. I can remember wearing masks for 8 to 10 hours straight. And yes I do wear a mask when I go out. And I also see people touching the their mask while wearing. That causes cross contamination.

        My husband doesnt like to wear a mask. I tell him if you think that’s uncomfortable. Well it’s more comfortable than a Ventilator.

  9. I do wear masks in public, because it makes others feel better and safer. I am NOT convinced from a science viewpoint that it is much help…maybe some. Also, in our region of the country, they are now saying some had this clear back in the fall…which I also think is possible…after all, we ARE in some of the wind pattern from China…so it stands to reason it MIGHT come even on the wind…as well as travelers from elsewhere. Being a virus however, it may not be “fixable”. The BEST thing you can do is shore up your immune system. TAKE VITAMINS AND MINERALS, FOLKS…do NOT depend on govt to fix all your problems!! Get things on hand to take and eat and use if you begin to feel ill…such as sourkraut, marinated artichokes, chicken soup, onions, garlic, cabbage, eucalyptus oil…everything that is known to help lessen the severity of illness…go look online for information if you need to do so. I don’t know of anyone else who suggests marinated artichokes…but when Hubby and I several years ago were desperately ill…I ate them, he refused…I got over it much quicker than he did…he had to go get antibiotics, I did not. And drink LOTS and LOTS of clean water…NOT TAP WATER. Our preferred water is Crystal Springs…spring water. At the least if you cannot afford to buy water, BOIL the tap water and let sit on the counter for awhile…then put in fridge or use. DO WHAT YOU CAN FOR YOURSELF. I take a lot of supplements myself: Vit C, E, Zinc,Vit D etc. I will send you the protocol my daughter’s doctor gave her to help herself if she falls ill…and if you like, you can share that…or parts of it, Brenda.

    1. I too take supplements for my health. And I keep water next to my chair so I’ll drink it. Just on the hope that a mask does help, I am happy to wear one to make others feel safer and for me to feel safer.

      1. Elizabeth – I don’t expect the government to fix all the problems but I applaud and will commend those who are proactive to safeguard our citizens when this was raging through the country and should have been handled with more continuity such as Steps to ensure more PPE available to health care workers as stock piles depleted everywhere, more funding directed to get quicker testing TAT, etc. Until you are directly involved with a person who has experienced this pain which is far more worse on their bodies than the flu, some people will continue to ignore what’s the sensible thing to protect themselves as best they are able to. I wish vitamins were considered essential to hand out at food banks to struggling families but eating nutritious foods is a step.

    1. Yes! Why would someone throw a fit about wearing a mask and say it goes against their freedom? People can really be so completely selfish. I follow the science. If the science says for me to wear a mask, then I will wear a mask.

  10. I’m in NY and it was and is very scary…and still there are lots of people who refuse to wear masks or stay home. Mind boggling.

  11. I wear a face shield because it covers the entire face. Sam’s Club has them for $5 for a box of 4.

    A big problem is people who will not quarantine when someone in their household tests positive for the virus. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew caught the virus. They never thought that it would happen to them. My nephew got it at work because of a co-worker who failed to notify them that a family member tested positive for the virus. He didn’t self-isolate at home. He just continued coming in to work and infected my nephew and heaven knows who else. This is a fast food restaurant so lots of people were exposed. When my nephew tested positive he isolated himself in his bedroom, but it was too late. His parents got it too. His father has diabetes, high blood pressure, emphysema and a defibrillator implanted in his chest. My sister isn’t in the best of health either. If either parent dies the surviving spouse will lose everything because they cannot financially survive without the other. My sister said that this is 3 times worse than the flu. She is having terrible body aches, pains and a headache that won’t go away. She warned me to do everything to protect myself.

    I have wondered if a person could be sued if it is proven that they knew they were exposed to the virus and chose not to quarantine and they ended up being responsible for someone’s death?

    1. All it takes is one. One who does not follow the rules and isolate and who then infects another, who infects another. And it eventually becomes a pandemic.

  12. Thank you for posting this. I’m a teacher and I’m terrified of going back. I’m high risk so I’m trying to figure out my options. I just can’t go back. It’s not safe for anyone.

  13. Gee Brenda, such words of truth! Thanks!!! Something we don’t get on a federal level to handle this crisis. I hear from so many people to be grateful to live in a state that didn’t reopen quick and our Governor was not afraid to be cautious even when he is use to being criticized for his actions. (Masks, no large gatherings, no gyms open) It’s helped us keep the spread Down and even with all the testing, we have quick turn around times. This is not a hoax and numbers speak volumes – it’s denial that drives the unstable to behave poorly. . Smart people follow rules of health and science.

