Ten Reasons Why You May Not Be Able To Sleep

There are multiple reasons why you may be lying awake sleepless at night. Below are some reasons that may be hindering your sleep.

1. You sleep in over the weekend. This disrupts your sleep cycle. Try to get up at the same time every day.

2. If you take afternoon naps, you might not be sleepy at bedtime.



3. You exercised too late in the day. No exercise within three hours of bedtime.

4. You drank alcohol. Alcohol interferes with REM sleep, making you feel more tired the next morning. Same if you smoke. Nicotine is a stimulant.

 5. You drank caffeine too close to bedtime. The average half-life of caffeine is 5 hours.

 6. Your bedroom is cluttered. If your surroundings are cluttered, chances are your mind will be cluttered and anxious as well. Get a box and clear out the clutter.
 7. Watching TV or being on a digital device stimulates brain activity. Better to read a book.
 8. Your digital alarm clock or street lights outside is ambient light, and this could be keeping you awake. It sends a signal to your brain that upsets your internal clock. Turn the clock away from you. And find a way to block the street lights from sight.

9. Eating protein too close to bedtime. Protein requires a lot of energy to digest. That keeps your digestive system going while you’re trying to sleep.

10. Stressing out. Write down your thoughts in a journal. Or devote a certain amount of time to thinking about these things. Then turn them off. 


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