Sometimes You Just Need Flowers

After a very cold and gray weekend, I woke up yesterday morning needing flowers. 

I went to run a few errands and then drove to Trader Joe’s. I’ve always loved the combination of yellow and red together. So I got these flowers.

It makes me smile every time I walk through the dining space and see the colors gathered in the white pitcher.

The maintenance man had to fix some holes in my bathroom wall. So while he was here, he took off the huge outdated mirror.

At first he encountered some globs of glue that held it to the wall, and worried it was going to be difficult. But it broke off in two pieces and he took it away.

He then patched the holes of drywall, getting it ready for me to paint.

Hopefully my vanity will arrive on Friday, and I can get to painting the walls. 

As several of you mentioned to me, I asked the manager if they might give me credit for all the work I’m doing, but they said no. 

That’s okay. I’m plunging ahead anyway. We all deserve to look at pretty things. It just plain makes life easier.

It was quite cold here. Today it is a bit warmer. But the wind is rattling the wind chimes on the patio. 

I got to thinking: what would you call the sound of wind blowing in Oklahoma? I’ll let you know when it comes to me!

The pupsters of course were upset with me for leaving them. Abi barked and had fits. 

Charlie is staring out the window with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

Mama’s little cutie pie. He sits there and barks at anything moving until I shush him.

Sometimes I just need my pupsters, who give me unconditional love. And flowers to give cheer to a cold winter day.


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  1. I told my daughter I don't want flowers for my funeral—I want them now! Fresh flowers and pupsters=a happy day! What's that old quote–if I had only one dollar I would spend half on bread and half on roses. (Aren't dogs funny—they don't like it when anything changes their routine.) Charlie is being such a good Watch Dog!

  2. You bet flowers help..I get that same urge this time of year Brenda..just have to bring some store flowers home!..they looks so pretty on your little dining table…

  3. It's a shame that the manager couldn't have met you halfway with the cost of updates. Since you are improving their property, it's to their benefit down the road.

  4. Very pretty flowers, Brenda. I wish we had a Trader Joe's here. The closest one is about two hours from here. Too bad the landlord won't give you any credit for the work you do yourself.

    I have always loved that saying by Luther Burbank. I think that is part of a much longer quote….
    Have a great night- xo Diana

  5. You are so fortunate to have a Trader Joe's nearby! The closest one to me is over an hour away, so I obviously don't go there often, unless I'm in the area for a doctor's appointment for something. My local market has the WORST selection of flowers….when they have any at all!

  6. And sometimes you just need a lovely muse who writes her thoughts and shares them every day…so glad to have been with you on this journey Brenda. You are a beautiful soul. xo

  7. I believe the name for wind in Oklahoma is tornado!

    I glad you treated yourself to flowers. They are gorgeous! I remember you buying them in the past, and you did some lovely posts on the beauty of the blooms. With the weather so gray and damp here today, I sure would enjoy seeing such bright beauty on my table too. I love red and yellow together. Talk about colors that are a pick-me-up! I'm thinking about what to plant in my yard next year, and I want to have a lot of red and yellow flowers, for sure.

  8. Brenda:

    I also love the red yellow combination. I wish we had a Trader Joe's a bit closer than a half hour's drive. I'm so glad you posted a pic with that particular aspect of your eating area. So inspired and adorable! You show us such excellent examples of how to spruce up an area at a very reasonable cost. I've gone back three times to look at today's post. What a pleasure on a cold, blizzardy Virginia day.

    Annie @ The Cooler Side of my Pillow

  9. Brenda, where do you purchase your beautiful quilts? I love the one on the back of the sofa, and I also love the one on your bed. I am wanting to get one for myself.

  10. a perfect post! beautiful fresh flowers and adorable puppies.
    I have no idea if this will work or not. i'm a total tekkie wipe~out…
    but one of my favorite songs is Mariah…
    as in … "they call the wind Mariah"
    well. nope. it didn't work.
    but you can google it and feel the magic again. helps to put up with just normal prairie wind! LOL.
    I like the one from the movie Paint Your Wagon the best. BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Having a a good attitude is not always easy, but bright flowers always help. Something my Dad said "Life is for the living, and we best get to it." I am proud of your courage to re-do your bathroom.

  12. I was going to get out today to get some groceries and I had in mind to pick up a few flowers, too. But, the wind is blowing like a hurricane and I'm not sure that I'll go now. Dratted wind. I will have to think of a name for it…besides the few I've been muttering under my breath. Ha! The pups look so cute and I love your new fresh white walls! The dining area looks great.

  13. I am glad you bought them, Brenda. You need to nurture yourself after learning all that you did about your family members. Life isn't ever fair, you can count on that. But you need to take care of Brenda and good will spring from that.

  14. It is said that every song written about Oklahoma has something about the wind in it. My husband never understood my disdain for the Oklahoma wind, until he visited my home state.

  15. I am glad that you can make your home your own space. In the past we were always renters too. But, we did updates so that it was nice. It was our home at the time & we wanted to take care of it & look nice. I like you attitude! We have had some snow overnight & now rain, so there is a crust on everything. Makes the roads nasty for driving too. It will be a good day to start redecorating our home. I took all the Christmas & snowmen things down yesterday. Take care & have a wonderful day… P.S. love your flowers & red with yellow are one of my most favorite combinations.

  16. I love red and yellow together. In fact, I still have a memory from 6th grade of wearing a bright yellow a-line skirt with a sleeveless blouse made out of a miniature red high am check. It was a beautiful colour combo. At school, some girl in my class, her name long forgotten, told me you should never wear red and yellow together. Wrong!! I knew it was beautiful then and still love the colours together. Such a bright cheery look!

  17. Brenda, I read the post about your siblings and didn't quite know what to say. So glad you got yourself some flowers to brighten the apartment. Your apartment is adorable!! I love all the colors and that it reflects your loves so much. 🙂

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