8 Thanksgiving Themed Cheese Ball Recipes

If you haven’t finalized your appetizer selection yet for Thanksgiving, I’ve found 8 Thanksgiving-themed cheese balls for you to consider making.

In 8 Thanksgiving Themed Cheese Ball Recipes, this is the graphic I made featuring each cheese ball
Thanksgiving Themed Cheese Balls

Sun Dried Pumpkin-Shaped Tomato Cheese Ball:

This one is a recipe from Inspired By Charm, and he’s mighty creative when it comes to almost everything. And this pumpkin cheese ball is yet another winner of his creation.

From his blog:

“In this recipe, the basic cheese ball gets a mouthwatering and eye-popping makeover with dried tomatoes, seasonings, and breadcrumbs. It’s then shaped like a pumpkin, complete with a stem.”

Mini Pumpkin Cheese Ball Bites:

The blogger at Conservamome made these bite-sized Thanksgiving-themed appetizers.

From her blog:

“This is one of those great fall appetizer recipes that will be a hit at any party. The best part is they’re so easy to make people will fall in love with them!”

Turkey Cheese Ball:

The blogger at Sula And Spice tells you how to create each magnificent piece of this cheese ball to wow your guests.

From her blog:

“It’s time for a fun appetizer for Thanksgiving! And my most popular October post is the skull cheese ball, so I decided a turkey-shaped cheese ball is exactly what I need!”

4-Ingredient Pumpkin Cheese Ball:

This recipe from Easy Peasy Pleasy is one she says is always requested for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

From the Easy Peasy Pleasy blog:

“Y’all, this easy 4 ingredient cheese ball pumpkin is the perfect appetizer for Fall! It’s my always requested cheese ball recipe turned into a pumpkin just perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.”

“This cheese ball kinda reminds me of Cinderella. You know how her carriage starts off as a pumpkin then turns into a beautiful carriage and at midnight it turns back into a pumpkin?

It’s basically the same concept except we start with my classic cheese ball then transform it into a pumpkin and back to the classic after Thanksgiving. The Cinderella of a cheese ball.”

Everything Bagel Pumpkin Cheese Ball:

The blogger from Delicious Table says this cheese ball is easy to make ahead in 15 minutes, chill, and take to a gathering.

From her blog:

“Every time I make this pumpkin cheese ball, people just go crazy and want the recipe. Oh, and we will talk about an easy way to get a real pumpkin stem and how to get that cute shape, it is easy peasy.”

Harvest Cheese Ball:

The blogger from Daily Appetite created this fall harvest cheese ball recipe, jeweled with seasonal nuts and seeds. On the inside, it bursts with craisins with two creamy types of cheese.

From her blog:

“This Harvest Cheese Ball is jeweled with the gorgeous colors of the Fall/Winter seasons and inside has the surprise of craisins mixed with the cheese that gives it a pop of color. I love cheese balls because they are so versatile.

“Pick your favorite cheese, fruits and nuts and the combinations are endless. I could create a new cheese ball recipe every week for the next 5 years and never run out of ideas.”

Easy Turkey Cheese Ball:

The blogger from Make Life Lovely created a spectacular cheese ball that is a great rendition of the shape of a turkey.

From her blog:

This easy turkey cheese ball will be a hit at Thanksgiving dinner. Serve this Thanksgiving appetizer before the big feast, or as part of your Thanksgiving dinner. Easy to make in less than 15 minutes!”

Pumpkin Cheese Ball:

The blogger at Build Your Bite wrote that you need just a few classic cheese ball ingredients and some rubber bands to make this appetizer.

From her blog:

“The first time I made a homemade cheese ball I fell in love. It is so good you won’t be able to stop at just one dip!

“During fall we are serving up all the pumpkin things, so why not serve a pumpkin shaped appetizer too?”

I hope these fun Thanksgiving cheese balls give you inspiration for your own holiday gathering.


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  1. Love the turkey cheese balls best! We’re more of a simple cheese slices and crackers family, but may have to try the little turkey. Thanks for the fun!

  2. Thanks Brenda! I frequently make cheeseballs for family gatherings and I always like to see new recipes:)

  3. Looking very holidy-ish AND yummy!! 😋
    I really haven’t ever put together a cheeseball. Although have made many other delicious appetizers.
    Everyone always loved my salmon mold.
    I served with mini bagels & the usual crackers. 🥯
    Stuffed zucchini boats were also popular.
    There was cheese in them.
    My favorite is sweet & sour meatballs!
    Easy to fix.
    Can be served at room temperature w/optional sauce.
    Not a good idea to put out a lot though.
    Great thing re meatballs, make way ahead of time.
    When the kiddos were very young, we would grill regular beef hot dogs 🌭 (Oscar Mayer) for a fun appetizer!!
    Everyone loved.
    An early start to any holiday meal.
    Also, I always had pretty containers & bowls of fresh popcorn!!🍿
    A huge hit for sure!
    😄 No one ever went home hungry.
    Good Thanksgiving to all.

  4. Wow! People are so creative, it never ceases to amaze me what can be done. I don’t make cheeseballs and neither does anybody in my family – we go for the simple stuff like sliced cheeses and cheese spread from the deli section at the supermarket, LOL. The pumpkin shapes are clever – I’ve never seen anything like them before, but the turkey cheeseballs are works of art! If I were the creative type I’d try my hand at making the mini-pumpkin cheeseballs for individual bites.

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