Last night I watched a bit of TV in the living room, where I spend time with Ivy. And then I walked back to my bedroom, where I read a book and spend time with Gracie.

(She liked to sleep on this table next to my bed)

But as soon as I entered the room, I saw Gracie’s body on the floor about 3 feet from my bed. There was blood around her mouth.

I don’t know what happened. There’s nothing she could have gotten into that I can think of. Ivy was with me. Her body was still warm.

I fell apart and called my oldest daughter Kendra, then walked over to my next-door neighbor Steve’s apartment, because I was just kind of out of my mind and couldn’t think straight.

Gracie was a 10-month-old kitten. She was not sick that I know of.

There was a scare a few weeks ago when the housekeepers used some kind of chemical. Or maybe Gracie was sick with something then and I just didn’t know it.

She was fine earlier. Gracie liked to sleep under the bed until I’d go in there to read around 8-9 p.m. Then I’d give her lots of attention. She liked for me to put my hand close to her, and she’d curl around it and go to sleep.

Kendra and Marley, my 13-year-old granddaughter, got here as quickly as they could. We made arrangements for a cremation company that answered after hours to come to pick her up.

We hadn’t quite known what to do, so before Kendra got here Steve had taken her body in a bag and put her into his freezer until we could make arrangements. It’s so nice to have a friend like him right next door.

He told me she had just died because of the warmth of her body.

He’s just lost his wife and finding his own way. He’s begun volunteering at elementary schools where he reads books to school children.

My sweet little Gracie Mae has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, where hopefully Charlie and Abi were waiting for her.

My heart is broken. Gracie spent much of every night in my bed sleeping. I will miss her so very, very much. I’m in shock. I’m in tears.

I don’t know what happened. Kendra thinks maybe it was something neurological. We just don’t know.

I’m so grateful that Kendra came and took care of things because I was in shock.

My sweet little Gracie Mae, who was not even a year old yet, is already gone. I just can’t believe it.

I loved you so much, Gracie Mae. I’ll never forget you. You’ll live forever in mama’s heart. We’ll bring your ashes home to be with Charlie’s and Abi’s, where you belong.


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  1. Brenda, I’m so very sorry to hear this. My heart breaks for you.
    May sweet Gracie Mae rest in peace, and may memories of her provide some comfort to you.

    1. I am just now seeing this and I am heartbroken to read it. She was such a pretty kitty and so loving. I am so, so sorry.

  2. I missed the earlier post but wanted to say I am so sorry it doesn’t seem right I feel it had something to do with the chemicals it may have caused a time bomb glad family and a friend were close by

    1. Brenda, I just saw this and I am so so sorry. I can’t begin to imagine what a shock it must have been for you. You gave Gracie a beautiful, cozy home. She was blessed to have you in her short life. May you be comforted knowing so many are grieving with you and that you are loved.

  3. I read your blog often but have never commented. I always looked forward to stories about your cats. I have already lost 3 so I don’t have anymore. Reading about Grace’s passing has broken my heart for you. When they die so young it’s so shocking. You feel cheated since cats live for so long. My angel Scarlet passed away at 7yrs old. I had her for only 4 years. I thought I would have a lifetime with her. I am so very sorry for you and your loss. Rest peacefully beautiful Grace 💔

  4. I am so very, very sorry. I just burst into tears when I saw this just now. I can’t imagine how horrifying it was to find her like that and to have it happen so unexpectedly. She was such dear little girl and very loved. My heart is breaking for you. I’m so sorry.

  5. So very sorry Brenda. Your short time together has its own special meaning. Yet again, if I could only get my hands on that magic wand, I would wave your sorrow and pain away. Sadly I cannot. Instead I, along with so many others who come here where you graciously share your life, home and sweet fur babies, will be lifting you up in our thoughts and prayers. Take good care of you.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss Brenda. Losing a pet is never easy but it is even harder when they are young and it is so unexpected. My heart goes out to you. <3

  7. I am so sorry you have suffered this shock and loss of sweet Gracie Mae. You are in my prayers. I think Ivy sensed something was wrong for the past few weeks since Gracie started showing signs that she was ill. Be well and know we all are about you and Ivy.

  8. I can’t believe I’m even reading this. My heart hurts so bad for you. Gracie was such a beautiful little cat. I am so sorry. You’re such a great cat mom and she was so well taken care of by you.

  9. There really are few words of comfort to offer other than I feel blessed that you shared Gracie Mae with us.
    My heart breaks for your loss💔

  10. Brenda, my heart breaks over this news. I’m so sorry. Gracie Mae was with you for a short time but she knew you loved her and she loved you back. She will indeed be missed.

