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  1. Prayers for you, Charlie and Ivy. I hope things will settle down soon. It is wrong that you can not get some answers to the problems that are going on. This seems to happen when we have to rent. Being that I live in a Mobile Home park and own my Mobile Home, I still have to put up with rent increases on the lot, power outages, water problems and road conditions. New owners came in and said they were going to make improvements (everything was good before they took over) since then nothing has been done. 10 years have gone by. Owners live out of state and the son is manager.
    I hope and pray that the new owners will contact you and the other tenants soon and settle everything. So you can have peace of mind.

    Hugs to you, Charlie and Ms. Ivy

  2. It makes me so angry to hear what is going on there. There is a reason for incorporating in Delaware and there is no telling where the owners live. You definitely need to contact the departments of aging and housing to report this. I have had to be an advocate many times, even when I hated doing it.

    I am so sorry about Charlie. It must make you feel very helpless, even though you are doing everything you can.

    My older daughter has an electric fireplace so last year I bought one for my younger daughter. Her duplex is so cold in the winter, and I think it really is helping her. On the other hand my apartment is too warm. It is 26 degrees outside this morning and I have not turned on the heat because it is 75 degrees in here. I feel so fortunate to live where I just have to ask for help with a problem in my apartment and maintenance quickly shows up to fix it.

    I wish you could find a place like this where you live. xo Laura

  3. I’m so sorry that things have been so hard lately, Brenda. I know the whole situation is so stressful. You are taking such good care of Charlie. I think you will enjoy having the electric fireplace…it will give a cozy warm feeling to your room!

  4. Brenda, I cannot believe that your power went out and there was no one in your apartment. What in the hell? Excuse my language. I love the new fireplace? I think it will be great in your apartment.

    So sorry about Charlie, it is so hard when when they are sick and obviously they can’t tell us what is wrong.

    I hope you both feel better soon.

    1. I believe the power was out because of a tree falling on the line a few blocks away. That part is not the fault of the complex. It is bad there is no management available to check on everyone in this instance.

  5. Lots of good suggestions from many of us who care about you, Brenda. Know that I am thinking of you and Charlie and Ivy and sending tho’ts of strength and healing. Also, hugs. Know, too, that you are doing your very best for Charlie and that he knows that you are.

    Take care of you as well as the fur babies.

  6. I hope your new fireplace gives you great comfort. I have one that I treated myself to this fall, after longing for one last winter. Already have been using it, although my little Chiweenie is frightened of walking past it when it is on. However, it is very warm and relaxing for us to cozy up to together, along with the cat on these chilly evenings. I am imagining the three of you doing the same thing and I hope doing so will bring you warmth and peace.

  7. So sorry for all the issues that you are experiencing right now. And I know how difficult it is to cope when you are simply exhausted. We are all thinking of you and hoping for brighter days for you, Charlie and Ivy. The fireplace will be so nice — provides warmth and an ambiance that should bring comfort.

    1. I hope your power and heating problems are resolved soon, Brenda, so that you and your pets will be secure and comfortable. Be careful about putting your tv on something that gets that hot. My son warned me that electronics do not like too much heat and/or humidity. It might damage your tv unless the top is really insulated.

  8. Brenda I recall you mentioning you were having problems ordering Charlie’s Pimobendan. I was told by my vet today that they had none in stock & were not sure when they would receive a shipment. FYI Walmart Pet RX has it in stock if you are still needing some – less than $50 for 1.25 mg bottle of 50. 1-877-701-2220, 8-7 M-F, free 2 day shipping on orders of $35 or more.

  9. I wish I had better info but I think everyone has written very good info for you. My heart bleeds for you and Charley as it feels as if there is nothing you can do. Look up at the sky and enjoy the blue and the sun when available. You have many friends holding you and your pup in their hearts with much love. Yes to Dept on Aging especially with the elderly in your location. You could always contact your local TV stations about the issues but without your name being used or contact the newspapers. You could send a letter to the editor and leave your name as confidential – do not release. Take your pup in your arms, sit down, smell his puppy smell and thank God for the good that you do have and believe that things will get better. I’m a walking testament to it.

