1. How nice of you to share with Israel. The pupsters (autocorrect wanted to make this "pups tears") look so cute when they are soggy wet! And your crockpot dinner sounds delish.

  2. I love my crock-pot…just through a few things in and a delicious meal comes out…your pups are just so cute…I haven't put up a tree yet either…not sure if I am this year…

  3. I'll have to try that pot roast recipe. It's one of my husband's favorite meals but we don't make it often.
    Finn is a crazy dog after his bath, too. It's fun to watch hime run around from room to room.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Love the pupster pics! The roast sounds yummy! Go for a bit of holiday decorating. I've found those years when I wasn't sure about it that in the long run I was always glad if I did something.

    1. Oh, you can be sure I will decorate. Just not sure how yet. I can't let a holiday pass and not decorate.

  5. our pup Marchie, also goes mad after a bath, rubbing against things to dry off and generally hates the whole bath routine. I disposed of the family sized tree this year for some reason it was really getting me down and like you I couldnt decide what to do, so I went out and bought a rather small tabletop tree and for some reason it felt good decorating that, maybe its the size which is more manageable. I'm rather fond of it now!

    1. I got one white tree for the table top last year at Big Lots and a green one from Michaels when they were on sale. Just don't know if I want to drag them out or not.

  6. Hi Brenda – I saved the crock pot chuck roast recipe – it sounds yummy! Your doggums are so sweet. Your pepper (plant) is perfect. I can't eat hot peppers though – just bell peppers! Thanks for the kind words on Baby and our new rescue, Ms. Midgie!

    1. Well, I'm sure Baby still has her nose out of joint over the competition. But she'll settle in. As they say: A cat is a cat and that is that.

  7. Love your little fur babies. They are just so darn cute. I think I will just put up my Christmas village and a few table things. I think I'm still grieving for my dog I had to put down in July.

  8. I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving and I'm already dreading dragging all the boxes out of the basement and going through them, just to decorate for a month. I do less and less each year. Taking it down and packing it all away isn't any fun either! Oh, well. Your pups are so cute – even wet. Pot roast is good…but you know how I feel about any packaged mixes with chemicals and loads of sodium in them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. We too downsized 2 years ago and I am going to put up a small artificial tree since we have the new rescue puppy who tries to eat everything; i'll decorate the mantle and put some real balsam on top of my old cupboards and on the shelves in the kitchen. I love, love, love your babies…I love their expressions and attitudes! Pot roast is a comfort food and I make lots of comfort foods in the fall and winter. Have a wonderful holiday Brenda!

  10. I decorate for Christmas very minimally since we downsized, only using my most loved decorative things from the past. One tabletop tree with some cherished ornaments, and a few favorite collected snowmen figurines here and there on tabletops and kitchen countertops. That about does it for me, along with winter wreaths on the front and back doors.
    I got a kick out of your dogs after their baths! They just look so darn lovable! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I'm still pondering how I'll decorate for the holidays. Probably won't know until I dig out my box from the closet.

  11. I think I could smell that pot roast from Calif! My favorite meal, by far. But also love my carrots and potatoes in it. Then again love scalloped potatoes too. Wish I was there to enjoy it. I just finished bathing Ziggy, my Morkie. I trimmed him just with scissors. But he growls at me when I do his under belly and legs in the back. I'm beginning to wonder if his groomer had words with him along the way. He looks like Charlie, wild now he's wet. He's outside running it off. I am so sorry to hear of Israel's unhappiness, but love that he still wants to come visit you and talk. You were so kind to him. What if you or he mentioned to the establishment if there's an opening again he'd love to come back? Might just open the door for him. Since my husband passed in March we're doing things different this year. There will be a few decorations, maybe not as much, but we're going to New Orleans in Dec for a week over Christmas. Something so different! I have tons of decorations in boxes and it is hard to haul them in, but will do a little. I had a friend that moved into a new home and had a wild wild dog, so she strung faux garland over here three big windows and hung the ornaments from there. It was very pretty. Happy Thanksgiving to your little turkeys!

    1. I already tried to help him get his job back. But they wouldn't do it because he's already done this once before. So glad you're getting a much needed vacation!

