This is the third in my series on using terra cotta pots as storage. Today I’m focusing on organization in my small apartment bathroom.

I just organized what I use most in the pots on this galvanized tray.

Then I added a little bit of decor in the way of a candle, a sedum plant and sprigs of Lamb’s Ear in a jar.

But the focus was on getting my things organized so they’d be at hand when I needed them.

This small area looks less scattered and more cohesive by using the galvanized tray to organize the terra cotta pots in.

The galvanized tray just happens to be the exact right size for the side of my vanity. Anything else would have been too big.

You are limited to what you can do with your space in a small bathroom. Mine is too small a space to do much in the way of decorating.

But gathering things in the terra cotta pots keeps things from looking messy and disorderly.

The terra cotta pots absorb water, so if water gets splashed on them, it will simply dry out.

I highly suggest using terra cotta pots to organize areas of your home.

  • First, they’re cheap.
  • Second, they can be found in many different sizes.
  • Third, if you break one just use the shards for drainage in the bottom of plant pots.

You could always paint the pots as well if you wanted a different look. Or decoupage them.

If you’re interested in this series, here are the other two decorating challenges in case you missed them:

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  1. Brenda, I love this idea. That exact combo of pots/ tray would look great in my bathroom against my wooden countertop and red accents. Hmmm…I might have to shop now!

  2. Brenda, I love what you have done with the terra cotta pots in your bathroom. I really like the lamp as others have mentioned ! My vanity is small so we have a cabinet next to it which my daughter uses and has her hair products on, organizing them in the terra cotta pots would look really nice!

  3. I, too, like the small lamp on your bathroom counter. You have a great eye for detail and color. Today, I especially like the “just right size” tray and pots to hold all the miscellaneous items we use daily. While I’ve always used a plant pot in my kitchen to hold large spoons, turners and spatulas, I haven’t used them elsewhere….and the terracotta ones are uniform in color (and size), so more soothing to the eyes. Now that we don’t have any pets, I always enjoy reading about your Charley and Ivie and seeing their photos.

  4. The pots are a perfect to use to corral like items – love the way you’ve used them in your bathroom in the tray. One of my favorite things is the small lamp in the corner. I’ve done the same thing in mine because there is no window so it’s very dark. Your terra cotta challenges have been fun.

  5. I love terra cotta pots too and using them to keep organized is great. I am going to get a few more of them and try your idea. Thanks for sharing. You are always coming up with such great ideas. Keeping things organized makes finding them so much easier. Keep sharing your ideas. Have a great weekend.

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