I’m combining a side table vignette with a chair I ordered that arrived yesterday.

You’ll recall that I gave the beige chair, which I called “Ivy’s chair”, to my next door neighbor recently. I didn’t want it to get all torn up. So I opted to gift it to someone without pets.

Ivy doesn’t scratch furniture. But she does like to run and jump on them and thus her claws were pulling threads. Remember Ivy was nearly 15 pounds when I took her to the vet.

I would probably have preferred a chair made out of recycled plastic bags like my couch. The upholstery of the couch seems pretty impervious to pets. But I didn’t want to special order a chair like I did the couch because that wasn’t cheap.

I looked online for a few weeks and finally found the one I wanted from Birch Lane. Here it is.

It came yesterday in this huge box and I just had to slip in the back and add the legs. It really needed two people to put it together, and even advised that. But that isn’t possible right now of course.

I managed to cut a small slit in the back of the chair while trying to manage it alone, but who’s looking at the back of it?

It took Ivy a few hours to warm up to it.

It is faux leather and not all that expensive. But the seat is rather small, so I didn’t add a pillow because Ivy laying down takes up the whole chair.

It also came in red. But I’d rather have neutral colored furniture and then sprinkle red accents around. I like the caramel color with my other living room furniture.

A few weeks ago when I took the beige chair out on the front porch and cleaned it with upholstery cleaner, Ivy stood on her back legs, front legs leaning on the storm door, and pitifully stared at her chair.

I told her I would get her a new one. I’ve ordered a throw that looks like fur and will be very soft for her to lay on in her chair.

Yes, my cat has her own chair. And of course when I can have visitors again, my daughters can sit there as well. This one will be far easier to clean.

Now for the side table vignette. I moved everything off the coffee table so you could see it better.

The little table is one I found at Tuesday Morning a month or so ago. And there is the same gold garden stool I found at my local grocery store below it.

In terms of the vignette, I first added a plant, then the boho decorating books. Next came the Pottery Barn clock I found about 4 years ago at a thrift store.

I thought it still looked a little bare, so I dug around in the closet and found the boho typewriter painting. I then perched it behind the books.

Remember paintings don’t always have to go on the wall. You can lean them somewhere also and it makes a nice little backdrop.

Then I added the gold elephant.

Okay, Ivy Lou has her chair. Now where on earth can I order toilet paper? I’ve checked most everywhere online and there is none to be found.

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  1. Hi Brenda, I’ve missed you for several days. I dont know why, but your mail went to spam and I dont know why. I love your new chair … BUT my experience with dogs and cats with leather is disappointing. Their paws make scratch marks that get worse and worse. My adult daughter forgot my expErience and ordered a beautiful leather couch. OUCH! She calls it “CAT SCRATCH DESIGN” She now has a slip proof bath mat on it.
    Thanks for being here for us all.

  2. It looks lovely, no surprise there!… and the stores do seem to be getting toilet paper back in stock slowly, in the morning is best time to stop in to check. If you’re not venturing out at all, I’m not sure when it will be available on line again, we didn’t find any.

    1. I wish you could figure out a way to always work from home. You love your home so much and take such good care of your home and the outside.

  3. Brenda, what book was it that Janice Davis mentioned in her comment above that you recommended. Was it on Boho decorating?

    Good for you putting your chair together by yourself! I’m glad you only cut the chair and didn’t put your back out doing it! It’s a handsome chair and looks nice next to your little table and garden stool. The vignette is nice, too. I like using books to decorate.

    I’ve been enjoying your decorating/vignette posts. Thanks for sharing them.

    Stay well.

  4. My husband’s cat , Fasty Cat , has her own recliner. He ordered a Lazyboy off TV and when it arrived he didn’t like it. So , now Fasty claims it as her own Our fur babies run the house. ??. I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it.

  5. Love your new chair ! Birch Lane has very nice things! Our pets have their own chairs too!
    It is so funny because us humans have our favorite seat in the house so we don’t think it is unusual for our pets to have theirs!

