1. Could you order the lightweight litter instead of the regular litter? Also, ask a neighbor to help you get it in your house?

    Ivy is so cute. What happened to her belly? (The pink, bare spots.)

    1. I do order the lightweight litter. I don’t know why she has that on her belly. Always been there.

      1. I looked it up out of curiosity. Found this:

        ” Pattern baldness in cats is caused by a variety of underlying conditions, including hormone imbalance, skin infections, allergies and parasites.”

        Next time she sees the vet, you might want to ask him/her about this.

  2. Oh, I love the pumpkins! That was so thoughtful, and festive, and such a nice treat for the squirrels! Good job doing your exercises. Keep that up, and you’ll be feeling better before you know it. I can’t believe how fast the year is going by! It’s hard to believe we are half way through Fall and then winter will once again be here. Fall is sooooo pretty, but it seems to go by the fastest. I’m probably imagining that, lol. It’s hard to believe Christmas is a little over 2 months away. I love decorating for Christmas too! And like you, I, too, hate to pay shipping! I love your Sunday snippets!

    1. PS- I meant to ask, how’s Kendra doing? Maybe you can give us an update in your next post.

  3. I don’t remember where I read it recently, but I read that squirrels will chew open pumpkin and eat the seeds. Until I read that I had no idea that squirrels would actually go through that length of chewing through the tough pumpkin skin to get to the seeds. So don’t be surprised if you notice teeth marks and then torn apart pumpkins as they start to get that “sorry saggy” look of a pumpkin that has passed its prime. The seeds will disappear, but that article also mentioned that lots of people have reported random pumpkin vines popping up the following spring/summer in their yards where the squirrels buried the pumpkin seeds! Today we have relative calm air, bright blue skies and sunshine, and the tree leaves are really putting on a great color show this year. Tonight we may have frost, so I’ve covered my tomato and pepper plans with large clear plastic bags already so they can accumulate heat while the sun is still shining on them, and will throw and weight down a sheet on them as it starts to get dark out. I’m still not ready for autumn but it’s here full force. I can’t really do much garden clean-up because we’ve been getting rain showers off and on over the past 10 days so everything is very wet and doesn’t have time to dry off. Trying to cut wet grass is a waste of time, it just doesn’t work. Lots of birds are coming through and visiting on their way south. The bird baths and feeders are a major attraction. They are eating me out of house and home!

    1. I wish it would rain here. I haven’t been going out to water for about a month. Steve and I stopped at a stand last year and he picked up a pumpkin and the squirrels ate right through it.

  4. Brenda, we love the British crime shows as well. Our fav is Midsummer Murders. We have watched all 23 seasons over and over. Love Silent Witness as well. Tell us some of your favs so we make sure to watch them.

    1. I liked Van Der Valk, Vera, Shetland, The Bay, Beyond Paradise, Line Of Duty, The Fall, Luther, Scott & Bailey, Wallander, Waking The Dead, Bosch (might of been on Prime), Bancroft, DCI Banks, Grace. I’ll think of more.

  5. The pumpkins will make all the neighbors happy and look so nice. I am so happy you are in that neighborhood, it is so good for you! Laughed when you wrote about not paying shipping. Smart. I used my credit card and pay it off every month so I owe no interest. When I get $100.00 or so I cash in my points for Kohl’s cash. I get $50.00 worth for only $45.00. I send my grandsons to the lowest prices of the season sale. They are 8 and 11, never too young to learn!

  6. I guess great minds think alike:) I also ordered a 40 lb bag from Chewy and also passed out when I tried to lift the box!!!!
    My senior apartment is an old school,so I sat in the lobby,opened the box and pushed,pulled,grunted & groaned to my little foyer where it sat until my son came this morning and carried it,then dumped it into the tote I’m using for it…Another senior moment had me wondering how I was going to maneuver it and fill their pan without spilling it everywhere? Now I need a scoop.

    1. Those pumpkins are adorable! I can’t wait to get my table top trees down to decorate. We can all benefit from core exercises and stretching. There are many videos out there with exercises that can be done from a chair, including chair yoga. Most I have seen are short and ideally repeated several times throughout the day targeting seniors and those who sit at a desk all day. Stretching in bed is also great – just a few minutes of deep organic stretching movements can feel so good!

      1. I was getting on the floor and doing the stretching exercises I did for 23 years for a week or so, but managed to make things worse. Greg had told me not to do it yet, but I did anyway. And paid for not listening.

  7. The pumpkins are a nice touch and would make me smile, as well.
    A good show to watch on TV and a fabulous book to read. Sounds perfect to me.
    Enjoy your Sunday, Brenda.

    1. I have decorating videos I’ve wanted to watch on YouTube on my laptop, but it seems I’ve been busy with other stuff. Maybe sometime today I’ll “treat” myself to watching one. A free treat!

      1. In addition to the white cottage company on YouTube I suggested to you earlier, you must look at Cademade also- so much diy with plants and re-making spaces outside and inside and his voice is so relaxing. Plus a big white dog who is always happy.

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