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  1. I have a dream book if I can find it I will look up and see what your dream means !
    I am sending prayers up for you and Charlie .
    I am sure loosing your friend NATHAN has affected you also after all it is a loss for you .
    When we experience any loss it is very tramatic .
    Take care and rest as much as possible !
    Hugs to you and the fur babies .
    We have snow here in the mountains of Tennessee and very cold temps .
    It is not my cup of tea !
    But we cannot control the weather .

  2. They now say we only dream about people we have seen before. I wonder where you have seen them and why they keep popping up. XO Laura

  3. Write down everything you can remember from your dream in cursive, (so it will take longer than typing it and will register in your mind more), then sit it aside and you will not dream the dream again.

  4. I think they represent memories of your family – before you went to live with your grandmother. Dreams are often done in that sort of “third party/observer” mode; I think that’s because for certain dreams it allows us to “see” things but allows our psyche to protect us emotionally from identifying too closely because “you” are just an observer from the outside, you are not actually part of that family. It’s like you’re an invisible spectator.

    1. I have strange dreams when I’m physically or mentally stressed. Maybe it is the same for you.
      My 14 yr old pug named Tyler has collapsing trachea and like Charlie he coughs a lot through the night. Hubby and me are both losing a lot of sleep these days. When Tyler is having a particularly bad coughing fit we give him a tsp of honey to soothe his throat. Have you tried that with Charlie? It is a vet advised natural remedy and it really helps our Tyler.

  5. Could be a combination of memories and issues from the past, fears working their way into your current issues regarding the change of ownership of the property where you reside and the instability you are feeling at this point. There is a lot of change happening there. Your friend who has helped you so much is leaving, or left his employment at your complex and that alone is unsettling – for both of you. And Charlie’s aging concerns adding to the lack of proper rest must create strange dream material as well. Facing uncertainty and fear of loss is very difficult. You are on a journey much like the family in your dreams. Sorry you are going through such difficult time.

  6. If I wake up and go back to sleep again, then I have scary nightmares that I will remember! Otherwise I don’t remember my dreams, unless it’s someone that has passed. I’ve heard that they are visiting you, if you’re dreaming about them and those are strange dreams!

    I’ve also heard that people can have dreams about someone that they have seen in real life, for even just a moment or long ago or on the tv. Dreams can also be the opposite of what we are dreaming about too, I read that some where or listening to John Tesh talking on the radio and playing the hits. Dreams do fascinate me though, of what they’re all about!

    Keep warm and cuddle with your fur babies!

  7. I, too, believe that dreams are made of what is embedded in our brain or our life experiences..current or not so current. I hope you will find out more answers to your dreams, and that they will be good ones..or comforting ones. Stay warm.. ( that new fireplace you have ordered..fabulous..can’t wait to hear your firsthand review)…

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