  11. So sorry to hear and may peace be with you each day. Gracie had the best love and home for your heart is gigantic for your sweet pets. Be strong so Gracie can rest well and know she will watch over you and Ivy. Sending prayers for all.

  12. I am so sorry. Gracie was a beautiful and gentle kitten. Hugs to you and Ivy. So thankful your daughter was there for you.

  13. Oh Brenda. There are just no words to convey my heart to you … I will so miss Gracie Mae’s antics and her sweet little face in the photos you share. She may have only been with you a short time, but what a spark of sunshine and fun she was! Your little angel will always be with you and you are a wonderful furMom! (((Hugs))) to you, my dear friend.

  14. So shocked. Your precious kitty was such a comfort to you. So sorry for your loss. She was such a cutie, so special. Grateful you had family and a kind neighbor for support. She had the best mama..

    1. My email is still [email protected]. I keep telling myself I need to change it, but it’s such a mammoth task when everything already has that one for forms, bills, etc. I thought I had a contact form on here, but don’t see one. I will get on that today.

  15. I loved how she always sought you out to snuggle with her. she loved you so.
    she was a special baby. so little. I quit commenting but have followed you always.
    my heart to yours. I’m at a loss for words. there just are none. sending you Love. XO

  16. So sorry for your loss, how lucky was she to have you as her Mum, just a her shame time was so short. Hugs

  17. I am heartbroken to tears for you! It is so clear how loving and caring you are, and I am just devastated you are going through this unexpected shock! I am just so so saddened and so deeply sorry for your loss.

  18. So very sorry to hear Gracie Mae has passed. She was a blessed kitty to have you and Ivy as her family. She will be missed by us all. Prayers for your peace.

  19. Brenda so sorry to read the shocking news about Gracie. She was lucky to have your loving care for her short life.

  20. Brenda,
    I have no words, shocked when I read the title.
    You’ve had a time of it with your fur babies in this last little while!
    Take comfort in knowing how much love and care you gave her in her short life.

  21. Dear Brenda, I am so, so sorry for your sudden, unexpected loss!!! She was only a seedling, not yet in full bloom. My very deepest sympathies. God bless the helpers, especially your neighbor putting her on ice!

  22. I’m so very sorry for your loss Brenda. You are the best furry baby Mama a cat or dog could have.

  23. Brenda, I was shocked & saddened to read this news. Such a blessed little kitty. I feel for you & how you must be feeling. I’m so sorry. Bless your heart.

  24. Please be consoled that she had a very loving home with you. You and Gracie Mae were a gift to each other.

  25. I am so sorry for your loss, Gracie was a sweet little cat. I lost my Charlie a few months ago, very sudden didn’t know he was ill. It is heartbreaking and a shock. Take care of yourself, it takes time to grieve.

  26. Brenda, oh I don’t even know what to say, how absolutely tragic, she was just a baby! I know the pain of losing a beloved pet, as do you – all too well. My heart is breaking for you, I am so terribly and deeply sorry for your loss. xo


  28. No matter how it happens, it is horrible to lose a beloved pet. All of your fans and friend here share your pain of losing Gracie. You gave her a wonderful home and love filled life during her short time here, that’s what counts, Brenda. Gracie has gone to the Happy Hunting Ground where she now is with all of our wonderful animals.

  29. Oh my God, Brenda, I’m so very, very sorry! I was shocked when I saw the title of your post today. I am crying with you. RIP Sweet Gracie! We all love you and will miss you very much!

  30. Oh Brenda,
    I am so sorry. I couldn’t believe the heading of your blog today, and had tears running down my face as I read the terrible news. Gracie was a lucky little girl to have had a home with you. I’m so glad your neighbor Steve, Kendra and Marley were able to be there for you. There are no words. Take care of you.

  31. I’m in shock, can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel. Such a sweet sweet kitty. Sending sympathy and prayers your way to help heal your broken heart.

  32. Brenda I am so sorry about this. She was such a sweetie. Thinking about you and hoping for peace to be with you.

  33. dear Brenda – words fail me. I am in tears and so sad and sorry for your great loss. Little Gracie Mae was a sweet and loving presence – I think we were all in love with her, too. Most loving thoughts sent to you.

  34. Oh, no. My heart is breaking for you. Little Gracie was blessed to find a home with you, dear friend.

  35. OMG, Brenda, I simply can’t believe this!! I was looking at my blog roll and saw your title and I thought, “what the he**?!” and came on to read this. I am so, so sorry. I am in tears. This is just unbelievable.

    Please know that my heart (broken, too) is with yours.

