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  1. All three of those recipes – the Greek chicken, the chicken mango salad, and the scalloped sweet potatoes – look really good. I’ll be checking them out and pinning for future use.

    Interesting article about saving money. Brian and I were just talking today how the price of literally everything has skyrocketed – food, utilities, property taxes, clothing, shoes, cars, gas, rent, etc. We were out running some errands today and stopped at DSW. I need a new pair of Skechers. There’s a particular style I like that and they still carried them. I was shocked to find they were now $75! I told Brian I just couldn’t do it and that I’d look around to see if I could find them at a lower price. I think they’re cheaper at Kohls.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Saved several recipes for the holidays…a quote to keep in mind every day…some interesting reading….thank you for all the ideas:) have a lovely weekend!

  3. wow, those scalloped seet potatoes look delicious! I might have to make those this year. Thank you got finding that recipe!

  4. The highly polished copper flatware grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. I think I might gift myself a Christmas present of copper.

  5. The Thanksgiving table with the pears is so pretty! With a plate of the scalloped potatoes, a perfect holiday for me. That book sounds like a good read.

  6. Looking at the beautiful lit candles on the Thanksgiving table arrangement – and then I thought of drunk uncles and some of my cray-cray cousins back in the day who would have tried to do the “pull the tablecloth off the table without moving any of the china” trick – OH MY! Sorry – sometimes I just can’t seem to help myself. I spent time looking at the cozy fall decorated living room, going through the photos at the website and some of the purchases (from last year, but maybe still be offered by Target this year). So happy because it has triggered some interesting ideas for how I intend to rearrange my own living room this year for Christmas. I’ve been pondering what I want to do in the room this year now that my giant former china hutch is gone and I have an entire blank wall. The information on how to pick the perfect size coffee table helped, too.

  7. Yum and Yum! The Mango Chicken Salad as definitely caught my attention. Definitely going to try it very, very soon.
    Interesting reads, as well.
    I hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday, Brenda.

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