Yesterday is not a day I’d want to repeat. I did the countertops myself because the refrigerator is coming next Thursday and the countertops needed to “cure” for seven days. My daughter was too busy to help.

First, neither the paint (GianiGranite) or the epoxy had any scent at all. If it did I couldn’t smell it. So no worries for Charlie.

The lower kitchen cabinets were completely covered with plastic and taped underneath the edge of the counters.

I painted on Thursday. Two coats were called for. But there were little hairline cracks in the paint all around the sink edge once it dried. Still there. Might have to stay there.

GianiGranite has a help number you can call and I sent them photos of the cracks. They got together with their team and discussed what it could be. Leftover caulk? Nope, don’t think so.

My daughter came by on her way to work and looked it over and said to just put the epoxy over it. We’ll try to fix it later. Maybe we can and maybe we can’t.

GianiGranite finally got back to me. They said to sand it down and rework it first. Too late. I’d already applied the epoxy.

I put Charlie and Ivy in the bedroom while I did some of the painting Thursday. Charlie scratched on the door furiously because he hates to not be able to see me. Ivy howled like someone was beating her with a stick.

I had on gloves, but I still got epoxy everywhere. The floor, the light switches. I’m sure I’ll find more spots of it but I’m not going to worry about it. Well, I’m trying not to anyway.

Anyway, you’re supposed to mix two cans together for the epoxy. One can of the activator with the other can of resin. You stir it together for an exact amount of time. I think it was three minutes and fifteen seconds.

Then you pour out the mixture and smooth it out with the roller and paint brush. They said to take tweezers to fix the air bubbles, etc. Except I couldn’t get them out. Or the little black hairs that were either from my sweater or Ivy’s fur.

I was wearing my painting clothes but the shirt was short sleeved so I had on my only button up sweater. Of course after all was said and done, everything I was wearing went in the trash. Even my socks.

It took quite awhile to get the epoxy off my hands and arms. I was wearing gloves, but when I took them off the epoxy still got on them. I ended up pouring a whole bottle of cider vinegar on my arms and using lots of soap and water to remove it.

If my daughter can figure out a way to fix the imperfections, fine. If not, I guess I’ll do what I always do in these situations. Arrange things where the imperfections are not noticeable.

You are supposed to remove the painters tape from around the edges within 1-2 hours. Except the epoxy was so slick I couldn’t remove it all. Then there was the corner where the countertop meets that I couldn’t reach.

I got up on the step stool and with one hand tried to hold my clothes close to my body while reaching out to the very farthest corner with the other hand. I had gloves on and the epoxy was so slick I just couldn’t pull the tape off.

I got up this morning and removed the rest of the tape. I was afraid I was going to be stuck with about six inches of green Frog tape, but I managed to get it out. Of course it caused some marks in the epoxy. Ah well, more imperfections.

Also I had taped the refrigerator cord over the counter. Sometime last night the cord fell on the counter. It left an indention and a little brown tint from the cord.

Like I said, if my daughter can figure out how to fix the mess ups, great. If she can’t I can live with it.

Today the epoxy feels dry, but you’re supposed to leave it as is for at least 48 hours. I’m leaving it longer than that because mine took so long to set. I’m probably not going to put anything on it or use the sink till the end of next week. Better safe than sorry.

I’m washing the dishes in a galvanized tub in my bathtub.

Now it looks as smooth as a pond covered with ice. Just don’t look too closely!

It is ultra shiny and just what I wanted, excluding the little black bits of my sweater and/or Ivy fur.

But once the refrigerator gets here and the peel and stick subway tile is up for the backsplash, barring any disasters the kitchen should then be finished.

Today I’m resting.


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  1. Oh…just read through this. I am good with projects but this does not sound like one I want to tackle. I used epoxy for some projects in the past and the smell was awful. I am very sensitive to that sort of thing. After you get all your things on the counter tops you probably won’t be able to see the imperfections. But oh…what a mess! Yep, not doing that.

  2. Like so many others, I’m eagerly anticipating seeing your expert handiwork!! Thank you so much for sharing. ?

  3. Brenda, you are one awesome woman. I don’t think I ever could have worked on a counter top as you did. Probably would have ended up with everything on the floor, ceiling, and walls, and my body.
    I actually laughed out loud, when you said Ivy was howling like she was being beat with a stick. I bet Charlie was thinking, good grief, get me away from this crazy cat. I know how they hate to miss out on any of the action in your kitchen. Anyway, I know your kitchen counter will be beautiful, and I can’t wait to see it all, with your new fridge in place.