  6. I shopped today at a very small grocery store that I used to go to for their imported and ethnic food. They had toilet paper. I bought two rolls. Everyone was very calm and shopping at a slow pace. I also found eggs which Wal-Mart was out of. So maybe try the smaller stores if you are near any.

  7. The new chair and vignette table looks great. I love the Flea Market sign that I also see in one of your pics. FYI..re the tear..so sorry you did..but .. they make some really cute Duck Tape now..I got some animal print kind and repaired my doggie stroller.. just a thought so it tears no further (and I am from the South..lol Duck Tape, you know ; ) ) !! I wish the blogs had the “like” and “love” buttons like on FB..lol.. Glad you are keeping busy with your nesting..Stay Safe. (ps..not sure if yall have Dollar Generals but in our area..they tend to be doing pretty well staying stocked up..but today I went to the other Dollar Store(sr moment) for Ginger Ale, and they were looking quite bare.. This all seems so surreal. :0( .. I wish it were a nightmare and we all would wake up and be in our World before the Cvirus.. I just heard that the cases continue to escalate in NY.. Sad.

  8. Love that chair! We bought a paisley chair on sale once because it was small and needed to not stick out around a corner. As soon as my husband put it down, our dog ran in circles in excitement because she thought we bought her a new bed! She jumped up, sighed and went to sleep. She slept on that chair every night after that. I guess it was meant to be.

    1. I knew over time it would get more torn up because of her jumping onto it and her claws de-threading it. I should have thought of that when I ordered it. But now my neighbor has a nice chair she can enjoy. And that makes me happy. I gave her the beige boho pillow to make it even more comfortable.

  9. Thanks so much for posting the vignette pictures. I love decorating, but have more of an eye for furniture arrangement than for accessorizing, so this caught my attention. Very nice for Ivy, (sweet name) having her own space thoughtfully decorated. Our houses & gardens will be getting alot of attention as we stay calm & come through this. Stay safe everyone, and heed what your local & state governments are saying to do.

  10. The chair looks great – and good for you getting it unboxed and put together! Of course Ivy should have her own chair – my kitty thinks that they’re all his! And, yes, they are.
    Love the decorating posts too.
    Keep well, hugs and pets to Charlie and Ivy.

  11. I bought toilet paper at our local Wal-Mart this morning. However, there was a one pack limit.
    Love your new chair and the vignette looks awesome. Will you eventually go all Boho or will you keep touches of farmhouse?
    I ordered the book from Amazon that you recommended for me. Can’t wait to receive it.
    I love the decorating segments each day. What a great way to put a little joy in our lives during this time of uncertainty.

  12. My town finally put a limit on paper products. I don’t understand the whole toilet paper thing. It’s still being made. People need to stop being so greedy.

  13. That’s a nice looking chair, and will be so much easier to keep clean too from Ivy’s fur. I’ve been looking for toilet paper to order online too. Can’t find it anywhere – at least – not anything I’d trust. Some of the items on Amazon sound like they’re hand towels like the kind that are dispensed in bathrooms, not actually toilet paper at all although people are describing it as “toilet paper.” And the prices are outrageous. There is no indication when stock will be resupplied for brand names I recognized. So where the heck is all of the toilet paper going that manufacturers CLAIM they are producing as fast as they can? Are aliens from outer space swooping down and whisking it all away? Today the late winter living room is disappearing into spring transition. It won’t be full on spring here for a good month yet. We had teaser weather in the high 40s a few weeks ago but it’s back to below freezing temperatures for the past 3 days, brrrr. It feels extra cold out now, how quickly I got spoiled by that “warm” streak. Antsy to get going in the gardens and yard but it’s just too cold for me to work in the mud! I expect a lot of decorating and redesigning is going to be taking place while many of your fans are sticking close to home until this is over. Stay safe everyone.

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