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  1. I have never been so tired of Summer weather. Fall can’t get here soon enough. The idea of sipping hot tea or hot chocolate, wrapped in a fuzzy throw, sounds like heaven.

  2. All those recipes sound wonderful! I think I actually might have enough ingredients to make one of those without having to run to the store. My mind can already smell them! Fall is in the air! Thank you for all these great ideas! Also, it’s probably (hopefully) way better for cats. I hear the essential oils are bad for them.

  3. Oh I just love fall! That’s one of my fav seasons!
    I just bought a bag of apples yesterday from the store that came from an orchard. Yum!
    That means new and old recipes with apples to bake with.

  4. Love all the recipes, thanks for sharing. They are tons better because they are natural. Our daughter and I are going to check out Trader Joe’s fall offerings this week. I got hooked on their scones and I also love Kroger’s scones. Have a good day!

  5. Thank you! Can’t wait to give some a try in my electric fondue pot that never gets any use.

  6. They all sound wonderful ! Thank you for reminding me how easy these are.

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