  4. Renovations and redecorating can be so stressful! I’m going through the same thing now. The house I recently moved into is finally having its 1946 kitchen redone. This project started last October when the first step started, that being having the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and countertop removed. Then because the floors needed to be done, EVERYTHING else was removed. Floors and cabinets were put in just the week prior to Christmas but there was still no counter or sink so I fully understand the washtub in the bathtub to do dishes. We are finally getting close to be done but that is only because my husband broke his ankle on Jan. 12th. With 2 decrepit people trying to live without a working kitchen (he is still in his cast and non-weightbearing on crutches and me with a cane and walker), the husband finally realized how difficult it was to do anything! So after the counter went in, he finally acquiesced and hired someone to finish appliance installation, backsplash tiles, and painting! As both you and I know, when your feet and ankles are functional only on a limited basis, even small projects are a major undertaking and exhausting! My husband’s broken ankle has introduced him to being physically compromised. I’m going with a nice clean white subway tile for my kitchen, too. I just want the house back to normal for Bear. He’s 16+ years now and being blind it is totally confusing for him with the loud and different sounds going on. Extra cuddles are needed but I love giving them.

  5. On Tree Hugger site I found a link to music made especially to sooth cats! Yes. Two albums of it. Research based from a major university. I told my daughter, owner of three cats. Thought I’d tell you so u can look it up when u have time. The special cat music works better than classical music for the kitties they said. Purring is a part of the score. I’m all for purrs.
    Tiny “flaws” make things unique and lovely. Your kitchen will be lovely.

  6. Well, doing those countertops does not sound like a fun time! I don’t know if I should try that stuff. I do have a strong perfectionistic streak so I might just go stark raving mad! I’d guess that the imperfections that you mention aren’t nearly as bad as you think, but I will definitely be waiting to see the results and I hope that you will like the new countertops despite the imperfections. I think you were very brave to even attempt working with that epoxy stuff.

    Those poor little fur babies, being shut in that bedroom away from their mama! They just aren’t used to being confined and wanted to let you know in no uncertain terms that they were not happy. You probably could have left Charlie loose, but I don’t know about Ivy. She is such a curious cat she might have been up there making paw prints on the counters!

    I hope you can relax for awhile now that the kitchen is mostly done. Can’t wait to see all the improvements. Even if it’s not all perfect.

  7. Brenda you did better than I would have done I would have stuck myself to the countertop I’m a Lucy when it comes to some projects even paint lol I have as much on me as the room it seems but I like building things I love a hammer and nails I’m sure your kitchen will look awesome!!!

  8. Love the part about Ivy howling like she was being beaten by a stick .
    I can only imagine that !!
    I love your funny posts .
    Have a restful weekend .

  9. Cannot wait to see. Small imperfections are a part of life…it will be ok..but I know what you mean..sometimes we know them and others don’t….but in my case, I always tell about it.. :0) .. Just the fact that you took on this project by very impressive..I will do some things but this one would scare It will look fabulous I bet..and sounds like your daughter is there to try and help you patch up the blunders if you wish to tackle.. Our pet babies are children and they cannot stand separation from their Mommy. :0( Thanks for look forward to your next decor project, as it always turns out very nice.

  10. I giggled when you said that you had to throw out your socks! This morning I cleaned the grout in my tub tiles with bleach – buck naked and wearing reading glasses! Since I am 70 and overweight, the mind boggles.

  11. You deserve a rest today! I can’t wait to see what magic you have done to the kitchen. Poor Charlie and Ivy. I laughed out loud when you said she howled like someone beat her with a stick. What a picture you paint! Enjoy your babies today.

  12. I can’t wait to see it. You are so amazingly talented. It will look beautiful no matter what. Your sweet little babies just want to be with momma no matter what she is doing. Have a relaxing day.

  13. OMG! What we women will do! You have determination and stick- to- it- ivness. ( my made up expression LOL!) I am sure it will be just fine and look great, but I totally get it, you are like me and you secretly desire perfection. But unfortunately life does not give us perfection. I am looking forward to seeing the kitchen when it is all done.

  14. Brenda, it will be beautiful like everything you create. Thank you, Eileen, for giving a name to my “life tattoos”. Now I can look at them in a positive light!

  15. Boy, what a day you had and to top it all off, your children were in a stew about being confined!! Definitely rest today.

    We all have imperfections. I don’t care for tattoos, but my life tattoos(imperfections) are my wrinkles, freckles, scars… So why shouldn’t the counter have a few??

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