Sorry about not posting yesterday. I had an early MRI and then the day just got away from me.

Kasi went with me and then we had lunch at her house.

Right after I got home the maintenance man was knocking on the door to fix the hinges on the cabinets and do a few other little chores.

Today I’m showing you the fireplace, which is one of my favorite things about this apartment.

What I placed on the mantel was dictated by the fact that I didn’t want it to look cluttered. So I chose two paintings, an empty red frame, and some of my white pitchers.

I’m leading you around the living room a segment at a time. From the quilt and chair to what is next to it. Then we’ll move on along tomorrow.

The Antique Sign Found A Home:

I just felt the antique sign I had fit just right in that spot between the fireplace and mantel.

And I was excited to bring my pretty white pitchers out of boxes to use here. They lend a real cottage look to the room.

I’m not typically a “white on white” type of person. But the texture and various shades of white pleased me here.

Two white pitchers I placed on the white mantel

I happened to see this pretty white pitcher while shopping for something on Amazon and am quite taken with it. But I already have quite a few. However, the ones with texture really appeal to me.

In just a few days you will have seen the entire living room and how it came together. I had thought up this arrangement of my furniture before I even moved.

The difference is that in this apartment, I didn’t let the walls dictate where I placed furniture. But then I had more space here to work with.

In this post, the fireplace and mantel, here it is from a slightly different angle

I think the antique sign gives a bit of dimension to the white background of the fireplace, as it is weathered and smudged a bit.

The Kitties Are Back To Playing Together After The Move:

For some reason, after I’ve turned out the lights at night and early in the morning, you can hear those two chasing each other.

When I was in the bathroom this morning, Ivy hid behind the plastic shower curtain. And when Gracie came looking for her, she didn’t see her there.

I could almost feel Ivy’s excitement that she’d fooled Gracie by being perfectly still on the other side of the shower curtain.

Gracie has not quite figured out how to get in the bathtub yet. She’ll put her front paws up on the side and look down into it, but I don’t think she’s had the nerve to jump in yet. Gracie is pretty timid about things.

A squirrel visiting me on my patio perched on my wicker settee

A squirrel also visited me this morning. I haven’t been out enough to catch a glimpse of the bunnies yet.

The kitties and I are quite loving it here. Ivy has lots of windows to look out of. And I enjoy watching them explore.

This morning I am listening to David Nevue in “Awakenings.”

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  1. I’m loving your reveal posts, Brenda. The fireplace is so perfectly perfect with every detail and balance. I love looking at my own fireplace. It just seems to straighten my thoughts and relax me. The reds on the mantle just speak of happy and those pitchers! Pitchers are like people to me with their different shapes and sizes. The squirrel visit on the porch was the icing on the cake.
    Laura H.

  2. Brenda, your fireplace and how you have it decorated is gorgeous! I love the pops of red against the white. And that Antiques sign is perfect where you have it hung. Is the fireplace a wood burning one, or gas?

    You inspired me to change up my mantle decor and get out my white pitchers! When I have it in me to write a new post, I will post some photos.

  3. Nice arrangement. So glad the kitties are feeling at home in the new place. How cool that you have a fireplace! Does it work? Glad to see you have an outdoor friend, too. Take care.

  4. Your mantle and fireplace are spectacular. They both add a ton of character to your space and also dimension. You’ve styled it beautifully.

  5. It’s so exciting to see your cozy new home being filled with your personal style! Your belongings fit so perfectly. And your fur girls seem to be settled in nicely too.

    How wonderful to see all your “signature” pops of red returning! Brings to mind when you decorated your former kitchen cabinet doors with the wood utensils and I believe you filled the cabinet centers with colorful wood placemats. That was so clever!

    For your kitchen backsplash, you could certainly use removable adhesive vinyl or metal tile squares to change the look if you find it’s not to your liking.

    So happy for you that you found such an amazing new home and community!

