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  1. Wow! Just look at the beauty of that bloom on the passion vine.
    What a beautiful surprise inside the petal when it opens.

  2. What a nice thought, to consider slow living. I feel as if I am always on the go, there’s always so much to be done….I wish the weeks away, yearning for the weekend, and then on the weekends I have such a list of things to do I don’t take near enough time to relax.

  3. I think that taking life slowly and enjoying the moments are the paths to contentment. Your photos are wonderful and a good illustration to the slow life.

  4. Linda Hickey says:

    I love how writing on your way of expression of the rain. Also how you tie it in to our daily life’s. A beautiful way to express and look at rain in a different type of elllustration. When I experience rain again this will make me look at a different way. I enjoy your blog but the first time I have made a comment. Thank You for sharing.

  5. Slow living, that is how I have always lived especially on the weekends. I like to be home, enjoying my space, baking, reading, time with family and my pups. I have never been one that needs to go out and about all of the time.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    Your photos are amazing, beautiful , and just so GORGEOUS. BEAUTIFUL words.

  7. Brenda, your photos of the Passion Vine are spectacular! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that plant. But now that I’ve seen yours I think I have to have one! It’s structure is just amazing and you have captured its essence I think! Tell me, does it winter over or do you bring it inside? And does it have just a few blooms or quite a number of them?

    Slow everything is better, I think. Maybe it’s just because I have always been more or less a slow person! I am not comfortable moving and doing at a fast pace. It upsets me when for some reason I am forced to. I’ve felt many times that there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t easily function at a faster pace. But, now I think it’s more healthy and sane to live on the slow road. You certainly can see and appreciate the world around you more and thus experience gratitude for all the beauty and awe-inspiring sights and sounds. I’m going to be checking out the “Slow Movement” links you posted. Thanks for sharing them.

    Gotta go to bed now or I’ll be moving slower than usual in the morning! Have a great and relaxed weekend, you and Charlie.

  8. Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage says:

    The Passion flower is just beautiful. I love soft rains too. Everything looks so pretty after a soft rain.
    Happy Weekend.

  9. Marilynn H says:

    I love living a slow laid back life. Your blog today is very inspiring, your flowers are so beautiful and I can almost hear the rain. It is all so relaxing. We have not had rain for awhile and I am looking forward to it.
    Peace be with you
    Marilynn and Hayley

  10. I am trying to include some slow in my life lately. It is very challenging some days working in a school. Have you read Monica has lots of posts about finding beauty and slow living. She even wrote a book about it which i think is titled Slow Lane. Enjoy a slow weekend with little Charlie.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love the article! That passion flower is beautiful. I’m all in favor of slow living. A simple, uncomplicated life is the best.
    Carol and Molly

    1. And the healthiest, Carol and Molly!

  12. Your flower photos are beautiful.
    I was more than happy to leave the rat race six years ago and be fully present at home.

    1. And it shows, Melanie. You are content and that shows in your posts.

  13. It’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of people’s lives today when they have to learn how to slow down and smell the roses, for goodness’ sake! 24/7/365 is now how we are built to live. Nobody is. Meanwhile, while I was out cleaning up the patio from the nut shells my tribe of squirrels leave behind, I noticed the robins are back! They disappear around the end of August and were essentially gone almost this entire month. I could hear one every now and then – one of the robins who hangs out in the neighborhood and winters over – but the earlier sounds from spring and early summer had disappeared totally. Once again, though, Mother Nature is on track even if we humans are not.

    1. It is sad. Things were not this way many years ago, yet life was harder because we were less industrialized. It is the hurry, hurry, hurry we get into our heads and have to sometimes force ourselves off the treadmill.

  14. I loved reading about slow living. I hope you will do more posts on this in the near future.

    1. I will. It is a lifestyle that really appeals to me.

  15. What a beautiful post. The words so poetic, the photography so beautiful, and slow living such a meaningful, thoughtful way to live. Thank you for today’s post. Very uplifting.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Slow living, the art of observation and attention, seems to me to be where poetry begins.

    1. What lovely words. I agree.

  17. Slow living has a good sound to it. Yesterday we planned to go on a drive to a park when my husband got home, as a way to celebrate the end of the work week. But it started raining and we stayed home and sat for awhile on the covered back porch with cups of tea while our cat watched from a window. Then we went in and had some leftover chili for supper. It was a lovely, slow way to spend a cool, rainy evening. This morning I woke up really early and decided to make some pumpkin bread. The cat kept a close watch on that activity too! The bread will be a nice treat throughout the rest of the weekend. I hope you continue to have peaceful slow days.

    1. Sounds like you’ve already got slow living down pat. Enjoy your weekend and your bread!

  18. I also love the rain your photos of the passion flower is just beautiful. I hope you have a great day.

    1. Have a happy slow paced weekend!

  19. I love this post. and the pictures especially. I am a rain lover too.
    maybe one has to live in a climate where you get so little of it perhaps.
    but then I’ve lived all over and I still have loved the rain ever since I was a child!
    just the sound of it. and an open window. and a good book. and the scent of the rain.
    I live a very small and slow and wonderful life. isn’t it wonderful!

    1. It truly is. I am so grateful to be able to live a slow life.

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