  12. I understand your ambivalence about decorating for Christmas. when I moved to this apartment, I did not have nearly the storage space I used to have and so I gave all my Christmas decorations to my granddaughters. I have lived here 4 years now, and last year I bought a wreath for the front door, and a tabletop tree and put it on my hutch. After the holidays I donated it to the Goodwill. I do not want to use up precious space for something I only use for maybe two or three weeks once a year.

    I am not in the mood to decorate this year at all and doubt that I will. Do I miss it? I used to love decorating for Christmas which is my favorite holiday and I do love seeing pretty decorated trees, but honestly, after the novelty wears off, (usually after one week,) I have a difficult time getting through Christmas and I always take down the tree the day after Christmas.

    Of course, when the kids were at home, we kept the tree and decor up until around the 3rd or 4th of January.

    1. I gave up my big tree some years ago. I have several table top trees. Just not sure if I'll put them up or just decorate without them.

  13. Your "Little bear" is quite cute all fresh and damp! I would love some peppers, my son actually tried eating a ghost pepper once and felt like he almost died! Lesson learned for him! I might try that pot roast esp. post-thanksgiving when I really don't want to eat the turkey leftovers the day after. Have a happy Thanksgiving Brenda, and right now, my house has exploded with Christmas stuff, hope I don't jarr you out on that! LOL!

    1. I had never even heard of ghost peppers till Israel told me about them a few weeks ago. But then I don't eat any peppers. They don't agree with me.

  14. As for holiday decorations, I think it's good that people can do what they want. My sister put up her decorations around Nov. 5. But I don't decorate until around Dec. 10. I love the fall and November is maybe my favorite month. I love the muted colors in the sky and leaves and the quietness that starts settling over the landscape. So I don't like to mess up the solemnity of November with snowmen and Santas. I now live in a small house so I won't have a lot of decorations — candles in the windows, a 2-foot tree, and a few vignettes on the bookshelves. All put somewhere that the cats won't be able to get to!

    1. I love the way you wrote that. You should be a writer! I remember cats and Christmas trees, etc. The pupsters don't bother stuff. Whatever I end up doing will be geared toward those of you who happen to live in smaller homes. Because that sure doesn't mean you can't decorate in style. Just your own different style.

  15. That is my favorite roast recipe! You can make it for pork or chicken by trading out the gravy packet. This is the birthday meal request my kids always make, enjoy!

    1. I didn't even think about it for chicken. But then when it comes to cooking, I'm not at all creative. So do you just leave out the gravy packet?

  16. I've made that post roast before! It was wonderful but a little on the salty side, I thought.

    Your pups are precious! When Belle gets a bath she runs around as fast as she can. I think she's showing off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm torn about Christmas this year too. We are in a crowded rent house with boxes everywhere. I will decorate but it will be minimal.

    1. Stacey, I didn't realize you guys had already moved out. How did I manage to miss that? I know someone else who has their house for sale and are living in a rental. The Monica behind the blog Monica Wants It.

  17. The pupsters are so cute and I know they keep you entertained!! I love a good pot roast…can you send me the pin on Pinterest? Love ya!

    1. That's why Abi and Charlie do. With a fair amount of playing with each other. I don't even know if I still have a hair dryer. I never use it myself and never think to use it on the dogs!

  18. I've made that pot roast – it's delicious!! Since I'm trying to keep things low sodium, I actually mixed up in mason jars some low sodium ranch, Italian, and brown gravy mixes – this way when I make that recipe, I just put in about two tbsp. of each along with the water – it tastes amazing, and much less salty! Your pupsters look so adorable – my babies need a bubble at the moment also – that's my daughter's chore, in her tub – they aren't getting in my big Jacuzzi tub, no way!!

    1. I think I was only supposed to put in two tbsp., but I'm notorious for not catching something the recipe said and doing it different. Oh well, sure tasted good!

  19. My foster daughter and I are painting the inside of the kitchen cabinets this week while she is out of school, and we have groceries and dishes piled everywhere in the kitchen. Thus we are planning on eating Thanksgiving dinner at the casino restaurant and then going to a movie. Your pot roast sounds divine. My dogs would always run around crazy like after a bath too. I always wondered if they liked having a bath or not.

    1. Sounds like a plan to me! Get a helper while she's out for the holidays. But not have to be the cook when the place is a mess.