  6. So glad to see you back today love the fireplace and the decor I have several pitchers in my kitchen some really old love them grouped together with the flowers is the fireplace a working fireplace maybe gas or electric would be nice especially with this weather look forward to seeing more tomorrow Gloria

  7. The antiques sign is so perfect on the fireplace! I was just reading another blog post about how having something unexpected really spices things up, and your sign has done that. The entire arrangement looks lovely! The story of Ivy hiding behind the shower curtain made me laugh. But the part about you and the kitties loving your new home made me smile! I’m so happy for you, Brenda!

  8. I missed you yesterday! I’m glad you had a good day. You’re ‘sounding’ happier and happier!

    I love the way your living room is coming together. Can’t wait to see more.

  9. It’s so fun seeing the way your decorating is progressing, Brenda. I love the mantle as I love white pitchers, too. I have a small collection of them but no place to display them at present. Sounds like the kitties are enjoying the new space, too. You are beginning a most welcome new era in your life–and we all get to share it!

    Get well wishes to Teri and for good results from the MRI.

  10. Oh I think your fireplace is the cutest! You’ve made it look great. And I love how the kitties are playing together now. So much fun to watch them and know they are happy. I must have missed something. I didn’t realize Terri was sick. I hope she gets well soon! And hope your MRI gives you some answers. Look forward to seeing your decorating journey. Feel like we are taking that journey with you!

  11. Your fireplace took my breath away. It is so beautiful. I believe you are changing your style, and can’t wait to see the other rooms.

  12. Love the fireplace and just the whole sweet scene at your new cozy little house! I am so tickled that the kitties are playing together and exploring their new home. That’s just wonderful. I add my hopes to all the others that the MRI will prove helpful in helping you. And how nice that Kasi accompanied you and that you two had lunch. Sending best wishes to Teri to feel better very soon – she is a wonderful person.

  13. I love the mantle! I like what you did with the blank frame! I’m glad you captured the little squirrel on your porch! Praying everything goes well with your MRI!

  14. The fireplace is beautiful! I love the pictures of red flowers , never would have thought to use an empty red frame ! The white pitchers are simply beautiful. Good to hear the kitties are playing together. Excitedly waiting for the next decorated area you share .

  15. Hi Brenda! I’m glad that MRI is over and I pray for good results! I love how your fireplace looks and I too love those white pitchers. Glad your little kitties are getting settled too. You’ve probably had some cold weather. We have but I think it’ll start to warm up here pretty soon. Here’s the link to my new blog and I hope you’ll pop in sometimes:
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  16. I’m glad that your MRI is out of the way and now praying for great results for u! This was a great move for u Brenda bc I can tell your happier and more relaxed just from reading your blog! Yay!
    I’m happy that your family is doing great too with no sicknesses involved!

  17. Oh, I’ve been waiting for this post! The mantle is always so much fun to decorate. Think of how much fun you’re going to have decorating it for all the holidays and seasons. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I’m so glad the kitties are finally getting comfortable in their new home and are having fun playing with each other. They can certainly provide you with many hours of entertainment when they are acting so cute together. I’m happy for you that you got to spend some more time with Kasi. I hope your MRI comes back with good news for you.

    1. Dear Brenda, thanks so much for posting decorating your new apartment but mostly I’m so glad you have moved and have enrolled on Medicare! Blessings

  18. ❤ Everything is looking nice & cozy Brenda!! Kitties 😸 🐈 are having great fun in their new casa!! 😄
    Wonderful news for us reading your blog.
    Thought it was 👍 real nice you enjoyed lunch with Kasi.
    Hope MRI will be good news.
    Keep showing us all your latest decorating ideas!! 🌼 🌸 🌻

  19. Brenda, you blog sounds so happy, we are all excited for you. You are good at decorating every area of your home. Just think of all the people you help by sharing your decorating ideas and pictures, you know we like to copy some of these for our home. Take your time, don’t work to hard, just enjoy each step of the way. Love the fireplace, thanks for sharing your home with us. Hope your friend, Teri, will soon be doing better. Stay safe, you must have so many ideas for decorating and ready to get everything in place. Look forward to spring to see you work your magic on the patio.
    You will an inspiration to other gardeners.

  20. Just love it!! Are you going to put your old fireplace in your bedroom? That would b cozy❤️‍🔥 Looking forward to tomorrow.