  10. Brenda, call your local television news stations. There is often an investigative reporter who will look into a situation like you are having with your housing. Chicago stations do this with good results. Stress no management available and no heat. I wish you the best.

    1. I just called down there and got no answer. I called another of their properties and she said some man would be here tomorrow. I told her of my concerns about the elderly here, and apparently they’ve been getting an earful. She said, “Yes, we know all about them. Go and chat with this man tomorrow.” As for the power, it was restored yesterday afternoon, so we have heat. I’m afraid to call a news station for fear of retribution.

      1. The manager that used to be here but is now at another property just called me. Apparently she thinks I’m stirring the pot and causing trouble, because she said that I was pushing buttons I don’t have to push. I told her the new owners were being very irresponsible and that she didn’t need to defend them and she hung up on me.

        1. Brenda, you are not stirring the pot or causing trouble like she rudely said! You are sticking up for your rights! If you are threatened, you could always talk to a lawyer or go to the press about this! She hung up on you bc she Knows she’s in the wrong and this new damn management! I would prob start taping the calls for proof after her rude call, just in case you need it for backup! I hope everything gets cleared up, so you don’t get stressed out anymore! I’m thinking and praying for you that everything works out Brenda!

  11. You should try to call someone in your city hall and find out what department takes care of rental owners. They are breaking some law or code by not having contact numbers or someone as a manager. I live in Iowa and landlords can be fined for stuff like this. If someone gets sick or dies the company is liable.
    I do hope you get help soon.

  12. Yes, when they want they’re rent money, somebody will either be banging on your door or you’ll receive some kind of notice “send check to so and so” in the mail. I sure would not give a check to anybody who comes around banging on the door without written notification from a law office or the corporation/entity that now owns the apartment complex advising you that “so and so” or “such and such management company” or “such and such person manager on the premises” is allowed to collect rent checks! Cons are run all the time, better to be safe than sorry.

    It’s not unusual to have out of state corporations but they usually are required under all states’ laws to have a local “Registered Agent” listed with name and address at a minimum in annual corporate reports the corporations and LLCs are required to file with the Secretary of State or Department of Corporations and Business or whatever the particular agency/office is called in your state that have oversight of domestic and foreign (out of state and out of country) business entities doing business in your state.

    You may want to check out the information on this website from the unit that does Housing Inspections (includes apartments) in your city:

    Brenda, this agency may be able to provide information and/or assistance for elderly senior citizens living in your complex

    Calling the local Police Department for a welfare check may also be an option. They will actually break into an apartment or home if they can’t get in otherwise (like with an apartment manager’s key) and suspect that person or persons inside are in harm’s way or incapacitated in some way.

    Nobody should have to live in substandard conditions. Knowing your rights is step one. The hardest is step two, fighting for and standing up for your rights. Women especially struggle with being assertive in many instances, we are taught from early on not to make a fuss, to be “good” and to “be quiet!” and that it is a “man’s role” to make a fuss about something, we need a man to do it for us. Hogwash, of course, but it’s hard to overcome such cultural and gender roll teachings and “expected behaviors” from the “weaker” sex. Bah! Perhaps you could make a list of these websites and contact information (address, telephone number) and a description of the services provided, print it out and pass copies along to some of the neighbors you know. If there is a complex bulletin board area, maybe post a copy there too. There is strength in numbers.

  13. You should check your lease to see if there is provision for if ownership of the property changes.
    Be careful about paying rent; it should be paid to the new owners. If the new owners want you to sign a new lease, it should contain the same terms as the lease. Also question that any security deposit you have paid has been transferred to the new owner. The new owners will be in contact eventually – they’ll want their money. Very unprofessional of them to leave the tenants not knowing.
    If the police or fire need to enter a unit they’ll break through the door. It isn’t usually the property managers job to check on tenants daily.

  14. Barb’s message is totally what everyone is feeling that’s been reading your blog, esp lately Brenda! You have alot on your plate lately, not just with Charlie, but with no management either! Can’t the mayor get involved and find a way to help everyone out bc this is bs for all of you! I would hold back on the rent til they showed their face and actually acted like management! You could also ask for suggestions from your daughters bc maybe they will have better answers for you. What about talking to a governor from your state bc they could have better resources than us.

