The Christmas Kitchen

Today I’m showing you the Christmas kitchen in my apartment. It’s full of the reds and white colors that I so love.

In the Christmas kitchen, here is a graphic I created with all my kitchen decor.

Below is my green painted coffee bar with my coffee maker as well as a set of four Santa mugs.

My coffee bar with a white plate stand holding a set of four Santa mugs.

I ordered the Santa mugs from Target. I’d originally only had one Santa mug, and somehow I lost it along the way.

In the Christmas kitchen, there is a white plate stand, with beading textured detail, sitting on my coffee bar holding Santa mugs.

Don’t the Santa mugs remind you of your childhood? When they were filled with milk and cocoa warmed up on the stove.

And if you were especially lucky, once the cocoa was poured into your mug it was topped with fluffy, white marshmallows.

One side of my kitchen sink with a tray holding a red and white pot plant with a Christmas tree inside, a little white ceramic house, and paper towels.

I created a Christmas-themed vignette above, but didn’t move my little smoothie station. Because I use that smoothie maker every day and it’s important that I have it where I can access it easily.

In the Christmas kitchen, my favorite spot I decorated for Christmas 2022 is my red and white kitchen.

The red kitchen scale has been on top of my refrigerator ever since I moved in here last January because I couldn’t decide where to put it.

Now it is here on the counter with my little ceramic lamb. Yes, I had glued one broken ear back on, and I was delighted that you couldn’t really tell.

Because for some reason there is a special place in my heart for this sweet, precious little lamb.

More Of The Christmas Kitchen:

Then there’s the Christmas snow globe, and the tree I put in one of my red and white pot planters. I had up to now had a faux plant in it. So I just pulled it out and slipped this flocked tree right into place.

A white wood tray with a little Christmas tree inside a red and white plant pot and a Christmas snow globe.

All these elements are arranged in a white farmhouse tray I’ve used all over my apartment to corral something or other.

In the Christmas kitchen, this is the area over my sink with a sign saying "Garden Shed."

And then there’s the area over my sink where the mirror is.

You may remember I covered it as best I could with this garden shed sign. You can still see the mirror, but the sign is at least a distraction.

Who wants to look at themselves in the mirror while they wash dishes? Well, obviously not me!

I’d rather stand at the sink and let my mind roam to faraway places. Remembering and thinking about this and that.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas kitchen. It’s actually my favorite spot of all.

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  1. I love your Christmas kitchen. I may opt to take a couple of my doors off after the first of the year to display dishes. I love the red and white-it is always cheerful and fresh looking. Happy week- xo Diana

  2. Brenda you always have a great eye for decorating the different seasons . I love the red and white . You spoke about the mirror above the sink . I have a suggestion .When I moved to this apt I missed having a window to look out . So I have 2 old windows and got my son to enlarge a picture of the back yard at the house I lived in .I put the picture behind the windows and then I hung curtains . When I sit at the I can look out my window with a cup of coffee. You have a great day and take care.

  3. I love your kitchen decorations! Everything looks perfect! It made me realize, I don’t usually do a lot of kitchen decorating. Maybe one or two little things and kitchen towels, but that’s about it. The rest of my house gets the majority of the decorations. Maybe I’ll have to add a few extra things in there this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Love your decorations and especially the kitchen! The little tree and the santa mugs are especially calling out to me:-) Love all the little vignettes everywhere you look. You have done a wonderful job! Happy holidays!

  5. Brenda, I love reading your posts and all your decorating ideas. Your home is so warm and cozy !
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I love how u decorated your apartment this yr Brenda! It’s cute!
    I just saw a flock of geese flying in a v shape. I was sweeping my porch off. So that means the cold weather is coming soon! I was getting spoiled bc the weather has been so nice in December! Lol

  7. I love it all, but I am especially crazy about the red scale with the lamb. It put a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  8. That looks so festive and cheerful! My wonderful grandmother had similar Santa mugs; they always remind me of her.

  9. I love your Christmas kitchen! Makes me smile to look at it and makes me want to do more festive decorating in mine.

  10. As always, your decorations are beautiful! I love the snow globe, it reminds me of my childhood. We always had snow globes around and we would shake them and watch all the “snow “ swirl around! The Santa mugs also brought me back to my childhood !

  11. I second that. I am glad you have landed where you are and can you come decorate my home? We have very similar styles and I enjoy getting ideas from your decor. I am running late this year. I need to write my cards and put up the tabletop tree. Other than that I a have my greens and little add ons up. I love to make fresh green wreaths and swags for our daughter and myself using what I have in our yard. It has been so warm here and I have been stocking up on extra non perishables. I stock up before it gets really hot or really cold. Luckily, our daughter just sends us the Amazon link to what our grandsons would like for the holidays. We live in a small town with one of the smallest Walmarts they’ve built so there is not much variety. I am not much of a shopper anyway. Have a great day everyone!

  12. The kitchen, well your whole place, is so warm, inviting and cozy the way you have it all decorated. Makes me want to sit and have a cup of hot cocoa with you in one of your Santa mugs.

  13. Oh it’s all just perfect. The little tree is so cute. Little trees just set things off. You’ve done a wonderful job as usual in your new place. 🎄

  14. “Said the night wind to the little lamb, Do you hear what I hear?”

    Your red & white Christmas kitchen is a treat!

    Thanks for sharing it! Happy Holidays 🙂

  15. Well that is just adorable …I wondered where that Santa lamb was…it is so cute…those planters just make everything pop. And love the santa mugs.The whole place is a cozy Christmas gathering place💕🎄❄

  16. Coveting your kitchen decor! Loving that little lamb on the scale with the Christmas balls, the snow globe and the tree. Your kitchen is bright, cheery and cozy! The coffee bar nook with all the decor, Christmas and otherwise, is just gorgeous. Even though you made your previous apartment lovely, I am so glad you moved to where you are now. You have it decorated so beautifully and it is truly a cozy home. Please come decorate my home, lol!

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