    1. I think of what you’re going through often, Melanie. Just lost one and face losing another. I can’t even imagine how you’re dealing with it all.

  36. I have tears streaming down my face as I read this in disbelief!
    My heart breaks for you Brenda!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers that your heart will heal instead of hurting so much!
    Aren’t daughters fantastic that they are there when u need them!

  37. What a shock! I cannot imagine how you felt when you found her. Beautiful little Gracie Mae—how you loved her and we, your readers, loved her, too. RIP Little sweet Gracie.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Brenda. We, who have pets, know how it feels to loose a pet.

  38. Oh, Brenda, I’m SO sorry about Gracie Mae. What a terrible shock. Whatever could have caused her to die so suddenly? I’m so glad Kendra could help you with arrangements. And thank goodness for your neighbor, Steve. Good neighbors are priceless.

    Well, dear, not much more to be said; just know that we are all thinking about you as you deal with the shock of losing little Gracie Mae.

  39. Brenda, I am so deeply sorry. You took excellent care of Gracie Mae and she was a beautiful kitten. May she Rest In Peace. I am keeping you in my prayers.

  40. I am absolutely stunned! Brenda, I’m sending lots of healing hugs and thoughts!!!
    Take good care of yourself in the coming days and talk to Miss Ivy as much as you need.

  41. I’m so very sorry. I’m so grateful she was in your loving home this past year and that it was apparently without much suffering. Now I wonder if that was Ivy’s hissing at her. Cats will drive away other kitties that are sick because it makes the whole herd vulnerable, just their instinct. I had a kitty that was mean to a new kitty who moved in, and that kitty had an unknown heart condition and didn’t last long.

    1. I noticed the same behavior in my doggies as they got older and got sick or were near death, one by one. I am not familiar with cats at all, being very allergic to them. It appears though that our beloved animals have special senses that indicate they know something is not “right” when other fur babies in the household are not 100% healthy.

  42. I am so sad and shocked to read this. I am terribly sorry for your loss. What an awful shock for you. You are in my prayers.

  43. I am so very sorry, we are never ready to say goodbye to our pets. I know how much you are hurting. Hugs, Roberta

  44. I have no words to comfort you, Brenda. I am so very sorry. May you find piece in the next few days. Just a thought. With the thought that maybe it was something neurological , you know how animals will reject another animal what is “different”. Maybe that is why Ivy never cozied up to Gracie. Maybe it was something she could sense. Hugs. Pam

  45. I am so sorry to hear this terrible news, my heart goes out to you. Gracie was much loved and will be terribly missed. ((HUGS)) Brenda and Ivy.

  46. From heart stopped when I read your title today. I am so sorry for you. So traumatizing as well. Gracie was such a little love bug. Losing our little fur babies is so heart wrenching. Grief for their loss is a real thing. Our local Hospice who provides counselling for the loss of loved ones actually also provides counselling for loss of pet loved ones. Our fur babies love us so much and ask nothing of us except lots of pets and kisses. They give us so much.

  47. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie. She was such a sweetheart. Sending prayers and hugs your way.

  48. I am very sorry to learn of Gracie’s death. We had a little kitten who we discovered had a chronic illness, our hearts were broken at her loss so empathize with you in your grief.

  49. Oh Brenda, I am so sorry. I am crying so hard right now. I felt so close to both Ivy and Gracie and looked every day for a mention of them. I would imagine that it was the cleaning stuff because I know that damages organs and things. My heart goes out to you. I know I am so heartbroken right now, and I know how much you loved her. I am saying prayers for you. What a shock.

  50. Dearest Brenda…there are no words to tell you how sorry we all are…please feel our hugs and love from everyone💕

  51. Such a shock and so very sorry. Like everyone else I am wishing you peace as you grapple with the loss. It takes a while, as you well know.

  52. Oh no! I’m so very sorry about Gracie! What a terrible tragedy, I’m so heartbroken for you. Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you.

  53. Wow that was a shock to read!
    I have a puppy the same age, and I can’t imagine walking in and finding him dead.
    I’m so sorry Brenda! It’s so hard to lose a fur baby but specially when they are so young and it’s so unexpected.

  54. Very very shocking to read the first line of your post Brenda.
    My mind wasn’t even thinking straight.
    Like how could this be?
    A little kitten like Gracie,,,,, gone.
    My deepest sorrow & prayers are with you today Brenda.
    To your family also.
    I am surprised you didn’t ask your vet to do an autopsy.
    To find out the cause of Gracie’s death.
    So loved Gracie Mae. 💔

      1. Oh Brenda so heartbreaking, I know. Two years ago I walked in my living room and found my sweet Tilly on the floor. She was less than two years old and had shown no signs of feeling ill. We did an autopsy and it was her heart. Your vet is most likely correct. Gracie and Tilly’s time may have been short but full of love. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope Gracie meets up with my Tilly they would be great friends.

