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  1. All the tables are beautiful. I like the idea of using what you have! Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for the inspo!b I don’t generally use a lot of decoration in the middle of my table except for my mother’s silver candlesticks and maybe some flowers/greenery. That being said, I do appreciate an all out table design and some of these are quite pretty. I think I like Maison De Pax; casual but at the same time refined:)

  3. They’re all lovely, but way out of my league for a table. I enjoy seeing them, though. I would not have room for the serving dishes, so will just take pleasure in looking.

  4. Another fun blog I like to explore “Home is where the boat is.”
    Mary has 20 tablescapes and centerpieces for Thanksgiving and 27 fun recipes to make.
    Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

  5. The cutting boards is an unusual idea. I don’t think I own that many, lol. Sometimes, if I’m putting all the food on the table, there really isn’t room for decorations, but I always have a pretty table cloth.

  6. Beautiful table settings! I scrolled back and forth trying to pick a favorite and couldn’t do it. LOL

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