    1. Our governor unfortunately wasn’t that forward thinking. He preferred to stick his head in the sand. And now he has the virus himself.

  14. Agree, and fail to understand what is so horrible about wearing a mask? I heard about major retailers finally initiating this requirement last evening and decided to not share w/ hubs, let him find out today when back at his job in grocery. He will have bad tales to tell this evening, I am certain. In fact, he says too many shoppers have been exceedingly rude and nasty, getting worse by the day. The contingency that refuses to wear masks will add just one more layer of abuse to store employees. I get it that people are out-of-sorts now for months, nothing is as it once was. Fact is, if we want things to remotely return to normal, we have to get things in check-just wear the mask already!

    Maybe now hubs and I can relax just a bit. Since this started, we sleep in separate rooms, he still strips in garage and straight into shower after his shift. His potential of daily exposure is too great a risk for me, at my age and health. And fact we are only family his 96 year-old father has left after hub’s mother passed away early Jan. The senior campus where he lives only recently opened visitation for independent residents (yes, he is still in his own apartment at 96!) to three days per week but sadly, the CEO reported on Mon. they now have their first positive case w/ an employee. It has been very hard on his dad to go into lock-down on the heels of losing his wife and now potentially may go under lock-down again. Even still, we have limited our time w/ him and follow safety standards to a “T”. Finding an acceptable medium of keeping him socialized and not exposing him has been a huge balancing act.

    Everyone has their own stories, all of us feeling frustrated and even disconnected, but do we really want to face potential of things getting so more worse before getting better? I don’t think so, wear the mask already.

    Brenda, your flowers still look marvelous, you have the greenest thumb of anyone I know especially with this heat etc. I am envious of your success but do indeed appreciate your sharing!

    1. Remember the phrase: It’s the economy, stupid? I want to say Wear the mask, stupid. Because it is a simple thing to do. And it does so much to help. Especially those around the vulnerable like your FIL. It’s just crazy to throw a fit over something that helps everyone.

  15. Your doctor was righ, Brenda. There have been reported cases of the COVID-19 virus entering one’s body through eye contact – usually from somebody rubbing their face or their eyes with a virus contaminated hand. I read about the Governor of your state testing positive for COVID-19. He says he just has a mild case and is isolating himself and working from home. Governor Stitt is 47. Lots of “younger” people who thought they were strong and healthy with no underlying health conditions have gotten severely sick during this surge of cases and have ended up hospitalized, in some cases in ICU beds. It is true that most of them will survive, but there is a disturbing number of survivors from COVID-19 infections who appear to have long-term lingering symptoms and have developed new health problems as a result of damage to their organs from COVID-19. It is a monster disease. I do not understand why it seems many people cannot make the connection between solving the public health crisis first and that the economy will resolve itself then afterward. The economy isn’t going to recover when you have millions of Americans getting sick and states shutting down again to try and get control of the contagion! It seems 2020 is shaping up to be a year from Hell. It’s going to be a furnace again here this weekend. I saw a report a few nights ago on the news that reported the first half of 2020 was the second hottest year on record. Some experts are predicting that 2020 could become the hottest year yet and break the old record by the end of the year. Some parts of Siberia – SIBERIA! – are recording temperatures of 100 degrees F. It is a world-wide thing, not just that “heat dome” concentrated over the United States right now and making so many of us so miserable. I just hope everybody stays safe – from this horrible virus and from this awful heat and humidity.

    1. We lucked out today here. It’s a bit cooler and I worked in the garden while Charlie was at acupuncture. Everyone who works there wears masks. They require you to stay in your car with your pet and someone comes out to get Charlie. Then they email me with how he’s doing today and I go back and sit in my car and they bring him back and put him in his pet bed. No contact paying the bill. I always have my mask on, though I notice most of the people bringing their pets do not. And I think that’s so unfair to those who work there.

  16. I’d like to add… if you have a flat tire you don’t go to a nail salon. So, why would anyone take health advice from anyone not associated with the medical field (doctors, nurses, etc). I just don’t understand how people think.