      2. Oh no, Brenda. My heart hurts for you… Gracie Mae was such a sweet kitten, and she was very lucky to have you for her mama. I’m sure the vet is right that it was something congenital. Please have Kendra give you a hug for me. 💙🐾💙

  55. Brenda, I am so sorry to hear this. I couldn’t believe the caption. She was so young. I am glad Kendra was able to come help so quickly. You gave her such a happy home💓

  56. Brenda ~ I am so very, very sorry for your loss! Please consider yourself hugged tightly. You know we are all there with you ~

  57. Oh no, I’m so sorry Brenda, this is heartbreaking. My heart sank when I saw the title of this post. You are such a loving and good pet momma and I’m just at a loss.

  58. Oh, dear Brenda, I can hardly believe this. I have tears just writing to tell you how very very sorry I am. Little Gracie may have had a short life, but it was filled with TONS of Love!!!! You are in my prayers. Hugs from WI

  59. Brenda, I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. It’s hard to know why she went over the Bridge but I’m sure she was met by your other loves. You’ll see her again, she’ll meet you …..

  60. Oh, Brenda, what a terrible shock for you. I’m heart broken over the loss of your beautiful, sweet little Gracie. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  61. I am SO SORRY to hear that! They are a part of our heart.. I am so happy you have moved to where you are and have such a great neighbor.
    Please care for yourself. I think your other cat will be
    grieving too… I always let our animals go in with the animal that has died so they can understand it..
    Giving you a big virtual hug

  62. Brenda, I am heartbroken for you. Gracie had a wonderful life with you! In her 10 months with you she was doted on, loved and lavished with attention. This sweet angel is with Abi and Charlie and all three live in your heart and your memories of the joy and comfort they gave you. Hugs to you.

  63. OH NO!!!! I am so sorry, Brenda!!!! My heart is with you. This is awful. Love and hugs, Brenda. I’m so sad for you!!!

  64. So very sorry for your loss.
    Keeping you in my thoughts, and sending you love and wishes of comfort and grace.

  65. Poor Gracie ! I am very sad for you Brenda. Little white cat with her little mounth.
    May be she was posoined last time by the products of housekeeper?
    I am near You dear Brenda.

  66. I’m so very sorry. My heart hurts for you. Somethings we’ll just never understand but you gave her all the love she needed. It was time for her to move on. You couldn’t have given her a better life. Hugs.

  67. Brenda so sorry for your loss. It’s always heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet but I imagine even more so when it is so unexpected. May you find comfort in knowing that Gracie was loved and loved you in return for all of her too short life.

  68. Oh my, I was so shocked when I saw the post title. My heart aches for you; I am so sorry. She was so cute, with expression that just drew you in, and her coloring so pretty. I am happy that you have lovely photos of her and I hope they will eventually bring you some comfort.

  69. Dear Brenda ,

    My first comment on your peaceful and inspired blog. My thoughts are with you and Gracie . This little kitten have a short life but with a cat lover .
    Best regards from France

  70. I’m so very very sorry. She came to you at a time you really needed her. I’m sure she knows how much she was loved.

  71. I am so sorry. I can’t even believe what I just read. I will pray for all of you. What a sweet angel she was. You were a wonderful mom to her. Sending love.

      1. Very teary-eyed to read about your loss of beautiful Gracie. How sad..and surely so shocking for you. Prayers for comfort. She had a great life with yall.

  72. Just heartbreaking to read this morning. Can’t fathom your pain at finding her like that. We are feeling the loss with you. You do such a nice job writing about your fur babies, we become attached. She was so beautiful. 💞

  73. My heart breaks for you. She was way to young. I just lost my dog Maggie Mae on Wednesday and my heart is so broke. I always wished that pets could have longer lives . 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  74. I am so very sorry. She was such a sweet little cat. It broke my heart when I read this. Praying for you…………………….

  75. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved your baby Gracie Mae. Since she was an indoor kittie I can’t imagine what could have happened. So sorry.

    1. I don’t have the proper words, but please know you are in my heart today as I wish you, Gracie and Ivy peace.

      1. So sorry to hear of this shocking event, Brenda.
        I had wondered the reason other pets had not become ill from the cleaning products. Gracie will be missed.

        1. I read your Blog often but have never commented. But when I saw this today I knew I just had to let you know how very, very sorry and sad I feel about your loss of this precious sweetie. Always remember her life was filled with so much love because of you. You’re in my prayers.

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