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  1. There are some interesting points in that clause but I dont know if I see all of them eye to centre . There is some validness but I will take hold legal opinion until I look into it further. Good clause, thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner besides.

  2. Love your decorating tips and your plants I have a room that needs help looks like we all have extra time at home which is ok for now taking it one day at a time in SC waiting for Summer my favorite time of year

      1. Believe me I loved quilting and would if I could. Arthritis from surgeries on my hands and wrists after a car accident in 1998 is why I can’t quilt anymore. I also loved to embroider and make crazy quilts. Can’t do that either.

  3. The plant in the galvanized tub styled with the washboards looks lovely. I look forward to more of your decorating ideas and vignettes.

    In order to survive these days of being quarantined I think we all have to find things to do that we really enjoy. Activities or things to focus on that lift our spirits. And for me to keep a sane perspective I need to take life one day at a time and not try to project how tomorrow will go. Sometimes that is hard when you are already tired and frustrated by your present situation. But in the case of protecting ourselves and our families it could be a matter of life and death. We’d prefer that it wasn’t really that serious, but I am finally accepting that it is very serious. So I am doing my best to deal with the isolation. I”m going to start knitting again and begin making an art journal which I’ve wanted to do for a while and maybe just coloring the designs in my coloring books. I bet all of you have favorite hobbies that might help you fill the time pleasantly. I might get my sewing machine out again after a long time of not sewing. And, there’s always cleaning to be done!

    I hope we can all find ways to keep our spirits up for however long this viral pandemic lasts. And maybe discover some new things about ourselves and what keeps us on an even keel during times of stress. I wish you, Brenda, and all your readers health and a measure of happiness as we all cope with the present situation. Stay healthy and well, everyone.

    P.S. Thanks, Brenda, for your response yesterday regarding my decorating dilemma with the cats. I”m hoping that as they get past the kitten stage they will give up some of their explorations!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Love the plant inside the galvanized tub. Love the whole look you have going on. Plants are great to have going indoors right now. Stay in and Stay safe.

  5. Thank you Dear Brenda,
    Enjoy your great inspiration for us to enjoy in our home.
    Your blog is a wonderful gift you share with us everyday.
    As always, may you, CharlieBoy & Miss IvyLou be blessed
    as you brighten my day.
    Big Blessings, ???
    ??? ? ? ? ? ??

  6. Brenda, What a breath of fresh air you are. You are always so upbeat and willing to help us all find distractions that are pleasing and put a smile on our faces. I love your vignettes and plants and sweet pets. I love what you do with paint and quilts and vintage boxes. I live in a 700 sq ft. apartment with two adult children (one is disabled) and two children under 10 (one is mildly autistic). Even my living room is a bedroom that converts during the day. I love my house plants, but am selling them off on facebook market place, because I just don’t have room for them anymore. I read your blog every day and dream of a day I will have room for me and my dogs and can make a home I enjoy. (I am 73) Right now I enjoy my two little grandsons and am thankful we all have a safe and secure place to shelter in place. Thank you for your refreshing blog. Sandra

  7. Like you, I can entertain myself.
    Could you tell us the sources for your farmhouse art?
    Also, for your red and white shower curtain?

    1. The red and white shower curtain I ordered from a quilting shop. They don’t carry it anymore. The farmhouse paintings I got from Wayfair and Kirkland’s primarily.

  8. It’s lovely Brenda. You have such a knack for this sort of thing. I’m lucky in one respect: we have an acre with chickens and a horse, plus dogs n cats, so that gives me room to get out and move around; on the downside,it’s a lot to keep up now at my age.

  9. How about decorating a small apartment bedroom for a man, my son. Any ideas would be appreciated

  10. I love this idea. I just watered my plants & now I’m deciding how I can group them with other pretty things in my home. Thanks Brenda.

  11. Have you thought about going for a drive or a walk in the park? As long as you stay far away from people, it should be okay.
    No need to stare at your walls unless you have another reason to stay home. Fresh air and just looking in the far distance is always beneficial to our mental state.
    Your vignettes and home are lovely.

    1. I go out on the patio. I’m staying away from parks for now because you can’t limit who gets close to you. I read somewhere that parents were not to take kids to the playground areas there. And I don’t mind staring at my walls. When I say that I’m being somewhat facetious. I’m a homebody.

  12. How about in the bathroom? I never have enough storage and have to keep some things on the counter. Love your ideas! And your sweet pets!

  13. So pretty!
    Looking forward to the vignettes!
    I would love to switch it up at home, but first, I have to declutter.

  14. Brenda, I love this idea! I’m in Dubai where the whole social distancing this is taking slightly longer to kick in. Malls are still open though for reduced hours. In my home of the UK it is kicking in fully. Meantime, all we can all do is hunker down and hope this passes. Stay healthy, and keep up this blog which I love!
    Sending good wishes from the desert.

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