    Keep warm and cuddle your fur babies!

  15. Brenda. You are a strong woman and you’re doing your best for Charlie. Try to keep your strength up. Nourish your body and maybe make a pot of soup against this cold and keep your mind on something else for just a bit. Don’t , please dear lady, let your worries consume you. Charlie needs his Mom to be physically strong to deal with his troubles. Rest when you can and cuddle Charlie close. All of your readers are thinking of you and so many of us have faced these situations with our beloved pets as well. We are all praying for you and keep you in our minds and hearts. Words I know but heartfelt ones.

  16. Love, prayers, and strength sent your way, Brenda.
    Nourish the mind, heart, and tummy.
    Read, look at, and create positive things to give you strength.
    Love your babies and yourself, you know you are doing your best.
    Feed yourself well, to continue another day.
    Much love.

  17. I am so sorry that you are traveling this path right now, but Charlie is blessed to have you with him. You are his world and it is the way of things, life. As another commentor states it’s what we deal with when we open our hearts to animals. We love, they love and at some point we see them onward. I have experienced 2 of my animals (kitty of 15 years “Sugar” had her from a kitten and our rescued greyhound “Penney” we had for 8 years died of cancer) I stayed till the very end with both and when they crossed over a large chunk of my heart went with them. Hang in there, you are not alone, lots of friends praying for you and I believe angels and perhaps even God himself is with you!!
    Stay warm, we are in North Texas 1 hour south of the border and it was 23 with a wind chill of 6 this morning!
    We have been looking for a fireplace for our bedroom, it’s cold as a meat locker, I will look into Lowe’s!
    God bless, your Texan friend is praying for you! ???❤️?

    1. You will LOVE the fireplace. I have one in my basement.. it’s also from Lowes

  18. Hang in there,Brenda,when my husband died I had so many sleepless nights and was just physically and mentally overwhelmed and the slightest things would set me crying for hours…not making light of your situation with Charley boy.
    I wonder if a local office for the aging could do anything, especially with elderly residents there.

  19. oh dear Brenda… know that kind and compassionate people are the only species who welcome pets into their lives knowing full well that these days will eventually come…but we do it anyway because that’s just who we are…through all the pain that you, me, and so many of your readers have experienced, it’s still better to take in that little soul and love it for its lifetime…you may feel alone in your pain right now, but you have all of us, and from me, my prayers as well

  20. Oh Brenda, I am so sorry he is having so much trouble. I know it breaks your heart you can’t do more. I hate it when they are sick and we are at this point. Just know we love you and Charlie and of course Miss Ivy?

  21. It’s heartbreaking to see you and Charlie both struggling. Maybe it’s the cold air outside that diminishes his coughing. I had asthma eons ago and that helped me. Also using a cool mist vaporizer was great!

    It’s scary to me to think of the old and frail there, especially with these cold temperatures. Have you considered calling the police to do welfare checks for them? It costs nothing and might save a life. Also, it would alert someone that there’s no management team there. I’ll bet they would find out what’s going on!

    Take care and rest as much as you can.

    1. I called the sheriff, police and fire department yesterday. They didn’t seem to know what to do and they can’t quite figure out who owns it. All I had to give them was an LLC.

      1. You guys need an Advocate – I don’t know how but contact Dept. of Aging and tell them that people there could possibly be in danger with all this lack of management and lack of management doings! This just really makes me mad. barb

    2. Yes, Brenda, for Your sake, Charlie’s, and the other older folks around You, call the Police – Also, here in NC, our power company has something where You can give to help people having trouble making their power bill – So why not check and see if Your power company can help with Your power bill. But, yeah, for the sake of all involved, call the Police – This that is going on there is just plain WRONG!!!!! barb

  22. Brenda,
    I’m so sorry that you are having to go through all this. I think its terrible that there is no management there to help anyone, if something should happen, and I know that with your baby being sick, it only makes things worse. I pray that things will get better very soon.

  23. I felt the same way with my Lily. There was nothing I could do, only make her as comfortable as possible. And when I couldn’t do that any more, I knew it was her time. I’m sorry my friend, you’re going through a lot right now. xo

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