  21. Oh the fireplace and mantle are just perfect. And the flower paintings look so nice up there ushering spring in. Is the one with the darker background by Namcy Medina?

    I was so happy to hear the maintenance man was there already. Boy, they don’t mess around. You have landed in just the greatest place.

    And what fun to have the kitties playing like little ones together. You know maybe Ivy sensed those darn snakes and smells in the other place. Can’t wait for them to see bunnies!!!

    I am truly so happy for you. Hopefully Terri will be on the mend soon and be able to come “play” with you!

  22. Does the fireplace work? It would really be nice if it produces actual heat, even if it’s in a limited range, along with a “glow” of “fire” look. The perfect touch to a cottage living room. Which made me wonder where you may put your small electric fireplace, it gave you so much pleasure and warmth in your former apartment. I love the brick that is framing the fireplace, the texture is great and the mantel is beautiful.

  23. Brenda, your mantle looks beautiful! I am so excited that you have a fireplace to decorate and keep you warm! Love the squirrel, I am sure that birds will follow. I hope your MRI went well!

  24. The mantle and fireplace look great, and of course, I love hearing all the things that Ivy and Gracie are up to. I had to chuckle reading about Ivy behind the shower curtain. They both sound very happy in their new home.

  25. Wow, that looks SO pretty!! You’re just buzzing along without me while I’m home being a big bundle of hurts. I hate that I’m missing this, but no one had any doubt that you’d be better off without anyone’s help when you get to decorating. I have been able to put my Hurry-cane away, but literally every move I make, every step I take, is torture. But I’ll be back with a load of your houseplants when I can get along without constant gasping lol.

  26. The floral art you are usng in your living area is so pretty! And the mantel is charming. So pleased to hear the kitties are getting along and settling in. Looks sunny, too. I’m a big fan of natural light. Looking forward to seeing your houseplants in place.

  27. I am loving your new home Brenda, I like to think of you and the kitties there rather than at your former place. I can tell that you are much more settled and happy there.

  28. Brenda, your posts are so much happier now! I can tell by the way you write that you’re much more relaxed as well. I’m so, so pleased for you to have this wonderful new space!

  29. Everything is coming together so beautifully! How do you sleep at night because I know your mind is racing decorating in your head! I am so happy for you!

  30. Beautiful, I love the red. Cozy and warm. I love reading about your move, and decorating, and your kitten adventures. Sheri, from Georgia

  31. I have enjoyed reading about your new apartment and am so happy for you. I will be using your idea about hiding cords with pictures, posters and etc. In fact you share so many really excellent ideas and thank you for that! God bless, Carolyn in Florida

  32. I love how you decorated your fireplace mantel. We have one in our apartment and I like changing it throughout the year.

    So glad that the kitties are enjoying each other.

  33. Somewhere, I came across this quote.
    “Despite your kitty’s disrespect for your sleep schedule, she’s not actually nocturnal: she’s crepuscular. This biological category describes animals whose peak hours of activity occur at dawn and dusk, explained Mother Nature Network.”
    Maybe I read it on your blog?

  34. So glad to hear that management sent someone to look at/fix the cabinet hinges. What’s difference from the last place! Looks like you’re settling in nicely.

  35. Sounds like the three of you have all relaxed and are feeling freed by this new space. The fireplace decorations you chose suit it nicely and I can imagine the options you’ll come up with with seasonal changes and look forward to seeing how things unfold. Happy times!

      1. Hi Brenda. I just noticed on one of the pictures you showed of the outside of the buildings that there are chimney caps. Since this would indicate that the fireplaces are vented, wouldn’t they be gas or wood burning? Just a thought.

  36. Brenda, your apartment is coming together so beautifully. I love what you did with the mantel & fireplace. The cottage look is so clean & the white background makes the art just pop. I am so excited for you & the kitties to have such a spacious place to spread out & show your beautiful things.

  37. Oh my how I love your fireplace and mantle. No wonder you are very happy with your place. It’s warm, cozy and just the right pictures. You will love changing it seasonally. Another thing we will look forward to for a long time and seeing what you rotate on the mantle. Glad the MRI is done and Kasi got away from work to take you and have lunch together as well.

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