You’ve all seen my coffee bar. It was one of the first areas I decorated in my new apartment.

There have been a few changes lately. First I had to get another coffee maker. Of course, I chose red.

Second, I took the white mugs off the big mug rack and arranged them on a tray.

I just knew at some point I was going to come around that corner, catch the edge of that spiked coffee rack, and pull it all down.

For years I’ve had a coffee bar in my home. I like things to be organized, and having coffee accessories all in one place is very handy.

This coffee maker is the Keurig K-mini Plus. I looked online for about a week before I chose it. And read lots and lots of reviews.

I really love it so far. It’s so easy to fill the water tray in the back. And once I fill it to the top, that gives me the exact amount of coffee I want in my mug.

You just raise the lever, stick your pod in, and press the On button.

Surface for accessories for my coffee bar

I was concerned with where everything was located on the actual coffee maker, as the coffee bar is in a corner of the kitchen. Thus two sides are against the wall.

This coffee maker ticked off all the boxes for me. The place where you add water is very handy and easy to get to. Also, the Keurig is thin so it doesn’t take up much space.

Components Of A Functional Coffee Bar:

First you’ll need to choose a piece of furniture for your coffee bar.

I choose the size of the piece of furniture I’ll use for my coffee bar by judging how much space I will need. Three things must always be placed there in my opinion. A coffee maker, mugs, and a table lamp. Also, you’ll need a dedicated place for coffee.

My coffee pods are in the drawer and they fit perfectly in there.

You don’t want things to be cluttered or too close together, which would completely defeat the purpose. So give everything on the top of your coffee bar breathing room.

Everything I need except water is located on the green cupboard.

A coffee bar will make your life easier if you choose a good  placement for both convenience and the proximity to a water source.

To complete the decorating of this area, I like to add artwork to the walls to complement the coffee bar and its colors, etc. I like to use metal signs as well.

When you surround the coffee bar with artwork, it helps to define the area as your designated coffee bar space.

Where To Put Your Coffee Bar:

You want your coffee bar to be in a convenient spot. Mine is in my kitchen.

You could also put it on a pretty rolling cart and take it wherever you need it.

It’s important to me to have a water source near at hand. With this location, all I need to do is turn around and there’s the sink.

Take your time choosing the area where you want to place your coffee bar. Measure first, then find a piece of furniture for your coffee bar. In my case, I already had this cupboard.

Make sure there is plenty of room to walk around it. Since mine is in a corner of the kitchen by the door, no one is going to run into it.

Have fun choosing your spot, deciding on what you’ll need, and have fun putting your coffee bar together. Then all you need to do is brew your first cup of coffee there.

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  1. Brenda, I am not a coffee drinker, but my daughter who lives with me is. We don’t really have a coffee bar, just her coffee machine and bags of coffee on the back of one counter top. There isn’t room for a separate space in our kitchen. I wish we did have a place to make a more decorative space like yours. I do really like the artwork over your coffee bar. It gives it a more intentionally decorated look. It is definitely “you”.

    1. Maybe you could take a platter or tray and create a small coffee bar right on your kitchen counter. I’ve seen that done quite a bit on Pinterest.

  2. I love that you’re adding more red into your new home decor! It was what drew me to your blog years ago. So glad you’re adding it back in. Such a happy color. It’s lovely!

    We have the hardest tap water ever and only use distilled water in our Keurig and all electric appliances (other than washing machine lol) that use water.

    Your coffee bar is wonderful!

  3. I love where you’ve placed your coffee bar – very handy but definitely not obtrusive. And, it has always looked fabulous with your surrounding decor. Thanks for the tips.

  4. I can almost smell the coffee.
    I keep a gallon of water under my coffee maker in the cabinet. That is easier to refill after it is used than walking to the sink.

    1. I keep a gallon of water to water my house plants. Then when the power goes out and I haven’t had my morning cup of coffee, I remember that gallon setting in the pantry and use it.

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