      1. I am definitely a well informed person, not just a sheep that follows blindly. I did the research, unless you had a full face respirator, wearing a cloth or paper mask doesn’t protect you or anyone else. The only thing wearing the cloth mask does is interfere with your normal breathing, allows bacteria and viruses to breed on it, thus impacting your health and spreading the germs from your dirty cloth or paper mask to everyone around you. No country in Europe is wearing masks and we are now finding the states and CDC were dramatically over reporting the numbers so badly, the president had to remove that responsibility from the CDC and assign it to HHS, Health and Human Services. The CDC also reported on their website that if you had the common cold, it is a virus in the Corona family, you would test positive. So the wild numbers of positive tests with the death toll going down, and amazingly no one was dying from heart attacks, cancer, strokes or even car accidents, it was all coded as COVID, I believe it was way over hyped. We need to stop the fear mongering and get back to living our lives. The news media needs to stop telling the mask nazis that their rude behavior is ok, it is definitely not ok.

  17. Brenda, you hit the nail on the head…I am 75 as is my husband…I hardly ever leave the house. I used curbside pickup for everything (Walmart is free for this service). Public health is the only way to stop an epidemic. Love your blog.

    1. I have asthma and Covid 19 wreaks havoc on the lungs. I saw yesterday where a 22 year old woman had Covid and was waiting for a double lung transplant, but died before she got it. So sad.

  18. AMEN! how on earth can it be politicized?
    it’s a matter of pure science and HEALTH!
    bravo to you for your sensible and much needed perspective!
    I wish everyone could read this! and even NOW that he’s been exposed and has exposed who knows how many people? our governor is refusing to address the mask. !!! it’s incredible.

    1. Remember when he posted that bit on social media months ago showing him and his six kids eating in a restaurant and saying how it was packed and everyone should come out? I emailed his office and gave him a real talking to. He and the mayor allowed the Trump rally against so many Tulsan’s wishes. I slammed the Tulsa mayor for that. You should never have an indoor gathering like that during a pandemic. Just stupid. The governor refused to wear a mask. Well now he’s endangered his wife and six young children.

    2. I know this is going to be controversial. However, those of us in high risk need to take precautions, stay home, wear masks and face shields, avoid large groups. That is our responsibility. And I fortunately am able to do that. My husband is still working, we are financially ok and we have no children living with us.

      That is NOT the reality for many in our country, single patents and two working parents in the home, needing to work. Child abuse has not been reported because teachers are mandatory reporters and children haven’t been in school or Summer school. And the discussion of the mental health of children in this country who don’t have the luxury of choosing a private school who aren’t in school and NEED structure and services is a another discussion.

      And we can’t discount the protests taking place. Aren’t they large gatherings???

      People HAVE to work! We all don’t have the luxury of choosing not to and staying home. Please open your minds on this! Yes, we NEED to be safe but unfortunately many don’t have a choice! And in March we were told by Dr. Fauci that masks don’t help. No reason to wear them.

      I believe Sweden had the best approach to the virus. They told the vulnerable in their country to stay home. They did not quarantine the healthy of them or the young.

      Please, please think of the situation of those that aren’t as fortunate as you.

      1. Of course I realize how fortunate I am and know that there are those, many many people, who aren’t so lucky and must go out each day to work to pay the bills and feed their family. I’m just saying that if you can, stay home. If you can’t, you should try to protect yourself in any way possible. I have never heard Dr. Fauci say that masks don’t help. Masks are simply there to catch the droplets that the virus send out through talking, coughing and sneezing that transmits the virus. And then it is airborne and inside with central heat and air, it just gets redistributed to other rooms.

  19. Every word is true. Why do some people feel removed and entitled? I don’t get it.

    1. I especially see the entitled part. They don’t want to do something that might be a little different to what they’re accustomed to. When I see videos of people throwing a fit in a store because they’re asked to wear a mask, I just wonder what lesson that tells their children about doing what’s best for your fellow citizens? Such selfishness is sickening.

  20. Amen Brenda, it is up to each and every one of us to do our part. Any other response is just plain rude and selfish.

    1. Absolutely. I never know if someone is staring at me due to my mask or my shaved head. Doesn’t make a bit of difference to me either way.

  21. Brenda, I could not agree more. I do not understand the idea that “someone”, or “the government” , should wave their magic wand and covid-19 should be gone. Please wear your masks. It would be so nice if “life went back to some sort of normalcy. “

    1. When people started going out again to beaches and bars and restaurants after cities lifted ordinances they apparently thought just that. A magic wand had been waved and it was gone and life would go back to normal. They were very, very wrong and now look where we are. It does not fix the problem when some of us are trying to follow rules and be disciplined and others are not.

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