1. Love the turkey cheese balls best! We’re more of a simple cheese slices and crackers family, but may have to try the little turkey. Thanks for the fun!

  2. Thanks Brenda! I frequently make cheeseballs for family gatherings and I always like to see new recipes:)

  3. Looking very holidy-ish AND yummy!! 😋
    I really haven’t ever put together a cheeseball. Although have made many other delicious appetizers.
    Everyone always loved my salmon mold.
    I served with mini bagels & the usual crackers. 🥯
    Stuffed zucchini boats were also popular.
    There was cheese in them.
    My favorite is sweet & sour meatballs!
    Easy to fix.
    Can be served at room temperature w/optional sauce.
    Not a good idea to put out a lot though.
    Great thing re meatballs, make way ahead of time.
    When the kiddos were very young, we would grill regular beef hot dogs 🌭 (Oscar Mayer) for a fun appetizer!!
    Everyone loved.
    An early start to any holiday meal.
    Also, I always had pretty containers & bowls of fresh popcorn!!🍿
    A huge hit for sure!
    😄 No one ever went home hungry.
    Good Thanksgiving to all.

  4. Wow! People are so creative, it never ceases to amaze me what can be done. I don’t make cheeseballs and neither does anybody in my family – we go for the simple stuff like sliced cheeses and cheese spread from the deli section at the supermarket, LOL. The pumpkin shapes are clever – I’ve never seen anything like them before, but the turkey cheeseballs are works of art! If I were the creative type I’d try my hand at making the mini-pumpkin cheeseballs for individual bites.

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