  20. Good Morning Brenda. So sweet to see Abi and Charlie all clean and pretty for the up coming Turkey Day.
    Cooper got a bath and his nail done too this week end. I have a very small space this year too and only did little decor vignettes. Less is more for me this year too. I do get a jump on the decor since my daughter does Thanksgiving. My girlfriend party comes so quickly after Thanksgiving it is just more relaxing for me to have the decor part done early. Hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Guess it's better to just do what works best for us. When the kids are grown and out of the house, I think that's just a better way to do things. What we feel like doing and not what we feel we "should" do.

  21. Perhaps it is the weather that is causing me to rethink Christmas decorations, too. The first cold front was yesterday. I usually wait until December to decorate, though.

  22. So glad your dogs are finished with their baths. Does it hurt your back when you bathe them? My dog gets closer to me after his bath.

    1. Not really. Because I bathe them in the kitchen sink. I just can't get down to the level of the bathtub to do it. I wash the sink out really well afterwards and call it good!

  23. I'm with you about the decorating. I usually put up multiple trees, but this is our first Christmas in our downsized home and there just isn't any room! I got out all of my dรฉcor and I was overwhelmed, I don't think I can face putting up another tree. My motivation just isn't there this year and I can't force it. I have decorated the surfaces and have lighted garland in places and in my small space I think it is quite enough. I think as we get older sometimes we just don't want to do certain things anymore. It seems like so much work for such a short period of time and then we have to put it all away again.

    The pupsters are so adorable! So happy that Charlie's eye seems to be getting better. I have been through that and it is so hard watching them suffer.

    1. I think downsizing is key to how much seasonal decorating you want to do. We just got back from the eye specialist, and he pronounced Charlie pretty much completely well. We're doing eye drops for two more weeks. Don't have to go back unless something changes. Charlie will be happy about that, as he shakes and trembles the whole time we're there!

  24. Thanks for sharing the adorable photos of your pupsters after their bath. It's funny that Abi has curly hair and Charlie's is straighter! Really cute.

    I can understand your feelings about decorating for Christmas this year. My home is very small and has to be minimally decorated due to lack of space. I just put up the tree yesterday. My granddaughter is coming over today and she loves it. So does the cat.
    Thinking of you…

    1. Well, if the granddaughter and cat enjoy it, it's worth putting up. However, I doubt anyone except those who read my blog will see what I do. I just don't know how much effort I want to put into it. I tend to get tired of the trees early because they're usually a bit in the way.

  25. YUM! you always make me remember that I DO HAVE a crockpot and I SHOULD be using it!!! I never would have thought of combining all those flavors in it for the roast.
    can't wait to try that.
    how do you stand living with such cuteness? they wouldn't like me.
    i'd be hugging them continually! "oh no! here she comes again… HIDE!" LOLOL!
    I think they look adorable as little bears. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't have thought of it either. I think I was actually supposed to not put the whole packets in, but I did anyway. Not having a stove makes you rely more on small appliances.

  26. I was watching a video on skillshare from a chef about working with crockpots. She said a lot of people don't like them because they feel the meat comes out too wet. Her idea was to add no liquid, just give the meat a rub with your favorite slices and let it cook in its own juice. I tried it last week with a pork roast and it worked like a charm. Best pulled pork ever!

    I think a lot of dogs run around after a bath. I know Charlie did. I used to love to watch him. It just cracked me up. If I recall, Bubbles, our Bichon, did that too.

    1. I've had the opposite experience. When I don't put any liquid in, which I didn't do for a long time, my food came out too dry. Maybe a difference in crock pots?

  27. Your pupsters are adorable, even wet after a bath! The pot roast sounds yummy. We bought an Instant Pot and cooked an arm roast with potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onions. Quick and tasty…

    1. Since I gave up my stove when I moved in so I could have my washer, I've really relied on the crock pot.

  28. your pot roast sounds good but here is an even easier recipe – put you pot roast in the crock pot, add one diced onion if you wish and spoon a can of Golden Mushroom Soup over the roast – salt and pepper if you wish – cook all day and it well be falling apart and your gravy forms from the sauce – been using this same mixture for 40 years – the one good thing I got from my mother in law other than my husband!!

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